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Hi, and welcome to the OU forum. We have a few basic rules that all users must follow:
  • Ask for moderator approval before posting a thread. Do not post a thread just to ask a simple question, the Simple Question Simple Answers thread exists for that very reason. Mods reserve the right to close any thread they choose.
  • Please skim the first page of of the forum before posting or asking to post a thread, to avoid redundancy. What you are thinking of might already exist.
  • Do not post in threads posted by new users, they will be locked by a mod in short order.
  • One liners and contentless will be deleted, outside of the Simple Questions Simple Answers thread and voting in various projects.
  • Discussion here should focus on the ORAS OU metagame, if discussion does not you will be redirected elsewhere.
  • Post your team in the RMT subforum. Make sure you read the rules of that subforum before posting a thread!
The moderators of the forum are as follows:
If you have any questions or concerns, PM one of the above moderators. An extended and in-depth guide to the forum is available, and rules that more thoroughly detail our forum philosophy can be found there. Additionally a guide to the forum can be found there that details the various projects and activities found in the forum.
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