Tournament OUPL II Week 4

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Welcome to the second official Overused Premier League. Over the next 6 weeks, teams lead by some of OU's best known players will duke it out to take home the metaphorical crown.

Remember, Activity wins are only based on VM Contact. No VM contact - No Activity win!

(6) Fuego Ironworks Famahomes vs. Dashing Dragonites (2)

ORAS: xray vs. Twin Citiez
ORAS: Nedor vs. habajiga
ORAS: TheEnder vs. Bluwing
BW: Hootie vs. -Snow
DPP: Stathakis vs. Contact
ADV: rozes vs. obii
GSC: Mr.378 vs. Bomber.
RBY: Nails vs. urban

(1) Menacing Metagrosses vs. Topszn Noctowls (5)

ORAS: Luigi. vs. Mimolette
ORAS: Alkov vs. Get this Money
ORAS: Welli0u vs. Tesung
BW: Reymedy vs. Pearl
DPP: pokebasket vs. Robert.
ADV: ZoroarkForever vs. boudouche
GSC: idiotfrommars vs. Sapientia
RBY: Tricking vs. Bedschibaer

(2) Inhumane Infernapes vs. Twinleaf Thunder (6)

ORAS: Improbable vs. Weegah
ORAS: GeeMick vs. blunder
ORAS: FlamingVictini vs. Always!
BW: Jayde vs. FLCL
DPP: Z+V vs. PDC
ADV: teal6 vs. Foggi
GSC: choolio vs. Edgar
RBY: Alexander. vs. BKC

Deadline is June 5th, 11:59 PM EST!

Please post replays n_n
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Lost to GTM. Great game! Changed a Suicune to a Keldeo 1 minute before the game and got shit on so hard by a SpDef Talonflame


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