Tournaments Pioneer - RBY PU Tournament (won by chuva de perereca)

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  • Matches will be played on Smogtours, using the following Challenge Command:
    • /challenge gen1nu @@@ -Mr. Mime, -Charizard, -Clefable, -Blastoise, -Poliwhirl, -Kabutops, -Nidoking, -Moltres, -Venomoth, -Golem, -Kingler, -Exeggcute, -Seadra, -Raticate, -Porygon, -Wigglytuff, -Ninetales
  • Please ensure that none of those above Pokemon are brought into a game, as they are not legal in the RBY PU tier. We must protect the sanctity of this very important meta.
  • Matches will be Bo3, and Replays are REQUIRED
  • The deadline to complete these matches is December 4th, 2022, at 11:59 pm GMT-4. Extensions may be granted in rare cases, and in situations regarding inactive opponents or extensions, feel free to hit me up on Discord at pac#8314. May be more lenient this week due to posting matchups late (sorry for that btw, wasn't feeling good at all yesterday)

Round 3:

marcoasd vs Howlsome
Ice Yazu
vs phoopes
Gastlies vs Mister Tim
Mr.Bossaru vs fatBatman
vs Shaneghoul
nicole7735 vs snaga
DrMario64 vs Lady Writer
vs royzin
Ctown6 vs BeatsBlack
Hayburner vs Mana
stunner047 vs Paulluxx
SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs Monai

Banbadoro vs chuva de perereca
vs London13
Sificon vs Sabelette
DiannieRatson vs BigYellow
vs Latias
ewisko vs Ema Skye
vs Kenny
BT89 vs Chermal
vs hollieday
Drud vs Nael222
MichaelderBeste2 vs Toxin boost
Nateboomer21 vs GoldenSaiiber
SingleAye vs Pheo
vs Lambovino
Vulpix03 vs y-roc?
kjdaas vs I-Deepblue-I
Gangsta Spongebob vs Lialiabeast
Jamesbarclay9 vs DAHLI
vs Nalorium
Koalacance vs Mercupty
Ducky vs ZeStinky
i like ghetsis vs Sharay sisiyoguang

King Kandy 180 vs MultiPokemon
AmericanPi vs acluh1
Snak vs Karmagisax
Mom Lover
vs Ara
King Billu vs TrainerPla
vs 5Dots
Lily vs Domination_Nat
vs Tywaann
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