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Voting on Keldeo

The voters are:
Total voters: 36

To be banned in ORAS Monotype, Keldeo will require at least 60% of the voters to vote ban. This means at least 22 voters must vote to ban.

If you qualified and your name is not on the list, please send a PM to DugZa, maroon or Floss.

When voting, use the following formats:

To vote Ban Keldeo:
Keldeo: [b]Ban[/b]
To vote Do Not Ban Keldeo:
Keldeo: [b]Do Not Ban[/b]
NOTE TO NEW VOTERS: this forum is moderated; if you submit your post but don't see it show up in the thread, then don't worry, it's perfectly normal. Your vote has still been counted.

NOTE TO MODERATORS: please remember to delete your post so that it remains blind!

If you have any questions, then feel free to send me a private message. Don't post anything but your vote in this thread. Also, ONLY POST ONCE. Don't make more than one post or you'll be infracted. You will not be able to see your vote!

To ensure the integrity of the Suspect Process, voters won't be allowed to change their vote once they submit their post. Think carefully before casting your vote, because you won't get the chance to change it.

Voting ends Wednesday September 20th @ 11:59 PM EST (GMT-4)
Any vote made after the voting ends will not be counted!

Regarding the Tiering Contributor badge

  • TC is awarded to those with 10 tiering-related votes in official tiers and who display a general interest in Smogon.
  • TC is awarded to those with 4 tiering-related votes in a single tier and who display a general interest in Smogon.
If you fit either of these categories, you may PM me, DugZa, or maroon the links to all of your votes after the voting is over.


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Votes so far: 23

Ban: 16
Do Not Ban: 7
Current Ban % = 69.6

Voting has now ended, with the deadline having past. By percentage of submitted votes, Keldeo has surpassed the threshold and is now banned from ORAS Monotype. Tagging Kris and Marty to implement this change.

Thank you to all participants. If you have 4 Monotype votes or 10 tiering votes across multiple tiers and qualify for the Tiering Contributor badge as a result, you may PM me, DugZa, or Floss with the links to all of your votes.
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