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And the top ten* contenders are!

1. Partners in Crime (22)
2. Inheritance (18)
3. 350 Cup (16)
4. Averagemons (13)
5. Scalemons (12)
6. Alphabet Cup (11)
7. Chimera 1v1 (10)
8. Godly Gift (9)
9. Balanced Hackmons Doubles (7)
9. Follow the Leader (7)
9. Gods and Followers (7)
9. Middle Cup (7)
9. Mix and Mega Doubles (7)

Thank you to everyone for your nominations. Voting will be up soon!

December 2017 - Voting Stage

- Vote for a metagame by liking the post (in this thread) that has its name on it.
- You may vote for as many metagames as you want.
- In order for your vote to count you must have at least five forum posts.
- If your account is less than one week old, your vote will not be counted.
- Do not try to influence other voters and do not bash any metagame. Asking people to vote for a metagame in the OM room may lead to moderation actions being taken from roomauth.
- The metagame with the most votes will receive a ladder on the main server of Pokemon Showdown for the month.*

(If you're unsure about any of these rules, post your issue in Simple Questions, Simple Answers)

Voting will close on November 30th.
*in the event that a meta is unable to be coded and/or implemented onto the PS! main server, the metagame with the second most votes will get a ladder instead.
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