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omg hi
shsp how does it feel knowing you might never have to worry about a hi jump kick miss ever again?????
SM means ill never truly be free
what your spicy take about something about the 2024 US President election cycle?
blue alaska
do you have a favorite team tour memory?
LBN clinching for the rajas, that was one of the best moments I've had I think.
what's your prefered way to build teams? for example, do you build solo, with others, do you try to have a core you want to build around or are you focused on an opponent to opponent basis?
I tend to build better when I'm building with folks, bouncing ideas off of each other and all that. I'm also way better working at trying to exploit certain weaknesses opponent to opponent.
Would you wanna run it back for next CAPPL and have me and shnowshner go for the 1-0 streak again?
100% yes
What is your favorite Pokémon main game? Favorite side game?
Main game is tied between Plat, Black 2 and Violet actually (DLC pending). Side game is tough, maybe the second Ranger game? the moba player in me wants to say unite
As a UConn grad, do you watch March Madness? If so, do you root for UConn?
it's a holiday in my household, I've been filling out brackets since I was like 3 lol. And yeah, I root for them every year, and I get progressively more annoying as we go deeper (men or women).
:colossoil: Interview #11 - LBN :togekiss:
(not sure if this is the right song please let me know if it isn't)​
Tell us a bit about yourself outside of Smogon.
(LBN didn't answer this one)

What is the origin of your username?

Well, originally I went by a different variation of luna, but at the time I was starting to find it cringe, so I was looking for an alternative. Around that same time, my current ladder alt: Gooch Gobbler Luna, got nuked by PS Staff after 9 months of ladder dominance and thus came the idea of Luna’s Banned Now, LBN is just an abbreviation lmao

What got you into CAP?

Lasen actually dm’d me tellin me to sign up iirc, for SM CAP, and after messing around in the builder I realized it’s SM OU without any of the flaws of SM OU, but exchanging those flaws for Cawmodore existing, which I’ll take that trade. SM already has probably the highest reach of gimmick brings one can ask for, but provides lots of teambuilding patches like Equilibra, and Jumbao whenever I get annoyed with Psyspam or Magearna

What is your favorite CAP Pokemon?

While Smokomodo is close, Colossoil is easily the coolest, and I’d argue the most successful CAP there is. Considering the goal is creating a “Consistent OU Calibur Threat”, Colo has been solid at minimum for the best part of a decade, which I don’t think any other CAP has achieved to that level, aside from maybe Tomohawk but that mon has far less sauce than Colossoil does.

What is your favorite regular Pokemon?

While most people might think it’s Spheal, and don’t get me wrong it’s very close, the crown goes to Togekiss honestly. Togepi is the pokemon that got me into the series, and Togekiss is basically Togepi but actually usable, and has alot of gimmick sets to mess with. (I Will Be Loading Togekiss Next CAPPL)

What is your favorite CAP art submission that didn’t win?

Brambane’s submission in CAP 31, aka Globe. By far probably the goofiest design I’ve ever seen and I sincerely wish we could recycle designs for submissions because some of them deserve a 2nd try. Ay, if anybody would like to submit that as a concept, go right ahead that’d be amazing.

What is your favorite generation of CAP?

SM, no contest. SS looks cool but suffers from Tyranitar not having a mega stone.

What is your favorite CAP OM?

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never touched a single one of them so I can’t say. AAA would probably win though. (assuming that exists)

What would you say are your biggest contributions?

SM CAP VR submissions and my teamdump for CAP, assuming that winning CAPPL 6-2 record does not count as a contribution

What is your favorite part of the CAP process?

Honestly don’t really have one, if i had to choose, probably the buff process, seeing things are irreparably trash as Pyroak turn into something good (sometimes too good), is really cool to see

What is a lesson you learned from a recent CAP process/buff process?

Pixilate Espeed will never be fun lmao

What is your favorite moment from a CAP Tournament?

I don’t think it’s possible to answer anything besides winning CAPPL. I’ve genuinely never had another tournament come close to as fun as that one. Me, Baloor, Garrett, Lily, Fogbound SHSP was a jerk to dream of, the amount of fuckin around we did was out of this world and i’d love to team w any of them again. Other than that, beating SHSP with Bright Powder Smokomodo will always be a monthly motivation to play LMAO.

Thoughts on the current Gen 9 CAP metagame?

Truth be told, haven’t played since the very first tour where i was loading Breloom Specs Boomburst Noivern and made top 8, so I can’t really say.

If you could change one thing about the mechanics of Pokemon, what would it be?

Not really a competitive mechanic, since I imagine that’s been done into the dirt by now, but instead i’ll go with a graphical change between 2D and 3D pokemon in the same game. Because I find pixelart genuinely so much more expressive, the ability to play both 2D and 3D versions of the same game would be amazing. Battles would be effected too, give me 2D sprites for some of the Gen 6+ pokemon

Hopes for The Teal Mask/The Indigo Disk?

A Sticky Web Setter That Isn’t Masquerain (Vikavolt is coming YIPPEEE)

Can you share a team that you are proud of? probably when the drugs hit the hardest LMAO

Anything else you want to say to the viewers at home?

Play Touhou Puppet Master Dance Performance and watch Fate Zero

Thank you LBN, you can now ask your own questions!


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what's ur favorite mon to use in SM (OU or CAP idc)
similarly what do you find flawed about SM as a metagame?
do you have interest in picking up other cap generations?
finally what's your favorite set you've ever made and why?
72 hour warning!

Also I am replacing the following question:

"Hopes for The Teal Mask/The Indigo Disk?"


"Hopes for The Indigo Disk?"

By the time the next Player of the Fortnight answers the questions, we'll likely know pretty much everything about The Teal Mask.
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