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The Quality Control (QC) Team
The Quality Control team is responsible to ensure every CAP analysis is up to the high standards Smogon expects for its content. These analyses are being viewed by thousands of individuals across the world, so a high standard of quality is necessary.

If the QC team does not think your analysis is up to on-site standards, they have the right to reassign or reject it. Make sure you familiarize yourself with C&C standards if you wish to prevent this from being the case.

At the moment, only SM analyses are available for reservation. As such, there is no ORAS CAP QC team currently.

The SM CAP QC Team:

quziel (Leader)

[quziel, 297859]
[snake_rattler, 227784]
[Lasen, 273339]
[SHSP, 249085]
[Jordy, 395754]
[pannuracotta, 517892]
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