Pikachu50 Trade Thread

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All wifi forum rules and general smogon rules
I do not accept Pokemon that have been messed with using the 8F arbitrary code glitch (not even if all that was done was making it shiny)
No hacks any I have are references so people can check if they have them and aren't listed as I dont like hacks and don't trade them
No scamming
All Pokemon from me that don't list a smogon user must list you got them from me on your thread
Every Pokemon I the first post is full-redis (semi-redis and free-redis have their own posts)
Any Pokemon that comes from me that has proof is NOT ALLOWED to have the proof listed for anyone to look at, this is because I do not want people stealing them, OTHERS MUST AGREE TO THIS TO BEFORE YOU TRADE THEM ANYTHING FROM ME THAT FALLS UNDER THIS
Be polite if you don't have anything I want for what you want I may be willing to let you have for free if you promise to keep it NFT even more so on Pokemon that are less rare and on my self redeemed Pokemon, however ABSOLUTELY NOT on Pokemon that have video/pic redemption proof that I did NOT redeem
Finally everything from me will be cloned if you don't like this don't trade with me

FYI you can post now and some of these events do have restrictions on them, nothing for distribution but what they can be traded for, like RTO VRTO VRTO/OLO or OLO
Also nothing listed is NFT
I don't think I have any just OLO right now
If you want an event ask and I will let you know if it has any restrictions or not
If it does I will let you know the restrictions
Ultra Moon OT Serena TID 963293
FC 3239-5926-9225
Any trade we come to will wait until I have the pokemon you want cloned and you will always receive a clone so if you do not care for clones and want the original do not try to negotiate with me on it because my answer will be no.
All 2018 Legends Pokemon are the level 100 versions unless otherwise stated
Any event without a language is ENG tag unless the event is an event from a specific region and not done worldwide then it will have the tag if it is ENG (unless it was an English region event) but not if it is the language tag of the region the event comes from
For example the heart shaymin in the list is a Korean event so because it does not list the language tag it is KOR tag
Sometimes I put the tag on these ones anyway so bear with me if they are on some that fall under this and aren't on others that fall under it
Only shiny events that could be shiny and non shiny or that are of shiny locked Pokemon (ones that are still shiny locked) will list that they are shiny
Rich (BB code):
(#758 - Max. Optimizer's Sadi-chan)
Credits for the nickname go to Sephirona


OT: Sijin | ID: 177541 | Paniola Ranch (Alola) Timid | Corrosion | TSV: 0337 IVs:31 | 0 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31 (HP Ice) EMs: Knock Off, Fake Out, Belch, Snatch Ev'd: Fire Blast, Hidden Power, Sludge Wave, Nasty Plot {252 SpA / 6 SpD / 252 Spe} _________________________________________
Rich (BB code):
(#350 - Max. Optimizer's Nojiko)
Credits for the nickname go to Sephirona


OT: Sera | ID: 360607 | Seafolk Village (Alola) Bold | Marvel Scale | TSV: 0756 IVs:31 | 31 | 31 | 30 | 30 | 30 (HP Flying) EMs: Mirror Coat, Hypnosis, Mist, Haze Ev'd: Scald, Toxic, Recover, Hidden Power {252 HP / 252 Def / 6 SpA} _________________________________________
Full proofed wind lugia set
eng hp defense so def 31
Spa hp attack so def 31
Fre hp def sp def sp atk 31
Ita sp attack sp def speed 31
Ger sp attack sp def defense 31
Kor sp attack sp def speed defense 31
Chs sp attack attack defense 31
Jpn sp attack speed attack 31
Cht sp def speed defense 31
Kimia Gardevoir legit checked by Puglia77 of C.E.A.L. on gamefaqs 0iv
Shiny Inkay with video proof (self caught) x/x/x/31/31/31 premier bally second non lake of rage Gyarados shiny and first SOS shiny
2018 Legends Dialga 31/x/31/x/x/31
Proofed 2016 scrap shiny Eevee JPN 0iv
Partner cap Pikachu 1iv hp
Proofed movie Zeraora 31/31/31/30/x/x JPN
Rocketeowth legit checked JPN 0iv
Shiny ranger manaphy RNG Proof from injected WC but a legit WC even legit checked 0iv
Proofed Ultra shiny Kyogre JPN x/x/31/31/31/x
Proofed full story shaymin KOR x/x/31/31/x/31
unproofed Concert Piplup KOR 1iv sp def user I got I from had it legit checked and from a very trusted user on gamefaqs
SUM2014 Vivillon 0iv comes from someone who gets all their unproofed stuff checked
Kyushu bullet trains Gardevoir not sure which OT 0iv
Kyushu bullet trains Pikachu not sure which OT 1iv def
XY anime Serena's fennekin A button proof and legit checked 0iv
Heartstamp Pikachu comes from someone trusted and pretty sure I had it legit checked 0iv
Tokyo Bay Inkay legit checked 0iv
Shiny Aurora ticket deoxys GER legit checked 1iv def
PCNYd Gardevoir expert checker knew where it came from public saves but legit 0iv 00080 id as their are multiple legitimate ids for this event
Proofed full story mareep KOR 1iv atk
10ANNIV Lugia legit checked 0iv
10ANNIV Ho-Oh legit checked 0iv
Mega evolution promo shiny diancie legit checked x/x/31/31/31/31
2014 Tanabata shiny Jirachi legit checked 31/x/31/31/30/x
WSHMKR Jirachi 0iv came from Puglia77 on gamefaqs who is a legitimacy checker and only trades legit pokemon
Z PCJ03 Wish absol hatched shiny 0iv
Shiny ultra poipole proofed redeemed and proofed by someone on gamefaqs especially for me x/x/31/31/x/31 this event was nature locked to modest
Movie14 Victini 0iv from someone I trust if you want it checked I will otherwise it stays unless a mod wants it removed
Proofed Shiny Korean autumn league mimikyu KOR 0iv
TRU Arceus from someone I trust if you want it checked I will otherwise it stays unless a mod wants it removed
Proofed PCI Giovanni's Nidoking 0iv
Proofed PC shiny mimikyu CHS 0iv
Proofed Korean Lillie's Vulpix KOR 1iv atk
GCEA mudkip legit checked 0iv
Shiny ultra poipole unproofed legit checked redeemed by someone who got a code before the codes we're supposed to be given out again nature locked to modest
XYZ Xerneas the person I got it from had it legit checked x/31/x/31/x/31
Proofed NA champs Arcanine 0iv
Proofed Worlds18 Meloetta JPN 31/31/x/31/31/x
Proofed Tokyo DX Pikachu 0iv
Proofed PC Giovanni's Nidoqueen 2iv def spd
2018 Legends shiny Zygarde self redeemed 3iv spd sp def sp atk
2018 Legends Xerneas self redeemed 3iv atk sp def sp atk
2018 Legends Tornados slf redeemed 3iv hp sp def sp atk
2018 Legends Groudon self redeemed 3iv hp def sp atk
2018 Legends Latios self redeemed 3iv def spd sp def
XYZ Yvetal JPN 3iv p def spd
SUM2013 Palkia 0iv hp is an iv of 30
Magearna self redeemed 3iv atk spd sp atk
Korean Easter egg Oranguru no way to check ivs as unhatched video proof
GCEA Misdreavus JPN legit checked 0iv
PCI Cyrus Weavile video proof JPN 2iv hp atk
V-create Christmas Victini JPN 1iv sp atk
Fula city Zeraora self redeemed video proof 3iv hp atk def
Bday Umbreon ITA video proof 0iv
Bday Sylveon JPN video proof gives a flag in pkhex with base friendship error so mods if you want me to remove I let me know
All stars battle diancie video proof 3iv hp atk spd
Year of the dragon druddigon KOR 0iv
Kiawes turtonator video proof ENG (think french distribution) 0iv
7-11 rally Makoto's piplup Japanese distribution 0iv unproofed JPN
Korean Autumn league shiny Eevee video proof 0iv
Bday Sylveon JPN 0IV legit checked
KOR archjinni of the rings Arceus legit checked 3iv atk def spd
7-11 rally Makoto's piplup Japanese distribution FRE video proof 0iv sp atk has 30
Shiny Mat membership card Darkrai known legitimate shiny Darkrai RNGd 6iv
SPACE C Deoxys legit checked 0iv gonna warn everryone now it is hosted by project Pokemon but is legit
Korean shiny genesect 2iv atk spd comes from a legitimacy expert
KOR XY&Z Gardevoir (OT glitch) video proof 0iv
V-create Rayquaza JPN 0iv legit checked
KOR MT. Tensei Ho-Oh video proof 3iv hp atk def
SUM2013 Giratina 0iv comes from legitimacy expert
7-11 rally Satoshi's Charizard Japanese distribution video proof 0iv
play!2016 Mewtwo SPA video proof 3iv atk spd sp def
10ANNIV Pikachu SPA 0iv legit checked
2018 Legends heatran self redeemed 3iv hp atk spd (did a giveaway with it on gamefaqs)
JPC03 wish egg ralts 0iv may come from public save legit checked
PCNYd Flygon 0iv may come from public save legit checked
PCNYd Seadra 0iv may come from public save legit checked
PCNYd Absol 0iv def is 30 may come from public save legit checked
PCNY wish egg khangaskhan 1iv hp may come from public save legit checked
PCNY wish egg fhrfetched 0iv may come from public save legit checked
JPC03 wish egg bagon 0iv may come from public save legit checked
ALAMOS Darkrai 1iv spd legit checked
Club Daisuki Lunatone KOR video proof 0iv hp is 30
CHANNEL shiny Jirachi 2iv atk spd 30 on def and sp def legit checked
SUM2013 Dialga 0iv legit checked
WSHMKR shiny Jirachi 2iv atk def (probably from public save thanks to project Pokemon hosting a full nature set of it) legit checked
Reserved event
Reserved event
Reserved event
2018 Legend Regigigas video proof Note this 2018 Legends is NOT self redeemed 3iv atk sp def sp atk
Satay King Pikachu video proof 0iv
Yokohama outbreakchu shiny Pikachu JPN video proof 0iv
7-11 spot Satoshi's Pikachu ITA picture proof 0iv
Illex Celebi 3iv atk def spd legit checked
2018 Legends Ho-Oh self redeemed video proof 4iv atk spd sp def sp atk
Mega evolution Ralts JPN 0iv
Mega evolution Bagon JPN 1iv atk
Mega evolution Carvanha JPN 0iv
Mega evolution Swablu 0iv
Note all mega evolution are available hatched by me non shiny on gens 6 and 7 and the unhatched eggs are only available on gen 6 all 4 listed above came from a legitimacy expert
New hoenn cap Pikachu self redeemed video proof 0iv
New sinnoh cap Pikachu self redeemed video proof 0iv sp atk has 30
New unova cap Pikachu self redeemed video proof 0iv
New kalos cap Pikachu self redeemed video proof 0iv
New alola cap Pikachu self redeemed video proof 0iv
Bday comfey JPN video proof 0iv
Colloseum E-card Togepi JPN all ivs are 0 comes from legitimacy expert
PGL Mimikyu (spooky cup shiny Mimikyu) self redeemed video proof 0iv
Scrap Meloetta JPN video proof 3iv hp atk def 30 on sp def
Pokemon Day Winter Counter Attack Gyarados KOR video proofed 0iv
7-11 spot Latios FRE video proof 4iv hp atk sp def sp atk
Heart shaymin video proof 3iv hp def sp atk
Reserved event
Taiwan championships Mewtwo JPN video proof 3iv hp def spd
Tohoku 2018 Pikachu ENG video proof 0iv
Tohoku 2017 Pikachu ENG video proof 0iv
Line Rotom JPN video proof 0iv
Early adopter Munchlax CP 0iv legit checked
7-11 spot Lugia FRE video proof 3iv hp spd sp def
Kotone Yasue Yamiramiko Tyranitar JPN video proof 4iv hp atk def sp def
bday Umbreon JPN video proof 0iv
Z JPC03 wish egg shiny Ralts 0iv
Eppie Mew 3iv hp def spd
Galileo Rayquaza 4iv hp atk def spd (hyper trained cured of pokerus (moveset possibly changed))
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you can PM me to re-open this when you have more than a single Pokemon and are sure about its IVs
will be doing a GTS giveaway of Malamar evolved from a clone of the inkay listed in my opening and made BR I hope everyone looks look forward to it
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Too tired to finish updating right now using a phone for this so it is taking a lot out of me
EDIT my list is completed until I get more events
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I will not be implementing a credit system but any RNG services and artwork services (to be used for my trade thread once I learn to post images) will allow you to choose up to however many Pokemon from my list we agree is a fair exchange
Okay just looking for shinies now (only event I really am looking for are UT Kyushu Bullet Trains events (the shiny versions))


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thx and nice art work
can u draw a picture of a ditto , mew , darkia , and lunana and send it to me in conversation plz

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(For those who are new (or just don't know these terms) this means I have permission to trade it to you but you don't have permission to trade it to anyone else if you get it from me)
Ezeltjeswag RNGd Shiny Surfchu (obtained)
31/2/30/31/31/31 (hidden power ice) timid
(info curtesy of Ezeltjeswag)
Ezeltjeswag's RNG abused shiny Surfchu
HP ice
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(NOTE: I can't clone so not everything is always available, and anything that is not caught/bred by me that is free-redis will be kept NFT since I can't clone and can't track down the origin of every free-redis mon I have received)
If you want something from this list I will find someone to clone it when I am able to (because these are free redis I encourage you to get them from someone else who already has it and is capable of cloning)
Pikachu50's shiny Malamar (this is available in my giveaway right now)
Premier ball
Level 100
Bold Suction Cups
Hyper Trained
Not EV trained (if you want a certain EV spread reset the EVs with berries and use pelago (yes it will take a long time but this is already level 100))
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Most Wanted Pokemon (in order from top priority to lowest priority)
(Shadow Pokemon and Pokemon from gen 6 and up can't come from emulators (Pokemon from gen 1-5 games can originate from an emulator))
UT snagged shadow Pokemon from both Colloseum and XD Gale of Darkness with proof of legitimacy (Must be full-redis or if you caught them yourself then semi-redis is acceptable (not Dragon and Drakeros shadow Pokemon since they don't allow theirs to be cloned, so if you have theirs and permission to trade them don't offer them to me as I don't want shadow Pokemon that can't be cloned))
Shiny ultra beasts (US exclusives are top priority)
Shiny partner cap Pikachu (all 9 language tags)
Shiny legendaries (US exclusive are top priority)
Thanks I will check and since you came here and offered I will respond here so it doesmt get confusing (and because your thread is a showcase)
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