Project Player Interview #11: Feliburn


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RU Leader

Art by Kalalokki

Favorite Pokemon: Sceptile

Most used Pokemon: Raikou

Most known for: - RU Council Member, top of the ladder, being retired, innovating CM Meloetta

As I was perilously walking on the icy sidewalks, I received a rather strange call from someone called “The Agent”.

Panicked, he was claiming that this random interviewer from a few months’ past was in terrible danger. When I asked some evidence, he sent me his last message received which only said “yo watch this play”, enough to leave me terrified and running at his help.

I finally found him at the top of a random ladder in Nicaragua, wearing only a pizza doused in wine. I tentatively asked if he was alright, to which he said “aight I’m dope” and started walking away.

Still worried, I hurried after him…

how are you today

Hey I'm fine, what about you?

I'm fine bop weird to be on this side for once
So most of the people reading will know you at least as the guy behind this project, but tell us more about yourself in general

Well I'm a 22 year old dude from Nicaragua, recently graduated college majoring in industrial engineering tho I'm not sure I wanna follow a standard office job just yet. Love listening to music 24/7 and I can't imagine a world without it, mainly love rock and rap but as years pass I've been getting into pop even, what can I say. Also a big smash fan, especially melee, probs the sickest game ever, also resident ladder tryhard apparently

Well I can't let that 24/7 thing go by without getting some recommendations for the fans

Recently I've just been vibing with Mac Miller, new album was really chill so it went with my emotional state at the time so try to check it out. If you want some nice rock try Hands like Houses and Nothing More, v underrated bands imo

nice nice, rip too
Melee was also fire for me too, got more money in that than mons ROFL
You say ladder tryhard offhandly, but it's true we see you near the top in both UU and RU so far, and probably NU too, what is your favourite part of that aspect of mons? We're a lot to roll our eyes at it but it's a pretty fundamental part of our experience right

Well ever since the end of ORAS I jokingly wanted to top the RU ladder, which I did for a short period of time, then last year I kinda lost motivation to play in tours but I wanted to stick around so I started laddering, and before I knew it I had around 5000 games, I guess I used it as a way to get comfy with teams because ladder sometimes puts you in situations where you really have to think outside the box. As for the current gen, I'm trying to become a tri main, being able to properly build in UU-RU-NU so for all of these, ladder has been a way to get used to the meta and try my teams. I understand where people come from when hating ladder but it's not always that bad, can be a nice way to kill time too

That almost sounds like we are gearing up for a Feli Slam

You bet it does

dope, will be interesting to follow
So does that mean you're generally positive with the new gen?

I guess in a way I am? I legitimate hate the little options the tiers have, but at the same time I appreciate the small pool of mons per tier because it made it easier for me to get into the tier, in previous gens there were so many mons per tier that it was hard to start properly building, especially because there were mons with like 5 different sets

Yeah I feel you, I think the gen hit more on move distributions than the number of mons, which makes me afraid about home rofl
I'd like to go back to this a bit later, but you mentioned a desire to officially branch out in other tiers, as obviously you're known by nearly everyone as an older head of the RU tier. How did you start here?

Ah that's a funny story, I used to be a tryhard at the tournaments room back in 2013, I think I was room driver there when the next thing happened: One of the Room Owners was a user named Scene, he was this smart dude who had RO in a bunch of rooms, including the RU one, at the time I saw scene as one of the coolest guys in the site and he saw me as a good staff member. One day one of my friends got room driver in RU, I joined that room for the first time ever to congratulate him and immediately left, 5 seconds later my friend PMs me saying to come back, when I rejoin I see scene saying I should be voice there and he had already given it to me, pretty cheap I know, but thanks to scene I got to know Ajna and the rest of the RU gang at the time, and they were incredibly chill helping me with fun teams for the BW ladder, that's how I started getting into RU.

ROFL I still see some of you guys speak highly of those days, kinda wild that it's been around seven years
So you've been around for every RU tier, kinda curious personally how you felt the transitions to new gens were since I missed a couple of those myself and if you had a favourite one or something

Every transition has been different, mainly because BW to ORAS I barely felt it due to my lack of actual tier sense, ORAS to SM was very weird cause the power creep was insane, and now SM to SS is just weird due to the dexit and lack of options. Also I personally will always love ORAS more than any other tier, no matter how cheesy noobs made it currently, it was the gen in which I clicked with the game and started making a name for myself, also I was probs at a better place personally due to how little responsibilities I had IRL so I could focus my free time into playing Ajna 24/7 and helping each other get to the point where we are rn

Speaking of Ajna, that man hella dipped ROFL but you're still around, being active on ladder and named on the RU Council (grats btw). I know you said you're taking a small step back due to upcoming changes, but what are you thoughts on RU as of now, going forward with home and maybe projecting onto expansions?

Hmmm well as of now RU is perhaps the lamest tier to build, because unlike other metas where innovation is appreciated, it's really hard to venture into other options because there are clear top pokemon that handle most threats in the tier, speaking mainly of Gigalith and Vileplume and it becomes really hard to diverse your builder when the options are so limited. I'm actually v hyped for home metas because I feel that Defog being available to other mons should somewhat fix the issue previously mentioned, and after that with the expansions metas should start feeling more refreshed due to the new additions to the already established metas, which to me seems like a very interesting scenario

And what about the playerbase? Who is catching your eye, whether they are a newer face or a more experimented player?

Well in terms of actual tier interest I gotta say my man Bebo, he has been tryahrding the ladder as much as me but I think he only built one team so yeah. Obviously everyone's eyes are on Odd after he won Open so I gotta say he has promise as well. New faces not so much, maybe the Dolla guy but at this point I'm just mentioning people who have been grinding the ladder rofl

Even with those names, we're talking about guys who could potentially make waves in either next Snake or SPL with no team tour experience. You've played in both these tours, what advice would you give them?

Try to take it easy, build what you like and don't let other ppl pressure you into using something ur not comfortable with. Idk how to make this an advice but try to have fun because getting nervous can completely delete every single piece of knowledge you have about this game, just treat it as it is, a fun game and you'll find more success with that mentality

ok but Togedemaru was really good

Hey I was mega on board with that team

Agree on the things, especially knowing what you like to use
speaking of what to use, any team to share with the fans? Can be from any gen that is fun

Hmm I already posted my good SS team in the meta thread and my favorite SM teams in the generations thread (rip btw only I replied ROFL) so let's do somethin different and post an ORAS team!

This team takes me back, the original idea behind this team was to make a heavy hitting bulky offense to muscle past the common defensive cores, obviously using one of the better balance breakers in SD Drapion, followed by a VoltTurn core in Band Flygon and Specs Rotom. Rhyperior and Slowking as the defensive backbone and Emboar as the scarfer. This team has been my most fun ORAS team to use even though it probably cant handle the common ORAS cheese going on. Don't be afraid to play Slowking offensively btw, it's a very sick wincon

Another bodied by Glalie classic
before I let you go though, couple of important questions
wtf is a feli

It's that one sick play in the back of your head that you KNOW will get the crowd pumped up but in reality has a 2% chance of actually working out

go to Starbucks order

Always a sucker for vanilla latte



if you had to play ONE tour, dpl, opl or evopl

DPL ofc, finals 3 times and one under my belt

Astrotias or Scooters

Astrotias as fuck

damn right

Any last words for my fans

Thanks for making it fun, I meme a lot but I really appreciate the community and how it accepts me, back in the day I was nervous of even sharing my thoughts in the RU room and seeing the change to how I am now really makes u appreciate the people more

wise words, as someone who shared that feeling at first I'll gladly echo it
thank you for your time!

thanks for taking the interviewer role!


Feel free to ask Feliburn any questions you want!

If you have any recommendations I'll be more than happy to read them, just PM me!

Next time on FeliInterviews...



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do you think im good at pokemon

can you send me a picture of your cute lil doggo

what would say was the cause for ur spl experience being so much worse than your snake experience

can you send me an invite to the starbucks cafe


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do you think im good at pokemon

can you send me a picture of your cute lil doggo

what would say was the cause for ur spl experience being so much worse than your snake experience

can you send me an invite to the starbucks cafe
1. hell yea dude, dont let anyone tell u otherwise


3. Probably having EviGaro as my partner, she supported me a lot and trusted me, whereas in SPL I was in a team full of ppl I didn't really know beforehand, tho I still like them

4. ur alrdy in apparently noob

has any girl ever said “ugh FELIBURN”?

what are somethings you want the expansions to bring back? or anything new they could bring?
1. knaii

2. Honestly, Mega Evolutions, I still find them to be such a fun mechanic to have, I love most of them, and I'm hoping they introduce maybe a couple of new ones just like they did with new shit like new regis, which we all thought were done as a concept.

Why are felibum sexi!??
UGH Feliburn


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damn missed my chance to ask the feli questions. what's ur favorite kind of subway sandwich


heavy heart
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what's kept you around the game (and ru specifically) for so long?

why do u name everything after yourself beli?

how do u play on the rarleyused pokemon showdown ladder and have fun?

who's ur fav dead user from 2013-2014 ru room days? mine is glory

why do u have 0 posts on ig?

what's ur best memory of mons after all these years?


is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Simulator Moderator Alumnus
what's kept you around the game (and ru specifically) for so long?

why do u name everything after yourself beli?

how do u play on the rarleyused pokemon showdown ladder and have fun?

who's ur fav dead user from 2013-2014 ru room days? mine is glory

why do u have 0 posts on ig?

what's ur best memory of mons after all these years?
1. Idk, mainly the community in ru, in general I think it's because I have fun playing from time to time but also that I have yet to win something noteworthy, which makes me strive to get better and actually bring some pixels home

2. Bro it started with Feliploud and it sorta escalated from there to the point where I giggle like an idiot irl when I'm like "yeah you mean felilando" or some bs like that ROFL, I do find myself innovating from time to time but I find it funnier to meme about it

3. When you stunt as much as me, even a random battle tour seems fun when you get a good read

4. Probs Leer or Capteon, those are real gs

5. Stop stalkin me bitch, when I get a good pic I'll post it

6. Hmmm idk, I really really like thinking about the old TRU days, when we all as a room would share teams and ladder for all the suspects going on so we could get TC badge or try to build teams or even have room tours for pride, those were really amazing times, it's crazy to think such a dumb gang of people would end up making such splash in the smogon community, like take ur salty ladder hero ass to the best of gen 7, or scarf uxie tr user lax to one of the best players on the site, love u all ppl

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