Announcement Pet Mod of the Season [Voting Thread]

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Greetings, everyone! This thread will be dedicated to voting for the of Pet Mod of the Season. The rules for voting for your favourite Pet Mod is as follows:

- Vote for a Pet Mod by liking the post (in this thread) that has its name on it.
- You may vote for as many Pet Mods as you want.
- In order for your vote to count you must have at least five forum posts.
- If your account is less than one week old, your vote will not be counted.
- Do not try to influence other voters and do not bash any Pet Mod. Asking people to vote for a Pet Mod in the Pet Mod room or Discord may lead to moderation actions being taken from the relevant authorities.

Voting will end on the morning of June 30th 11:59 am.

Available options are:
Perfect Galar
Rose Red / Iris Blue
Clean Slate 2
Bench Abilities
Twisted Pokemon
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