Other OU Teambuilding Competition V5 (Round 7: Voting)

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we back.
I vote for Team 7

opinion on teams

Team 1- some wierd as team with pursuit mega ttar and shadow cm reuniclus.

Team 2- A cool team. Pretty Standard Zard Y + scarf ttar. really solid and nice team, but lacks the innovation I am looking for.

Team 3- Like team 2, but has some crisp innovation, like flare blitz zard y and memento latios. Cool team

Team 4- Not a big fan of u-turn but p cool, but I love the facade mega alt. However you lose out on hitting tran, but you run fire blast over quake. I personally would run quake over roost, so you can take on a lot more threats,

Team 5- Cool team with threats like toxic mega alt and cm reuniclus. I am personally not a fan of life taunt keldeo, but it could work in some scenarios.

Team 6- A cool team with some cool mons like banded hera and toxic orb hera.

Team 7- Personally my favorite team. A really solid balanced squad with a FWG of starmie | ferro | volc, and ttar to help remove mons for both volc and lando. CM Lando also wall breakers for volc, allowing volc to sweep easier. Great team imo

Team 8- A team with some cool sets, but it is very pursuit and dark weak.

Team 9- Another team i really like. Healing wish jirachi and scarf latios are some cool sets I like. Tangrowth a really cool mon and I am a huge fan of tail glow manaph. Cool team

Team 10- Another team I really like. I love the mons used on the team, but I feel like taunt over giga drain on serp would be better, because the team feels a little stall weak. Banded ttar and keldeo do well against stall, but they cant break a solid stall team.
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