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1. Partners in Crime (9+10)
2. Sketchmons (14)
3. 2v2 Doubles (12)
4. Inheritance (11)
4. Linked (11)
6. Gods and Followers (10)
7. Godly Gift (9)
8. 350 Cup (6)
8. Chimera 1v1 (6)
8. Follow the Leader (6)

Hi and welcome to another month of "Chloe told ya so", the gameshow where I have to point out where people tried to abuse the system and make fun of them! I'm actually going to be cracking down on rulebreaking because people get away with it so often!!!

This is strongly prohibited in the rules. I even made a big deal about it last month. I'm going to have to revoke your nomination and voting privileges for this month, sorry!

Also someone else alted so their noms and votes won't count, I won't say who it is because privacy is important (and I don't think I'm allowed to give out that info) but still, they know who they are. :[

Anyway, see ya next month to see who else can't listen >:(

Voting up soon.
Not open for further replies.

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