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Welcome to the OverUsed Premier League VI! You must post here to sign up for the tournament. Please only sign up if you can be highly active for the vast majority of the tournament and are willing to take this tournament seriously. It takes a lot to be a member of a team, and you'll have to pull your weight if you sign up.

Player Name: TPP
Tiers Played: SS OU / SM OU / ORAS OU
Timezone: GMT -5
YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST USE THE FORMAT ABOVE TO SIGN UP OR ELSE YOUR POST WILL BE IGNORED. We use an automatic script to scan signups into a spreadsheet for the draft. The potential tiers are SS OU, SM OU, ORAS OU.

Be aware that if you sign up for a tier, a manager may draft you and expect you to play that tier. You may be purchased by any team, so please do not sign up if you are unwilling to work with one or more of the managers. Please only list formats that you would seriously be willing to play competitively at a high level. Do not sign up for tiers you don't play as a joke. It is not funny and yes, I am personally judging you.

Some rules and regulations for retains, managers, and players:
  • Each manager starts with 100k credits.
  • The minimum number of players per team is 10 (8 starters + 2 substitutes).
  • The maximum number of players per team is 16 (8 starters + 8 substitutes).
  • Tournament banned or circuit banned users are not allowed to sign up.
As a recap, here's what we have so far:
Format list:
Bo3 (fixed tiers, SS/SM/ORAS)

Quarantined Quagsires - GMars and Leo - Discord
Castelia City [Redacted] - Eternal Spirit and Steve Angello
Six Islands Sobbles - xray and Sage
Grookey Gang - Vulpix03 and Kingler12345
Sprout Tower Sprouts - z0mOG and ima
Orre Colosseum Camerupts - BKC and TDK
Striaton City Spaghetts - Finchinator and dk
Fuchsia City Fujoshis - Hayburner and Jytcampbell

Signups will close March 27th at 12 PM (GMT-4).
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Player Name : Twonk1
Tiers Played: All
Timezone: GMT
would love a chance to get involved in a team setting even if it's not playing, just want to get involved
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