Tournaments Pioneer - RBY PU Tournament (won by chuva de perereca)

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Hi sorry I had some trouble remembering what login email was used for this account. If there’s still time could you let me know if sometime tomorrow works?
  • Matches will be played on Smogtours, using the following Challenge Command:
    • /challenge gen1nu @@@ -Mr. Mime, -Charizard, -Clefable, -Blastoise, -Poliwhirl, -Kabutops, -Nidoking, -Moltres, -Venomoth, -Golem, -Kingler, -Exeggcute, -Seadra, -Raticate, -Porygon, -Wigglytuff, -Ninetales
  • Matches will be Bo3, and Replays are REQUIRED
  • The deadline to complete these matches is November 20th, 2022, at 11:59 pm GMT-4. Extensions may be granted in rare cases, and in situations regarding inactive opponents or extensions, feel free to hit me up on Discord at pac#8314.

Round 1:

Amaranth vs Banbadoro
vs Jamesbarclay9
Hipmonlee vs Howlsome
vs wooper
Ice Yazu vs AmericanPi
kjdaas vs King Kandy 180
chuva de perereca vs Sificon
Koalacance vs London13
Ctown6 vs Tywaann
SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs Snak
phoopes vs Nhanttt
iKiQ vs DiannieRatson
vs mrextrazy
ClairDeLuna vs yimb
vs Ducky
Mister Tim vs 5Dots
Gangsta Spongebob vs CollectorEly
chub vs Lily
Mr.Bossaru vs ZeStinky
BigYellow vs fatBatman
BT89 vs Karmagisax
vs Domination_Nat
TehTayTeh vs i like ghetsis
Chloe vs Drud
Shaneghoul vs Latias
acluh1 vs MichaelderBeste2
Ema Skye vs nicole7735
vs Mom Lover
Kenny vs snaga
Ara vs DrMario64
Chermal vs SingleAye
Lady Writer
vs hollieday
lelelel420 vs Nichalho
Monai vs Sharay sisiyoguang
Nalorium vs Nael222
roxie vs Leru
McMeghan vs Vulpix03
vs Lialiabeast
dahli vs King Billu
BeatsBlack vs Mercupty
Paulluxx vs Gomure
I-Deepblue-I vs Mana
Toxin boost vs TrainerPla
MultiPokemon vs Pheo
y-roc? vs stunner047
Hayburner vs Lambovino
this post has been updated with wins and granted act wins. if your win/act post was missed, or you have any other dispute, please dm me on Discord (pac#8314). about 11 hours left for round 1.
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