OU Round 1 Pokemon Suspect Voting

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Well, that was fast! With the way these first 51 out of the 53 possible votes went, the fate of every suspect has been sealed without needing to see the last two! So lets take a look, shall we?

Darkrai: 49 Bans, 1 Do Not Ban, and 1 Abstain (98%)
Deoxys-A: 46 Bans, 2 Do Not Bans, and 3 Abstains (95.8%)
Deoxys-N: 28 Bans, 11 Do Not Bans, and 12 Abstains (71.8%)
Doryuuzu: 16 Bans, 27 Do Not Bans, and 8 Abstains (37.2%)
Latios: 7 Bans, 38 Do Not Bans, and 6 Abstains (15.5%)
Manaphy: 26 Bans, 17 Do Not Bans, and 8 Abstains (60.5%)
Shaymin-S: 51 Bans, 0 Do Not Bans, and 0 Abstains (100%!!!)

That's right folks, we just made history. Smogon just had its first unanimous vote ever! I would like to take this time to thank Shaymin-S for being so annoying that literally every voter wanted to ban its ass.

I have spoken with Super, and he will be working to update the tier list and new ability bans as well as soon as he can. Once that is done, the server will be reset and I will post a new thread in Uncharted Territory for the next round of suspect testing. The Pokemon who hit a super majority and will be gone from the metagame starting next round are: Darkrai, Deoxys-A, Deoxys-N, and Shaymin-S. Manaphy hit a simple majority and will therefore automatically be a suspect next round, where one more simple majority will seal its fate. Doryuuzu and Latios did not even hit a simple majority, and therefore need to be re-nominated next round if people still feel like they're broken.

Finally, I just wanted to thank everybody who participated in the first suspect testing of the 5th generation! I understand that this first metagame was quite an annoying one, with a lot of super broken Pokemon. Hopefully this next round will be more balanced. I will speak to an admin about getting all of the voters their voter ticks. If you participated in 4 suspect votes in the past, please PM me about receiving a Tiering Contributor badge and link to the threads where you voted.

Edit: I also forgot to say special thanks to reachzero for running the tallies for this thread. I really appreciate it, and everybody should thank him because he was the one who made it possible to get early results!
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