Tournament Pet Mods Premier League II - Player Sign-ups (TEAM CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE)

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ADV 1v1 Pioneer
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Player Name: LRXC
Tiers Played: Hoenn Gaiden, maybe Burgundy, MAYBE FE
Tiers NOT Played: the rest

As the Hoenn Gaiden slot of YOUR PMPL 1 CHAMPION UNION WORKERS, I will be an amazing Hoenn Gaiden sub and support slot, for now I do not want to start every week.

I also bring great energy 8)
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Mind the bad garmmar.
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Player Name: Gekokeso
Tiers Played: Megas for All OU, Hoenn Gaiden OU, Fusion Evolution SV, Joltemons, Crystal: Sevii Islands (I have played a total of 90% of all the matches in this meta).
Tiers NOT Played: MBH, Burgundy, Alternatium EX (can still play them with teams)
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Player Name: Deezcastforms
Tiers Played: Any
Tiers Not Played: None

I've never touched a pet mod in my fucking life, but I've seen this shilled so damn much in RBY Cord I decided to sign up. Also I want the custom avatar prize. I specialize in pre fairy gen tiers in regular OU, if that helps.
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