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Wildfire Orb


Ability: Conflagrate
Stats: 144 HP / 145 Atk (+25) / 75 Def (+15) / 65 SpA (+25) / 80 SpD (+20) / 65 Spe (+15) / 574 BST
This Pokemon's Normal-type moves become Fire-type moves and have their power multiplied by 1.2. This effect comes after other effects that change a move's type, but before Ion Deluge and Electrify's effects.
New Moves: N/A

Role: Recently discovered fire in the prehistoric world. Use Fake Out to revenge kill Ice-types and use Double-Edge for an even hotter Flare Blitz.

reworked this, sorry if you thought the old one was cooler
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Name: Primal Hariyama
Typing: Fighting/Psychic
Stats: 144/130/80/90/80/50
Abilities: Relief - When an active Pokémon is cured of a status ailment, this Pokémon heals 25(?)% HP.
New Moves: Exhaust - 150 BP, 90% ACC, 5 PP, Psychic Type, Physical, User falls asleep for 2 turns. Psycho Shift, Thunder Wave, Heal Bell, Psycho Shift, Zen Headbutt, Yawn
goofy ahh vetos
Name: Swalot - Primal
: Plated Orb
Typing: Poison/Steel
Ability: Shell Armor
HP 100 / Atk 90 (+17) / Def 116 (+33) / SpA 95 (+22) / SpD 111 (+28) / Spe 55 (+0) / BST 567 (+100)
New Moves
: Liquidize, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Metal Burst, Metal Sound, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Tar Pit
That bulk and typing with Recover 3.0 as long as the opponent is Toxiced (and a way to poison them if they aren't) is just way too much all together. Would seriously recommend changing the custom as it's super convoluted, but you could also nerf bulk or change Swalot's typing to something a bit worse defensively.
Name: Grumpig - Primal
: Gravity Orb
Typing: Psychic/Ground
Ability: Gravitational Surge (Upon switch-in this Pokemon summons Gravity for 5 turns.)
HP 80 / Atk 90 (+45) / Def 85 (+20) / SpA 100 (+10) / SpD 125 (+15) / Spe 90 (+10) / BST 570 (+100)
New Moves
: Orbital Blast, Gravity, Earth Power, Scorching Sands, Spikes, Dark Pulse, Grav Apple, Ancient Power
Grav Apple/Apple Acid are already broken moves on any good abuser, and you've given this better Apple Acid. Please remove/nerf the custom.
Name: Swalot-Primal
Typing: Poison
Ability: Corrosion
Stats: 100/103/93/103/93/75 Bst: 567
Free, unremovable, 1/8 chip on the entire opposing team for 5 turns is very much broken (or at least opens up a lot of doors). If you'd like to change it to affect the entire field this effect might be passable, but otherwise I don't see this custom being balanced at all.

Bonus Round: BST Zone!!
Since this is a slate where BST is set, I went through and calculated the BST of every. Single. Submission. And these were the inconsistencies I found. Please ensure the BSTs of these mons are equal to exactly 100 more than their base forms. Also we won't worry about it for this slate since it wasn't made clear in the opening post, but Primal Reversions do not make changes to the HP stat of the base Pokemon. Keep this in mind for any future Primal slates.

BST Inconsistencies:
SparkRolf 's Plusle-Primal - 515 (lower it by 10)
SparkRolf 's Minun-Primal - 515 (lower it by 10)
Aqua1272 's Plusle-Primal - 420 (you missed a stat; I think Special Attack)
Aqua1272 's Hariyama-Primal - 584 (lower it by 10)

Hopefully my mentions worked this time. 24 hours to make changes as usual.
Except for Aqua1272 's Plusle, all subs were corrected. However, since this is a very minor BST issue (current BST is 495, which is still 10 short), it will be allowed. Just make sure to correct the BST as soon as you can, Aqua.

The rules for voting are as follows:
  • Each Pokémon will be voted for separately.
  • There is no limit on the amount of submissions you can vote for.
  • First Place will count for 3 points, Second Place for 2, and all others will count for 1 point.
  • Self Votes may not be First Place, and have a limit of 6 points total.

Voting will be open for 2 days. Good luck for all of the participants.
:plusle:Beaf Cultist, Albatross, SparkRolf
:minun:Beaf Cultist, Moretto, Albatross, SparkRolf
:hariyama: Aqua1272, SparkRolf, Mercupty
:swalot:Aqua1272, analysis geek, Albatross
:Grumpig:SparkRolf, analysis geek
:plusle: Albatross
:minun: Mercupty, Beaf Cultist, Albatross
:swalot: SparkRolf, Beaf Cultist, Moretto
:hariyama: RedwoodRogue, Beaf Cultist, Mercupty
:grumpig: G-Luke

why were rat subs all so fucked :psycry:
also I wanted to vote my grumpig but couldn’t find a good second placer lmao


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:plusle: Albatross, Beaf Cultist
:minun: Beaf Cultist, Albatross, SparkRolf
:swalot: Aqua1272, SparkRolf, Moretto, analysis geek
:hariyama: Beaf Cultist, analysis geek, SparkRolf
:grumpig: Beaf Cultist, G-Luke, SparkRolf
Plusle: Albatross, Beaf cultist, Sparkrolf
Minun: Albatross, Moretto, Beaf cultist
Swalot: Moretto, Analysis geek(sv), Sparkrolf
Hariyama: Mercrupty, Analysis geek (sv), Beaf cultist
Grumpig: Aqua1272, G-luke, Analysis geek (sv)
:plusle:Aqua1272, SparkRolf (SV), Beaf Cultist
:minun:Beaf Cultist, SparkRolf (SV), Moretto
:swalot:Beaf Cultist, Aqua 1272, Moretto
:hariyama:Beaf Cultist, RedwoodRogue, Bloopy Ghost
:grumpig:G-Luke, SparkRolf (SV), Beaf Cultist
:plusle: SparkRolf / Beaf Cultist / Albatross
:minun: Beaf Cultist / Mercupty / Albatross
:swalot: Albatross / Aqua1272 (sv) / Analysis Geek
:hariyama: Beaf Cultist
/ Aqua1272 (sv) / Mercupty
:grumpig: SparkRolf / Aqua1272 (sv) / Analysis Geek (sv)
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- Analysis Geek, Beaf Cultist, Mercupty(SV)
- Albatross, Beaf Cultist, Aqua1272
- G -Luke, Analysis geek, Aqua1272
- Beaf Cultist, Analysis Geek, Moretto


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are you winning son


Ability: Huge Power
Stats: 60 / 65 (+25) / 80 (+30) / 75 / 130 (+45) / 95 [505 BST]

New Moves (if any): Photon Ball, Flash Cannon, Gyro Ball, Iron Head, Spikes
Removed Moves (if any): N/A
Name: Photon Ball
Base Power: 110
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 10
Category: Physical

Effect: 100% chance to raise the user's Speed one stage.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Mirror, Protect

Orb: Must hold the Blue Orb.
Flavor: funny bunny
Role: Rodent conglomerate. Huge Power + good bulk + great defensive typing - no setup - no coverage - no bitches.


Ability: Storm Drain
Stats: 100 / 73 / 83 / 113 (+40) / 83 / 115 (+60) [567 BST]

New Moves (if any): Flamethrower, Morning Sun, Overheat, Scald, Tar Pit
Removed Moves (if any): N/A

Orb: Must hold the Petrol Orb.
Flavor: Oil floats on water. Step 1: Wait for it to rain. Step 2: Cover yourself in oil. Step 3: Fly.
Role: Boneless Salazzle (literally). Gets coverage and a real defensive profile so that's a big plus.


Ability: Misty Surge
Stats: 144 / 140 (+20) / 80 (+20) / 40 / 100 (+40) / 70 (+20) [574 BST]

New Moves (if any): Play Rough
Removed Moves (if any): N/A

Orb: Must hold the Crystal Orb.
Flavor: he thicc
Role: Very bulky Bulk Up wincon. While it can struggle against faster teams, the status immunity provided by Misty Surge combined with its amazing natural bulk and great typing make it absolutely mow down fat.

Name: Plusle-Primal
Typing: Electric / Ghost
Abilities: Shadow Shield
Stats: 60/60/70/95/115/105 (505 BST)

New Moves (if any): Shadow Ball, Hex, Will-O-Wisp

Role: Nasty Plot Sweeper ig
Flavour: WIP
Description: WIP

Name: Grumpig-Primal
Typing: Psychic / Steel
Ability: Magic Surge*
*Sets Magic Room upon switch in
Stats: 80 HP / 60 Atk (+15) / 90 Def (+20) / 130 SpA (+40) / 125 SpD (+15) / 85 Spe (+5)
New Moves (if any): Flash Cannon, Wish, Volt Switch
Removed Moves (if any): N/A

Role: Offensive Pivot, Calm Mind Wallbreaker

As always, Discussion Phase is open for 24 hours. Get your thoughts in!

You can also only use 1 primal per team
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top 10 gamer moments of 2013 (compilation)

:plusle: NP mon. It sure does do that. Solid addition, does what it was meant to, doesn't spark much emotion in me but it was the best Plusle sub so I'm cool with it.

:minun: Epic silly Huge Power mon, similar to what I said in the post originally. Honestly mon goes really really hard if the opponent doesn't have an Electric or a very fat Ground, but that's not exactly a hard bar to reach, so it should just be pretty solid.

:swalot: Honestly I made this as a generic goodmon but the more I think about it the more I realize how it's just fast Mollux it's a really cool mon. Having all of speed, power, and bulk is amazing, and its defensive profile is more than enough for it to succeed. I wish it had a bit more utility so it could run fat sets more comfortably, but I really like this mon's promise as a fast offensive threat.

:hariyama: Mon actually goes wild against fat. IDK how well it handles the meta (the meta being pretty fast-paced) but I'm excited to find out.

:grumpig: Finally, a real ice-resisting Steel. Grumpig looks at its orb and says "Well, if I can't have a real item, nobody can!" and so it was. Pretty sick defensive mon with more than enough Special Attack to prevent passivity, and Magic Surge means choiced breakers are doing absolutely nothing to it. Lots of set availability (though I wish it had rocks; would be awesome with them) but I personally will run min speed Future Sight so I can have the ultimate slow pivot I've always wanted.


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:ss/flygon: :ss/exploud: :ss/walrein:
This slate, we will be doing "ancient forms", with these working as regional forms (like alolan and galarian forms). The chosen pokémon were chosen by the council, and they bring some interesting types and general things to the game. Flygon already has an interesting niche in base, that can be potentially be risen to a better place in the old metagame of Paleomons, Exploud is a generally very strong breaker with some Speed problems, but nothing that can't be taken care of in the mod, and Walrein has defensive capabilities that can be boosted up to a high place on the meta, especially with moves and Typing/Ability Changes.

The submission rules are simple:
  • You can sub 1 to 3 of the Pokémon chosen in this slate. Pre-evolutions of those are also welcome to being Reworked.
  • Don't do crazy busted things, like 200 Atk Huge Power Kabutops
  • Custom Elements are allowed, as long as they have something different from already existing abilities/moves and are balanced (don't do tough claws with huge power effects, or 100% acc OHKO moves)
  • Regional Forms have the same BST of their pre-existing counterparts, so you can change the stat spread, but can't change the BST.
Also, a quick note: If you want to change the preevolutions as well in any way, mention it in your post, or they will be assumed to stay the same.

Typing: ???
Abilities: ???
Stats: ???

New Moves: ???
Removed Moves: ???
Role: ???

Submissions will be open for about 1 week. in case of any questions or feedback, you can DM me or the rest of council or ask for feedback in the mod's discord server. That's it, good luck :)
Pokémon: Flygon-Ascendant
Typing: Ground / Fairy
Abilities: Levitate / One-in-All
One-in-All: On the turn the user switches in, it blocks certain status moves used by the opponent and instead uses the move against the original user.
Stats: 80 / 90 / 80 / 90 / 80 / 100 [BST: 520]

New Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Mystical Fire, Nuzzle, Play Rough, Draining Kiss, Stealth Rock, Knock Off
Removed Moves: Dragon Dance
Role: Rocks-resistant offensive pivot with decent stats, an excellent typing, 2 decent to good abilities and a metric truckload of utility.
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Pokémon: Walrein-Ancient
Typing: Ice / Fighting
Abilities: Fur Coat / Ice Body / Oblivious
Stats: 90 / 110 / 65 / 90 / 95 / 80

New Moves: Furious Tusks (20 BP, Fighting, Physical, Hits twice. each hit lowers target's defense by 1.), Brick Break, Close Combat, Moonlight
Removed Moves: Liquidation, Hydro Pump, Waterfall
Role: Physical Breaker

Name: Exploud-Warrior

Ability: Scrappy/ Vital Spirt
Stats: 98/95/75/95/57/70
New Moves: Battle Cry, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Poison Jab, Mach Punch, Vaccum Wave, Knock Off,Drain Punch, Aura Sphere
Removed Moves: All Fire moves except for Fire Punch, Surf, Hydro Pump
Custom Elements
Name: Battle Cry


PP: 8
Effect: Raises Speed by one stage
Flags: Sound
Role: Mixed Sweeper

Name: Walrein-Aggro

Ability: Thick Fat/Strong Jaw
Stats: 105/115/80/75/80/75
New Moves : Aqua Jet, Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Brick Break, Thunder Fang, Poison Jab, Taunt
Removed Moves: Belly Drum
Role: Swords Dance Attacker, CB Attacker

Name: Flygon-Voltage

Ability: Volt Absorb/Galvanize
Stats: 70/90/80/90/80/110
New Moves: Hyper Voice, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Volt Switch, Aura Sphere
Removed Moves: All Fire Moves, Boomburst, All Ground Moves
Role: CB Attacker, Specs Attacker, Mixed Attacker, Dragon Dance Sweeper
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formerly megaspoopy000
Pokémon: Exploud-Draconic

Abilities: Soundproof / Scrappy / Punk Rock [HA]
Stats: 100 / 80 / 64 / 85 / 71 / 90 [490 BST]
New Moves: Clanging Scales, Dragon Dance, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Tail, Cavernous Screech*, Hurtful Slander*.
Removed Moves: All Ice & Water type moves.
Customs: Hurtful Slander*: 80bp, - Acc, Fairy, 30% chance of reducing spdef by one stage. Cavernous Screech*: Roar of Time, but is compatible with Power Herb and is now a sound move.
Role: Special Choiced Wallbreaker, Niche Physical Set-up Sweeper
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Loosely Resembling Some Variety Of Bird
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Name: Flygon-Mayfly
Typing: Rock / Fairy
Abilities: Sand Stream / Sheer Force
Stats: 80/70/90/90/90/100 (520 BST)

New Moves (if any): Sand Whip, Play Rough, Power Gem, Meteor Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock
Removed Moves (if any): Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse
Name: Sand Whip
Base Power: 60
Accuracy: 90%
PP: 10 (16)
Category: Physical
Type: Rock
Effect: Move hits twice while under the effects of Sandstorm
Priority: 0
Flags: Contact

Role: Weather Setter (Sand Spit), Special Wall, Dragon Dance Sweeper, Special Wallbreaker
Flavour: WIP
Description: A highly versatile Pokemon, able to run a multitude of sets. Offensively, Flygon-M can run either a physical or special set thanks to Sheer Force, with physical sets making up for Flygon-M's low base Attack with Dragon Dance and Sheer Force-boosted STAB, while special sets can use Flygon-M's decent special coverage alongside its workable Special Attack to wallbreak efficiently. Hell, you could probably run a decent mixed set if you wanted. Defensively, 80/90/90 bulk might not be that impressive, but with the addition of Sand Stream Flygon-M becomes a great special wall that can provide Defog support, Stealth Rock, and pivoting, and can still retain an offensive presence thanks to Sand Whip

Name: Walrein-Regal
Typing: Water / Normal
Abilities: Thick Fat / Ice Body / Oblivious
Stats: 110/80/70/95/100/75 (530 BST)

New Moves (if any): Explosion, Fake Out, Scald, Hyper Voice, Noble Roar
Removed Moves (if any): None

Role: Mixed Tank, Special Attacker (ig?), Swords Dance Sweeper
Flavour: A funky walrus
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Walrein - Tropical
Abilities: Strong Jaw/Soundproof/Swift Swim
Stats: HP 115 (+5) / Atk 70 (-10) / Def 95 (+5) / SpA 95 (+0) / SpD 110 (+20)/ Spe 45 (-20) / BST 530
New Moves: Scald, Water Spout, Sparkling Aria, Flip Turn, Life Dew, Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, Leech Seed, Grass Knot, Petal Blizzard, Power Whip, Seed Bomb, Wood Hammer, Bullet Seed, Jungle Healing, Petal Dance, Snap Trap, Solar Beam, Solar Blade, Vine Whip, Heat Wave, Overheat, Heat Crash, Sunny Day, Calm Mind
Removed Moves: All Ice-type moves.
Role Analysis: Walrein acts as a pretty bulky set-up sweeper in calm mind with access to powerful moves in Water Spout, Petal Dance, and Overheat, in addition to recovery with Jungle Healing.

:sphearical: my beloved
Spheal - Tropical
Abilities: Oblivious/Soundproof/Swift Swim
Stats: HP 75 (+5) / Atk 30 (-10) / Def 55 (+5) / SpA 55 (+0) / SpD 60 (+10) / Spe 15 (-10) / BST 290
New Moves: Scald, Flip Turn, Life Dew, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Vine Whip, Sunny Day
Removed Moves: All Ice-type moves.

Sealeo - Tropical
Abilities: Oblivious/Soundproof/Swift Swim
Stats: HP 95 (+5) / Atk 50 (-10) / Def 75 (+5) / SpA 75 (+0) / SpD 80 (+10) / Spe 35 (-10) / BST 410
New Moves: Scald, Sparkling Aria, Flip Turn, Life Dew, Energy Ball, Leech Seed, Grass Knot, Petal Blizzard, Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Solar Beam, Solar Blade, Vine Whip, Heat Wave, Sunny Day, Calm Mind
Removed Moves: All Ice-type moves.
Walrein - Tropical Supporting Evidence.PNG

from the page on walruses on Wikipedia.

Flygon - Wanderer
Abilities: Levitate/Wandering Spirit
Stats: HP 75 (-5) / Atk 95 (-5) / Def 65 (-15) / SpA 80 (+0) / SpD 90 (+10) / Spe 115 (+15) / BST 520
New Moves: *Wanderer's Light, Destiny Bond, Poltergeist, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Confuse Ray, Phantom Force, Rock Blast, Power Gem, Stealth Rock, Ancient Power
Removed Moves: All Dragon-type moves, Superpower, Boomburst, Thunder Punch, Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Brutal Swing, Roost,
Name: Wanderer's Light
Base Power: 80
Accuracy: -
PP: 10 / 16 (Max)
Category: Physical
Type: Ghost
Effect: This move does next check for accuracy, the next move the user executes cannot miss.
Priority: 0
Flags: Mirror, Protect
Role Analysis: Flygon has now become much faster and more powerful, yet at the cost of becoming a good bit frailer. It makes an interesting niche for itself with having the ability Wandering Spirit which can allow it to swap abilities which its opponent, and if this ability is played around well could possibly result in Flygon getting a powerful ability, of course this isn't the main part of the show- rather it is of course the new custom move it gets in addition to the good offensive typing it has, with of course the aforementioned buff in power. Wanderer's Light gives it a solid physical Ghost-type move which can't miss and that furthermore makes it so the next move it uses can't miss either, meaning after using Wanderer's Light Flygon can promptly follow up with a Stone Edge that can't miss, overall making Wanderer's Light, again, a decent physical Ghost-type move, but also a powerful utility move. It should be mentioned that Flygon does still have access to Levitate as an ability, meaning if chosen to run then it doesn't (for the most part) have to worry about things like Earthquake, and it also gets some fun status moves in Destiny Bond and Stealth Rock, the latter of which is always good, there's really no downside to having it, and the other if used right can ensure that Flygon gets to take at least one of the opposing teams mons before it goes down itself.

Exploud - Labyrinth
Abilities: Oracle's Bell (This Pokemon's sound-based moves become Psychic-type and have 1.2x power.)
Stats: HP 112 / Atk 73 / Def 81 / SpA 108 / SpD 62 / Spe 54 / BST 490
New Moves: Earth Power, Destiny Bond, Poltergeist, Spirit Shackle, Confuse Ray, Calm Mind, Expanding Force, Extrasensory, Psychic, Psyshock, Amnesia, Future Sight, Imprison, Psychic Terrain, Miracle Eye
Removed Moves: None.
Role Analysis: Exploud acts as a slow yet relatively bulky breaker, with its decently high 108 special attack, and good bulk of 112/81/62, though the special defense is somewhat lacking, Exploud also has a generally good defensive typing that comes with 3 immunities to electric, normal, and fighting. Furthermore it gets a funky Psychic-type Boomburst with a 20% boost thanks to its ability.
Based upon the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni.
I would imagine this Exploud now appears in a color similar to that of limestone with gold-and-pink touchs to it. Additionally the tubes on its head would now be significantly longer and would be twisted about, furthermore Exploud's mouth is now moreso closed, with the sounds it emits coming through its tubes and be produced via its psychic power.
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