Ubers ORAS Ubers Cup II - Round 1


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After some review of the current replays situation I'm going to refer to officials for a perspective and change how this classic enforces its replay rules. Official tours of this nature (Classic, Slam) go by Quarters, so the Ubers Classic will do the same. Originally the intent was that because the ORAS Cup's OP had it down as mandatory we would roll with it, but that's proving rather unpopular and we would rather people gain points to reach playoffs by playing games, not falling victim to or benefitting from the system. I realize this may affect those that have already posted full replays, but I would rather go with the lesser evil - edit them out of your post if its a huge problem to you. If you don't want disputes over a series result and want to let the community see more cool games I would still suggest saving replays anyway.

Public replays (read: these must be POSTED with your win) are mandatory from the Quarter-Finals onward in each cup, and mandatory in the entirety of the Classic playoffs.

Do us all a favor and play on Smogtours so the replays get saved without any input from yourselves. It's a simple request.

RE: Lasen vs GotCookies

This has been confirmed to be a win for Lasen despite the missing replay, so it will go down as such instead of an automatic dq to the old rule.

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