Pikachu50's Pokéart (Not open to requests (no paper) but no insane/crazy ones)

What should I draw next?

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Would not let me upload this one and I don't know how to use hide tags
Currently taking requests for gen 1 Pokemon other than Mew Pikachu and already did 2 of them (note it is the Pokemon only)
Also if I don't have the colors or the color job is difficult it will be uncolored
PS feel free to download the uncolored Mew and use it as a coloring sheet
Just do not say you drew it (I worked hard on these(even if Pikachu and Mew used how to videos))
The Pokeball is 100 percent freehanded
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Everything will be hand drawn until I can get what I need for drawing digitally and get somewhat good at it
Let me know if you would like to use any of my art in your threads
EDIT I may draw something tomorrow to post and it may be outside of gen 1 as a special exception to my current gen 1 only rule since it is thanksgiving
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Actually not to good with curved lines so I am gonna do a different Pokemon sorry anyone looking forward to Koffing (maybe my mom can do one for you guys no promises though)
Reserved for what my mom draws (only Pokemon though)
Fluke I saw you liked the post about me possibly drawing a Koffing but I said I changed my mind so here's one my mom did
For those who wanted to see one she did a Koffing for me (she is gonna add the gas later)
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This is for Fluke
Done just by looking at it no following a video this time :) (don't have all the colors right now)
Added one more detail I forgot and did some more clean up
Same drawing
Did the version with the blue part on the bottom
Will color legs once I get a tan colored pencil as I am horrible pressing brown down lightly enough to get tan and don't want to ruin it
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No more requests right now okay guys
Just that I am taking a break and if I don't post this no telling how many requests I may possibly get (could be none could be a few(if I hadn't posted this I mean))
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Queen Of Puns
You requested some tips, so here I am.

Colored pencils are one of my favorite media, so first of all, never feel like you need to use expensive pencils like prismacolor. You don't need expensive anything to draw good or enjoy drawing.

The only speciality tools I recommend are a kneaded rubber eraser (a white eraser is the next best thing, most mechanical pencils come with one) and sketching paper. A lot of people starting out don't like the texture (tooth) that sketching paper can have, there are plenty that are smoother, just feel before you choose. Can you draw good on printer paper? Yes, it just shows erase marks clearly and the paper gets an impression from the pressure of the pencil which stays. Can see that in the legs you redrew of the kabuto. Also printer paper can have logos/recycle symbols on them which are more visible if you hold it up to the light.

There's already some improvement in what you've posted, so that's nice to see. I think you should start experimenting with color. Colored pencils are all about building up color. If you color too darkly the paper is going to be maxed out on how much more you can put on it. Start coloring lightly and then go over it until you get the darkness you want. Second big thing, try not to use colors straight off the pencil. If you don't have a giant selection of colors to choose from it can get boring. Don't use the green you're given. Make it with yellow and blue. Don't use the brown you're given, try combining red and green or red and yellow and blue. You'll get different color browns this way. Primary colors, white, and black rarely exist in nature.

There's different ways to color with colored pencils, you use different strokes for different effects. Usually I use a circular stroke, this prevents the color from being uneven and streaky. I'd find a tutorial, video or image, that uses this technique because I know that description is lacking. About the only time I don't use this technique is if I'm coloring long hair, and even then I start with a solid color base. You might see things mentioning the use of a blender for colored pencils, honestly don't worry about it, it's not important at your level and it's really a personal preference kind of thing.
My take on what Gardevoir should look like in cubed format
Sorry about the face but this is my first Cubed moon (but if people like it I may do more)
Fluke what do you think
Again like everything else a rough clean up job
Also everyone else is free to tell me what they think
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okay for some reason it's turning the work in progress 1 into an attachment so to see that you're going to have to click on the attachment at the bottom of the post
EDIT fixed it yay (I forgot a few parts of the code)
I think Pixelmon Gardevoir was a little challenging, because sometimes I have trouble drawing 3-dimensional objects (especially cubes)
But overall I think it was pretty rewarding (it makes a great lock screen lol)
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Colored pencils are one of my favorite media, so first of all, never feel like you need to use expensive pencils like prismacolor. You don't need expensive anything to draw good or enjoy drawing.
Personally I love Crayola colored pencils (they are cheap and the color they produce actually looks like the same color as the lead)
EDIT unlike some of the off brands where you have the lead one color but get something completely different when you use it
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My attempt to draw Gardevior by looking at it (no video (my Gardevoir done using a video is a lot better))
Well this isn't the default pose either (the one with the hanging arms) so I guess it is alright
My mom is painting it for me as I was afraid I would ruin it if I tried
We almost forgot a bit of green at the bottom lol
Finished Product
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