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I request the hungry boy. (Munchlax)
- Declining. We have decided to let someone with more expertise on Munchlax write it. - DC
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If you have a pre-analysis that is CURRENTLY in QC and is ALSO ON THE FIRST SLATE you have priority when reserving it here unless it is Top Priority. That means Take Azelfie for Pawn, Joltage for Scraggy, Yami for G-Ponyta, and Mordecai & Rigby for Wingull. You have 72 hours to reserve these if you want them.

Otherwise, your pre-analysis will be moved to the outdated section. Thank you for being willing to write them, and we are sorry that we couldn't get everything through the QC stage in time.

This thread is now open.
I would like to reserve axew if it is possible
- Axew is not viable in LC and will not be getting an analysis - DC
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Slate 5! This slate is gonna feature a lot more single set write-ups + minis.

Archen - Reserved by zeroouttathere

Set Write-ups
Grassy Seed Grookey - Reserved by Lasen
Special Focus Sash Diglett - Reserved by TheShoddyStrawman
Lead Weak Armor Dwebble (Will be replacing SturdyJuice Lead) - Reserved by uhBella

Pancham - Reserved by Peachy07
Morelull - Reserved by Aurora
Golett - Reserved by Drifting
Trubbish - Reserved by BT89
Drilbur - Reserved by Shandeur
Snover - Reserved by carti
For minis, use the template provided on the previous slate.

I might release some more for reservation if I find something that needs a write-up. Feel free to reach out to the QC team if you need help with sets / EVs / general questions!
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- Approved - DC
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