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A great defensive Water typing and phenomenal natural bulk allow Suicune to perform as a frightening Calm Mind sweeper. With its great ability Pressure, Suicune can threaten offensive and defensive builds alike that have difficulty breaking through it. Despite common threats on defensive builds such as Toxapex not being scared of Suicune, it can still manage to PP stall a majority of defensive threats that would normally do a great job of checking Water-types, such as Ferrothorn, with Substitute and Pressure. However, commonly seen faster offensive threats like Tapu Koko and Timid Tapu Lele with Psyshock pressure Suicune out of setting up and breaking through numerous offensive teams in the metagame, although they must watch out for Scald burns. In addition, Suicune requires extensive support to get it to function well against teams which utilize defensive stops to it such as Toxapex, Mantine and Tapu Fini.

name: Calm Mind + Protect
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Protect
move 3: Scald
move 4: Substitute
item: Leftovers
ability: Pressure
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 40 SpD / 216 Spe


Scald is Suicune's main STAB move and can wear down threats due to its burn chance, although this must be used wisely against defensive teams with threats such as Tangrowth and Amoonguss, as they can engage in stalemates with Suicune and stall out all Scald's PP, thus preventing Suicune from sweeping. Thanks to its decent Speed stat, Substitute allows Suicune to avoid status moves such as Will-O-Wisp and Toxic from the likes of Rotom-W and Heatran while aiding it in PP stalling threats such as Ferrothorn, which can only hit Suicune with 4 Power Whips due to Pressure. Calm Mind allows Suicune to perform as a sweeper, as it is capable of taking advantage of special attackers even with super effective coverage such as Amoonguss and Rotom-W, which can fail to break Suicune's Substitute once it has accumulated enough boosts. Protect allows Suicune to scout for coverage and status moves which can harm it, though it is mainly used to PP stall threats trying to break Suicune's Substitute.

Dettagli del Set

Maximum HP investment allows Suicune to take advantage of its phenomenal natural bulk while also giving it the opportunity to make 101 HP Substitutes, which don't break to one Seismic Toss. The 40 Special Defense EVs notably allow Suicune's Substitute after a Calm Mind to take Amoonguss's Giga Drain while also lowering the chance of Rotom-W breaking it with Volt Switch. 216 Speed EVs allow Suicune to outspeed base 80s. Pressure is Suicune's only available ability and is the main reason for the success of this set; it allows Suicune to take 2 PP off of any offensive move that is used against Suicune, leaving them with very few opportunities to break Suicune in combination with Substitute and Protect. Leftovers is necessary in order for Suicune to take advantage of the turns where it uses Substitute and Protect to stay as healthy as possible throughout the match.

Consigli per l'utilizzo

Do not send out Suicune until all of its counters, such as Toxapex, Tapu Fini, and the rare Mantine, are eliminated, as they will prevent Suicune from setting up Calm Mind boosts, thus leaving it only able to PP stall and throw out Scalds. Also do not come in when there are Toxic Spikes on the field from threats like Toxapex, as these reduce Suicune's longevity, meaning it has no chance to sweep properly. Calm Mind should be used when Suicune safely has a Substitute up when it needs to handle special attackers like Amoonguss better. However, be careful with using Suicune's Scald PP against threats that are not easily worn down, such as Amoonguss; while Suicune can PP stall it out, it needs its Scald PP in order to sweep after its checks and counters are weakened.
If a fast offensive threat such as Tapu Koko or Serperior comes in on Suicune while it sets up a Substitute, do not try to set up against them; Suicune can Protect to gain Leftovers recovery while draining some PP from these foes and then Scald the next turn for a potential burn chance while they break Suicune's Substitute. After this, Suicune should switch out to avoid getting worn down. If the foe has Knock Off, never send Suicune directly in, as if Suicune loses its Leftovers, it loses the ability to last throughout the match, meaning it will have a hard time sweeping. Against slower defensive threats such as Ferrothorn, Suicune can set up Substitute and use Protect to gain back recovery while also PP stalling them.
Avoid letting Suicune get poisoned or burned under all circumstances, as these two statuses prevent Suicune from sweeping by cutting off its much-needed recovery. Be careful when up against status users with no Substitute, as predicting incorrectly can be costly. For example, do not use Scald on a Rotom-W predicting it to Pain Split against Suicune, or it might burn Suicune with Will-O-Wisp.

Opzioni per il Team

Suicune requires a lot of support in order for it to sweep, the first of which are teammates that allow Suicune to bypass Haze users like Toxapex and Mantine which are hard stops to Suicune. Heatran with Magma Storm can take out both Toxapex and Tapu Fini for Suicune by use of Tectonic Rage for Toxapex and Bloom Doom for Tapu Fini while also breaking down passive threats to Suicune such as Chansey, Amoonguss, and Tangrowth. Tapu Koko can take care of these threats as well while also providing pivot support with Volt Switch or U-turn in order to get Suicune in safely. Other strong wallbreakers such as Tapu Lele work to pressure Toxapex and Chansey. Altri wallbreaker potenti come Choice Specs Gengar possono funzionare, dal momento che questi può utilizzare un potente Thunderbolt per colpire Mantine e Toxapex, o Trick per invalidare una di queste minacce o Chansey.
Entry hazard support is very useful for Suicune to more easily break past defensive threats, so Stealth Rock support from the likes of Garchomp and or Landorus-T and Terrakion assists Suicune in performing its role well; Garchomp and Landorus-T can also use Continental Crush to take out Grass-type threats such as Tangrowth and Amoonguss, which Suicune struggles to break past. Spikes from the likes of Ferrothorn, Greninja, and Ash-Greninja allow Suicune to take out weakened grounded threats, and Greninja can also use Extrasensory to weaken Toxapex or Gunk Shot to take out Tapu Fini for Suicune. Assault Vest Tangrowth and Mega Venusaur pair well with this set, as they aid Suicune by taking on the Water-types that Suicune does not want to deal with such as Tapu Fini, Greninja, and Keldeo, the latter of which can break Suicune's Substitute repeatedly with Secret Sword. Mega Scizor and Celesteela are useful Steel-type partners, as they can deal with Psychic-types such as Latios and Timid Tapu Lele with Psyshock, which can threaten this set; Mega Scizor can also use Defog to remove entry hazards such as Toxic Spikes for Suicune. Finally, Toxic Spikes setters like Greninja and Nihilego provide great support for Suicune, allowing it to weaken Grass-types like Tangrowth and Tapu Bulu faster than with a burn from Scald.

Altre Opzioni

A RestTalk Calm Mind set can be used to give Suicune more consistent longevity and to make it less reliant on hazard removal for Toxic Spikes. Roar can also be used on the RestTalk set to deter opposing setup sweepers from taking advantage of Suicune and works well in combination with entry hazard support, although this means Suicune has to forgo Sleep Talk and become more passive or Calm Mind and forfeit its use as a setup sweeper.
I sets offensivi non dovrebbero essere considerati, dal momento che sono surclassati dalla maggior parte dei tipi Water della tier, come Keldeo, Manaphy e, in particolare, Calm Mind Tapu Fini, che compete direttamente con Suicune per questo ruolo.

Check e Counter

**Water-types**: Toxapex, Tapu Fini, Keldeo, and even Mantine serve as strong answers to Suicune. Toxapex takes very little damage from Scald while Mantine is immune to it, and they can both use Haze to rid Suicune of its Calm Mind boosts. Keldeo breaks past Suicune due to Secret Sword hitting Suicune's weaker Defense, while Tapu Fini can put a stop to Suicune with a combination of Taunt + Nature's Madness.

**Grass-type**: While they have difficulty breaking past Suicune if it has accumulated enough Calm Mind boosts, Amoonguss and Tangrowth both have Regenerator to outstall Suicune and prevent it from sweeping the rest of their team. Mega Venusaur is also a strong answer if it can pressure Suicune enough, but must watch out, as it only has 8 Synthesis PP to keep it healthy and Suicune can thus outlast it.

**Electric-types e Coverage**: Tapu Koko, Thundurus and other threats with Electric-type coverage, such as Mega Mawile, can break Suicune's Substitute and prevent it from accumulating Calm Mind boosts, thus forcing it out.

**Taunt User**: Taunt users such as Tapu Fini, Tornadus-T, and Tapu Koko can prevent Suicune from using Substitute, Calm Mind, Rest, and Protect, leaving it only able to Scald, meaning it loses Scald PP more quickly and can no longer do its job.

**Status e Knock Off**: Status conditions such as burn and poison as well as the move Knock Off stop Suicune completely from setting up and sweeping due to cutting off Suicune's recovery, which it needs to PP stall its foes.

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