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OU Room Live Tours
(art by slainey)

This thread will provide information about the upcoming OU PS! Room Tournaments hosted by the OU Roomstaff. These are currently being hosted in the Pokemon Showdown OU room

Beginning March 1st, OU Roomstaff will be hosting official preplanned tournaments in the OU room. These will include current gen OU, and old gen OU tournaments. As of right now we will have 4 tournaments a week; 2 current gen OU, and 2 old gen OU.

All official room tours will ad up towards a monthly leaderboard, with winners earning 9 points, runner up earning 6 points, semifinalists earning 4, top 8 earning 2 and top 16 earning 1. At the end of each month the top user will get prize winner rank, and the leaderboards will be reset. Every 3 months, the winner from each of those 3 months will compete in a tiebreaker to win a special OU room custom avatar! The tiebreaker will function by having each of the 3 winners play each other once in a SS OU bo3, whoever gets a win vs both of the other monthly winners will earn the avatar. If this results in each person winning one game and losing one game, the tiebreaker will be reset until a winner is found.

We will be taking user submissions for what our OU room avatar will look like, and then it will be voted on through smogon. We will update this thread later with a post about avatar requirements, how to submit, and how to vote at a later date once a thread is set up. This avatar will be awarded to 4 people yearly, once every 3 months, and we will introduce a new one yearly.

This thread will be updated at the end of each month with the leaderboard standings, as well as the schedule for the tournaments in the following month. In order to find live updates for the schedule and rankings, check the spreadsheet below.

If you have any questions feel free to message my discord, Ox the Fox#0796, or any of the other roomstaff!

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