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Welcome to OU Theorymon! If you're not aware of this project, allow me to briefly recap what it is about. The OU Theorymon Project was created to examine the effects of one buff (an added move, changed ability, or type change) to any Pokemon below a B- ranking in the OU metagame. If you need a reference to the project itself, it can be found here.


+ Vital Spirit
+ Normal/Ghost typing
+ Poison/Steel typing
+ Magic Guard
(Mega Abomasnow) + Technician
+ Sand Stream
+ Prankster
+ Parting Shot
+ Protean
+ Defiant
+ Multiscale
+ Lightningrod
+ Volt Switch
(Mega Steelix) + Arena Trap
(Mega Audino) + Simple

+ Wish
(Mega Absol) + Dark/Fairy typing
+ Moxie
+ Sucker Punch
+ Electric/Steel type and Flash Cannon replaces Air Slash
+ Roost
+ Focus Blast

+ Fur Coat

+ Dragon/Steel Typing
+ Belly Drum
+ Water Absorb
+ Recover
+ Thousand Arrows
+ Extreme Speed
+ Sand Rush
+ Bug/Ground Typing

  • Standard OU clauses and ban lists apply


  • This is in Challenge Format. If you want to play OU Theorymon, you have to click on a user's name and challenge them to a battle. You can select the meta from there.

Looking forward to the participation!

Thanks all,

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Gonna start this off by posting a great momentum grabbing core :O


Rather simple. Choice Band Archeops is an AMAZING wallbreaker, and Parting Shot on Mega Absol can force switches, so you can either wreck more of the opposing team or nab momentum with U-Turn to keep the opponent jumping. If combined with a solid defensive backbone, such as Empoleon/Granbull, and a special attacker such as Goodra, this can simply wear down the opposing team, keep them off balance before coming in and striking to finish up with Archeops or another sweeper. Overall a solid core for Offensive VoltTurn teams, which seems like a very viable playstyle in this meta because of the omnipresence of Mega Steelix. This can easily deal with the Reuniclus/MegaLix core if played correctly, switching to a more appropriate answer and Mega Absol being able to Pursuit trap them and damage or kill them as they attempt to flee.

Archeops @ Choice Band
Ability: Vital Spirit
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Head Smash/Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- U-Turn
- Knock Off

Absol @ Absolite
Ability: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Sucker Punch
- Parting Shot
- Play Rough
- Pursuit

Basically, nuke stuff with Archeops and lower stats with Absol (watch out for Defiant Entei thought). Absol is great as it gets STAB priority, STAB Play Rough, and can Pursuit trap Reuniclus.
Bored af so I've made a list of pokemon showing their viability in standard OU and here to indicate how impactful their buffs were.

Archeops + Vital Spirit: Unranked to B+
This didn't end up half as viable as some people expected. However Rock and Flying are strong STABs, the moves that Archeops has access to are just too unreliable, having either poor accuracy, low BP, or high recoil. It is a strong pokemon not quite up to mega Aero due to its lower speed and laughable bulk.

Normal / Ghost Porygon Z: Unranked to B
Obviously that STAB combo is pretty nice, only resisted by Tyranitar and Bisharp. That said though, Bisharp sees very little usage in this meta as most use it for its ability among other traits, and Entei is seen by most as the superior Defiant abuser. Porygon's main problem is that no matter what your spread or item it is always lacking in some department, whether it be speed, power and bulk. This often makes Porygon easier than expected to check or revenge kill, regardless of its neutral STAB coverage.

Poison / Steel Weezing: Unranked to C-
Its a great buff and all. But Weezing is still hurt by its poor speed, special bulk, offensive presence, and lack of recovery. However the buff was enough to get it a niche in OU, but it will only be on defensive teams with very particular needs. It fits nicely alongside Gourgeist.

Moltres + Magic Guard: Unranked to B+
This is actually a rather versatile threat. Offensive and defensive variants alike have many uses in the current meta. Moltres is a great offensive or defensive Defogger thanks to its immunity to hazard damage. It typing is great offensively or defensively too. It has great resists to types like Fighting, Fairy, Steel and Ground. Fire and Flying are obviously two outstanding offensive types, allowing Moltres to run offensive sets such as LO offensive Defoggers, Choice Specs, and even a really nice Agility set. The only thing keeping Moltres out of A- is the piss poor accuracy of its most powerful STAB moves.

Mega Abomasnow + Technician: Unranked to C+ or B-
Mega Abomasnow's unique typing has always given it some great synergy with top threats, and its stat spread is really nice. The thing partly holding it back was that the Hail it sets could often be very crippling to its own team, but Abomasnow no longer has to set Hail. It also gets far stronger STAB and coverage moves on either end of the spectrum making it a great mixed wall breaker.

Cradily + Sand Stream: Unranked to B
With sand active, Cradily is a great Special wall and fantastic rocks setter. Of all the sand setters, Cradily imo holds Smooth Rocks the best, making it a great addition to sand teams with Mega Garchomp and Excadrill. It even has great synergy with Hippowdon.

Froslass + Prankster: D to A-
Easily the best suicide lead in the game. The only real thing Azelf has over it is Skill Swap for getting around Mega Sableye. With Sash and Prankster, this thing gets up 2 layers of spikes 95% of the time. The mind games coursed by also carrying Prankster Destiny Bond and Taunt makes things even better for Froslass. Without a specific check to Froslass, most games it will either get 2 layers of spikes and a kill, or 3 layers of spikes. Honestly so annoying and hard to play against.

Dark / Fairy Mega Absol + Parting Shot: C to B
Two very welcome additions to Mega Absol. Becoming one of the best middle fingers to the Lati twins as well as being the best user of Parting Shot are two very cool traits that boost Mega Absol's viability quite nicely. However it is still held back hard by it non existant bulk. It fits nicely alongside Mega Beedrill and Mega Sharpedo.

Goodra + Protean: C to B+ or A-
Pretty simple really. Life Orb variants have next to no switch ins. A couple poor switches vs this guy and your put in an extremely tough spot. The type changes also help quite a lot defensively. Sludge Bomb makes it immune to Toxic and Flamethrower makes it immune to Burns. This makes it an amazing stall breaker that can tear apart slow bulky teams.

Entei + Defiant: C to A-
There is just so few things that can stop this thing at +2. Honestly slower builds will just get absolutely demolished by this thing if it switches into a Defog. It also forces Landog and other Intimidate users to think twice before coming in as Entei will punish them severely if they don't. Sacred Fire is just so spammable when you have Stone Edge and Bulldoze to threaten other Fire types. Extreme speed lets Entei tear apart offense if it catches a boost.

Milotic + Multiscale: Unranked to C+
Milotic becomes an outstanding mixed wall with Multiscale active. Unfortunately it doesn't get CM to boost in between Recovers to keep up Multiscale to become a beastly win con for stall. All it can really do is spam Scald, though given Scald is one of the most spammable moves in the game that isn't necessarily horrible. It also has Ice beam and Toxic. Particularly good at Toxic stalling as once the opponent is inflicted Milotic can just spam recover to keep up multiscale and be invincible.

Empoleon + Lightning Rod: B to B+
Its a buff. And its a good buff. But it doesn't really change to way Empoleon is played that much. It can now stay in and be a great check to electric types, as well as soak up Thunder Waves, but that doesn't make it A- worthy imo.

Reuniclus + Volt Switch: B- to B or B+
Not quite as good as it was hyped to be. Obviously slow Volt Switch + Regenerator is really nice for pivoting and bringing in pokemon safely, but most pokemon that will clean sweep if brought in safely don't have the best synergy with Reuni, or fit on different style teams. That said though it is great for bringing in Mega Steelix.

Mega Steelix + Arena Trap: Unranked to A-
This actually has surprising decent coverage, meaning it can hand pick what it wants to trap and kill. With amazing Physical bulk and solid attack Mega Steelix can delete most physical threats to its own team. Dragon Tail catches so many opponents off guard, switching to their best Steelix counter as you mega, only to phased into anything other than your best steelix counter is often very nasty, particularly early in the game considering there isn't much counter play if you get unlucky. This is also a great SR setter as it has no fear of a magic bouncer switching in.

Mega Audino + Simple: Unranked to D
Lol. It has a niche as a fast boosting CM cleaner. But is outclassed by pretty much every other CM cleaner, of which very few take up a mega slot, Leaving mega Audino in D. Which tbh is pretty generous, it'll probably still be unranked in reality.

Ampharos + Wish: C to B-
Slow Volt Switch + Wish is a great asset to Mega Ampharos' arsenal, but nothing game breaking. Just a solid buff to make Mega Amphy a nice addition to semi stall and bulky offense teams.

Weavile + Moxie: B+ to A-
It may have only moved up one, but B+ to A- is a very substantial leap. Moxie just makes Weavile such a deadly cleaner, particularly when it can opt for Pursuit to gain a free +1 vs very low health targets. Once everything is weakened this is arguably one of the most reliable cleaners if it manages to get the ball rolling. I possibly could have put it higher but it really does need to wait till late game and needs team support. Is also really squishy.

Pangoro + Sucker Punch: C- to C+
It helps vs offense, but other than that Pangoro is still best for Stall Breaking. Pangoro's role stays the same and still isn't that strong a pokemon, but it fares much better against offense now.

Electric / Steel Rotom-S + Flash Cannon: Unranked to A
Easily fits alongside its sibling Rotom-Wash. It may not have the Thunder Wave / Will-O-Wisp + Water STAB to hit grounds/fires, but it stills fulfills the roll of amazing defensive pivot with solid offensive presence and utility. Lets not underestimated that fact that it has the highest amount of resistances and immunities of all pokemon, which is absolutely amazing for a defensive pokemon.

Mantine + Roost: Unranked to B-
Countering Landorus-I by itself is almost enough to get Mantine into B-. But its nice SpD stat and typing/ability in general alongside access to Defog, Scald and Haze is definitely enough to cement this spot for Mantine.

Pidgeot + Focus Blast: C+ to A-
Unmissable 120 bp fighting coverage proves to almost everything Mega Pidgeot needed. This thing just became so much harder to check and play around. A great bird early and late game.

Granbull + Fur Coat: Unranked to B- or B
Take physical hits like a champ and is actually threatening enough to what it wants to be with coverage. Physical fairy happiness all the way. Shame it has to be held back by the lack of recovery.

Steel / Dragon Mega Aggron: C- to B-
Dialga jr. is again a physical tank that can run different coverage to hit certain threats. But again still held back by the lack of recovery. (Funny how these two came one after the other).

Floatzel + Belly Drum: Unranked to C-
Still curious as to how this'll fit in. Belly Drum passing is definatly as scary concept but I do think it may be hard to pull off and there may be some nasty consequences if the opponents is able to stop you.
Where's this playable?
It is only available in the challenge format on the main Showdown server.

Also given that this thread is active again currently, is this a viable candidate for OMotM? I understand that it doesn't have anywhere near the required following to ever win it, but are we allowed to nominate it?
It is only available in the challenge format on the main Showdown server.

Also given that this thread is active again currently, is this a viable candidate for OMotM? I understand that it doesn't have anywhere near the required following to ever win it, but are we allowed to nominate it?
No. It's the OU forum's Pet Mod, but big enough to not be in the Pet Mod forum and to have a challenge option. But it is not eligible for OMotM.


Banned deucer.
We are behind-ish.

Sandslash + Thousand Arrows
Braviary + Extreme Speed
Cacturne + Sand Rush
Mega Beedrill + Bug/Ground typing

If anyone actually has interest in OU Theorymon and would update this on a regular basis, post on either Eevee's or my profile.
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