Other Metagames Grand Slam

by Pipotchi

Welcome to the first ever Other Metagames Grand Slam tournament! This tour is modeled on the original Smogon Grand Slam, which you can read about here. Basically, the Grand Slam is a series of five smaller tournaments (called Opens) where battlers gain points as they progress past each round. After the last Open ends, the 8 players with the most points advance to a final tournament. Here they battle in a best-of-five format until only one person remains! And to up the stakes as much as possible, we're giving the winner of the OM Grand Slam their own banner as well as room voice in Other Metas!

Please keep in mind this tournament requires a high level of commitment! If you're serious about winning, you need to plan to see it through to the end. The last thing we want is for a player to accumulate enough points to make it to the final 8-person tour only to drop out because he/she didn't realize the time and energy required to finish. One way to help curb burnout and to prevent people from dominating every Open is the following restriction: you may only sign up for a maximum of 4 of the 5 Opens.

Without further ado, here are the Opens, in order of their placement in the tour. Each open is a best-of-three format, co-hosted by myself and The Immortal.
Changes to the metagames, including bans/unbans, will take affect the following round.

If you have questions, post them here. Also, this is not the sign-up thread, so you don't need to post "in." You sign-up for the Opens individually, which will all have their own separate threads posted in the Circuit Tournaments forum.



this is thriller
is a Contributor Alumnus
lmao I'm just going to call my win right here. I only know how to play Monotype, but I'm still pulling out the win. n_n


Ruff Ruff amirite?
lol no one plays almost any ability. Free wins :D
No one plays the ladder anymore. There are still quite a lot of people who play AAA a lot through challenging each other. It might be the easier meta, but it definitely won't be "free wins".
Awesome! This would be so cool! I must learn better 4 of those tiers BUT it will be a lot of fun :P
Oh yeah, AAA does NOT mean free wins GHGHGH!

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