ORAS PU Stage 8 Suspect Voting

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Voting on Machoke

If you qualified but your name is not on the list, then send me a PM and either galbia or I will get it sorted out. Likewise, if you're getting the "You have insufficient privileges to reply here" message, then also PM one of us.

Just a reminder: as stated in the suspect announcement post, votes by PU council members will count as two votes. If you decide to count up the votes after the test and it doesn't add up right, this is why.

When voting, use the following format:

Machoke: Ban
Machoke: Do Not Ban
Machoke: Abstain
In order for Machoke to be banned, it will have to achieve a minimum 50%+1 pro-ban majority. With 67 voters 34 will pro-ban votes will be needed to ban Machoke.
this forum is moderated. If you submit your post but don't see it show up in the thread, then don't worry; it's perfectly normal.

If you have 8 or more suspect votes, PM me or galbia with a list of your votes

You'll have until Wednesday, July 13th to vote!

Final Note: if you're a PR Mod, remember to manually delete your post!
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