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Team 1 by Bored Pikachu has won this round! Congratulations! Will be added to the hall of fame at some point in time whenever I do it cause holy shit it is actually hella outdated. Will do that at some point I swear

In the meantime lets jump to Round 21 shall we

Round 21

The idea this round is to build a team making use of an attack absorbing ability of some sort. There are some examples above of pokemon like Volcanion which have Water Absorb, and Thundurus-Therian which have Volt Absorb. Etc. Flash Fire is included as an option as well. No particular restrictions but seeing creatives like Toxicroak are heavily appreciated.

This round will last until Saturday 30th at 11:59 PM GMT -5. Good luck!
Hello, I'm submitting this team for this week :

:sm/manaphy: :sm/gastrodon: :sm/goodra: :sm/lopunny-mega: :sm/clefable: :sm/zapdos:

Teambuilding process :
My team is based around Manaphy and supported by Gastrodon and Goodra to make it hard for the opponent to revenge kill my Manaphy because Goodra can wall superior for eternity with sap Sipper and Gastrodon can wall electric Pokemon such as Mega Manectric, Magnezone, Zapdos, and Rotom-wash. The fourth Pokemon for this team is Mega Loppuny because it is able to provide speed control to the team. The other mon is Clefable and Zapdos because I think these two mon help to patch defensive weakness to this team.

Replays :

Tips :
1) Goodra can check Volcarona with dragon tail.
2) Manaphy set can be flexible depending on your opponent.
3) You can change Goodra item to be Lum Berry or Assault vest
Hello, thought I'd submit my own contribution at the last possible moment:


Coming from BW OU I'm a big "fan" of scarfed Thundurus-T so I thought I'd try and adapt it for ORAS. It's a great speed control mon and Rotom-W does not want to face it's Thunderbolt after you send it in to absorb Volt Switch.

Bisharp and Lopunny provide the mid and late game offensive core respectively, Ferrothorn is unfortunately the only rocker I could fit onto this team but it does well enough. The biggest restriction with Thundurus-T is it needs a lot of bulky support to switch into threats, but Slowbro's bulk and Bisharp's typing can cover most of it's weaknesses and either cripple them with T-Wave or a burn from Scald, or Knock Off their item.
This is a team straight from my team dump. I just saw this and I dont have time to build a team, so I'm gonna submit one of my classic teams.

Suicune Sand - :tyranitar-mega::suicune::serperior::talonflame::gastrodon::excadrill:

Calm Suicune sets up on Rotom-W teams and invalidates screens serperior as a check.
Excadrill very SpD (less speed) to bait diancie.
Gastrodon w/ curse is one of my favorite mons ever. Was first to bring it in ORAS and made it to #1 all the way back in 2015. It's a really good set up mon that can straight up win vs. many teams.
Suicune + Gastrodon scald spam + sand weaken their grass counters together.
Talonflame & Serperior complete the FWG core and provide defensive and offensive utlity. With wisp + double scald ur pretty much gauranteed to burn most of the enemy team. Combine that with sand, hazards, and pursuit, and the team becomes very effective at slowly chipping teams.
Glare from Serp and Toxic from drill need to be well timed. Avoid burning threats like Zapdos, Slowbro, or Cofagrigus so that drill can toxic them.

Team is slightly weak to diancie and stall. But there are plenty of tools to win.

0 SpA Rotom-Wash Volt Switch vs. +1 252 HP / 16+ SpD Suicune: 84-102 (20.7 - 25.2%) -- 6.3% chance to break sub
4 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. +2 252 HP / 16+ SpD Suicune: 90-108 (22.2 - 26.7%) -- 37.5% chance to break sub


formerly someidiot19
:raikou: :suicune: :thundurus: :diancie-mega: :volcanion: :latias:

Made this team recently without teambuilding competition in mind, so this team isn't built around Volcanion per se. Also, very late submission. Inspired by gen3 special offense, this team has 6 special attackers so you might think "oh, 6-0d by chansey". However, the core of bulky raikou and roar cune allows you to turn this offensive team into a semi-stall when you face chansey or spdef clef, which is really cool. Suicune often runs into the issue of running out of HP before fully sweeping the opponent, which is why I paired it with raikou (basically a 2nd suicune) and healing wish.

Double pressure allows you to switch between the 2 dogs, and with good hazard control in mdiancie and lati, you don't fear hazards as much. Gastro looks like a tough MU but whenever raikou is out you can go suicune to waste 2 EQ pp. Same goes with zapdos or torn which can be PP stalled by raik, or ferro which can either get burned by suicune, PP stalled of its leeches, or lured in through raikou HP fire/thundy superpower. Then you have mixed thundy (usually the lead) which lures chansey, tar, grounds (for raikou) and also helps you knock clef's item. Mdiancie is a good enough weav check alongside cune/volc. I decided on rocks over protect since the team can't fit rocks otherwise, tho not having tect admittedly sucks. Shuca volcanion used to be volcarona, but I changed it to deal with azu which 6-0d otherwise. Basically you can either bluff scarf/specs and trade with their drill or chomp, both of which beat raikou. Also checks mmeta pretty well. Lastly, scarf lati is a crucial utility mon since this team improves a lot with proper healing wish usage. Draco was chosen for random zardx, and trick/defog/hwish are all MU dependent, and you usually only click 1-2 of these moves per game. You can trick their chansey or clef if you don't need speed control, or sacrifice lati to either get rocks off or heal up one of your guys.

The team kinda struggles vs mmedi since you just have to trade vs it with thundy. Mvenu can be annoying with heal bell support but there is always counterplay in PP stalling, since mvenu teams are slower paced. Cores which contain multiple grounds can also be annoying. Serp is a bad MU in theory but you can PP stall it with raikou. CM LO clef can also be annoying but managable with PP management. Lastly, the team is kinda prone to hax since you have 2 CM users that just stand there. I really love this team because all of its bad MUs can be cheesed with the BS that is suicune + raikou pressure stalling.


Replays (I didn't save any with the new version, my bad)
raikou sweeps
raikou and suicune PP stalls 5 mons

:xy/raikou: :xy/suicune: :xy/thundurus: :xy/diancie-mega: :xy/volcanion: :xy/latias:
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Encore Mega Alakazam Hazard Stack
:sm/alakazam-mega: :sm/heatran: :sm/gastrodon: :sm/skarmory: :sm/gliscor: :sm/clefable:

Team description
A generalized explanation, Mega alakazam and gliscor takes advantage of the hazard stacking concept of this team through constant wear and tear with psychic with the help of hazards, along with opportunities to set up to deal with opposing common ground flying such as landorus and gliscors. Gastrodon+skarmory in the defensive core allows you to block and chip volt turn cores such as Mega scizor+rotom wash+landorus. Taunt Skarmory on the other hand prevents and limits the overall opportunities for opposing hazard setters to create progress. Encore mega alakazam allows you to lock Cm clefables and force a switch in certain occasions. The clefable spread guarantees a 3hko from mega alakazam, and improves matchups against Life orb clefables with the help of twave+cm.

Talonflame: Taunt is the most devastating set against this team as it is able to break past the team after rocks. Keeping gastrodon healthy migitates the overall progress that it can create. However, a more reliable answer is to switch protect or toxic on heatran to stone edge. This also allows you to deal with volcarona.


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First of all Id like to deeply apologize for disappearing while working on this thread, given my passion for the game literally dying I have decided to make this the last round and hopefully someone more motivated will be able to pull up this thread again at some point. The hall of fame have been finally updated until Round 20, so just awaiting winners from Round 21 to close everything out. Lets vote for a last time!

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

Voting ends whenever, or when enough votes are submitted. Whatever works first. Ty all for everything and hope you had Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


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Team 6 by Insou has won this teambuilding round! Congratulations, the hall of fame has been updated and with this thread has been finished, hopefully for someone to continue it at some point of time

Ty all for everything, and keep making ORAS OU great

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