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August 2019 - Nomination Stage
- You may nominate up to five metagames. The ten metagames with the most nominations will proceed to the voting stage.
- Do not nominate metagames in the blacklist, or those whose thread has been locked.
- You are not allowed to make any posts except to nominate.
- Your account must be at least one week old and must have at least five forum posts to nominate and vote.
- During the voting stage, you "like" posts to vote for that metagame. You can vote for as many as you want.
- Do not promote an OM over another or voting for any specific OM on Smogon, Pokemon Showdown, and public Discords. This includes via private messages.

If any of the above rules are broken, your vote will not be counted. Continued rule breaking may result in further punishment.

We may choose to reject a metagame if it has not been coded and is deemed too difficult.

A list of all eligible metagames can be found in the index.

Blacklisted OMs:
Ladder already exists:
- Almost Any Ability
- Balanced Hackmons
- Camomons
- Mix and Mega
- Partners in Crime
- STABmons
- Tier Shift

Cooldown period:
- Trademarked (not eligible until September)
- Ultimate Z (not eligible until September)
- Inheritance (not eligible until October)
- Nature Swap (not eligible until November)
- Follow The Leader (not eligible until November)

- Any OM that uses nicknames or Import/Export
- Ubers/UU/LC versions of OMs
- Mashups of OMs
- Unofficial Metagames
- Past gen OMs
- Pet Mods
Sample Post:
Automagic, 350 Cup, Hidden Type
Nominations will close in 48 hours.
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