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Welcome to the SwSh LC C&C index! This is where to start if you are looking to write an LC analysis. Consider reading through the below even if you have written analyses for other tiers, as our process may be slightly different.

This generation, due to Pokemon being released through DLC and other concerns, we will be releasing Pokemon for reservation in "slates". Each "slate" will consist of a set of Pokemon of varying viability. Slates will be sorted into "Top Priority," "High Priority," "Mid Priority," and "Low Priority." Top Priority analyses can only be reserved by QC members. High Priority analyses can only be reserved by QC members and those who have earned a badge for LC-related work. Mid Priority analyses can be reserved by those who have written a full LC analysis before (this does not include pseudos or minis). Low Priority analyses can be reserved by anybody. Up to 2 analyses may be reserved at a time.

You can see the current slate in the post below.

Please read through the C&C process carefully, as it is slightly different from last gen.

The LC C&C Process

Please read carefully if this is your first time writing an LC analysis. If you are unsure about any part of the process, feel free to ask in this thread or use other analysis threads in the subforum as examples.

1. Reserve an analysis in this thread, and wait for your reservation to be approved.

Post which Pokemon you would like to reserve in this thread, if it is available to be reserved. A list of Pokemon available to be reserved can be found in the post directly below. Analyses for Pokemon not on the list below are not available for reservation for the time being. If your Pokemon is viable, it will likely be included in a subsequent slate.

One of the LC C&C moderators (Nineage or Merritt) will approve or reject them and explain why if the analysis was rejected.

2. If your reservation is approved, post a skeleton of the analysis within 72 hours of the approval post.

If your reservation is approved, you may post a thread for the analysis in this subforum. The thread status should be WIP.

A skeleton is a properly formatted set with some bullet points describing the set. The descriptions should NOT be in paragraph form yet, as it is easier for the QC team to view the exact points you are trying to make when they are listed in bullet form. Please make sure your analysis is properly formatted at this point to avoid a hassle later on. Follow the formatting carefully - some of it is necessary to ensure that the analysis uploads properly.


Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams. See this thread for more tips.

name: SET NAME
move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:


Describe what the moves on the set do.

Set Details

Describe the other aspects of the set such as what the EVs do and nature/item.

Usage Tips

Describe how to use the Pokemon in question.

Team Options

Describe some teammates that would be a good idea to pair with this Pokemon.

Other Options

List some options for the Pokemon user that are plausible but not always recommended due to either being not consistent enough or too outclassed by other Pokemon in the metagame.

Checks and Counters

**Insert Threat Here**: Describe why the Pokemon is a threat.

**Insert Threat Here**: Describe why the Pokemon is a threat.

- Written by: [[, ]]
- Quality checked by: [[, ], [, ], [, ]]
- Grammar checked by: [[, ], [, ]]

The skeleton does not have to be a complete analysis at this point. If no thread whatsoever is posted within 72 hours, other users will be allowed to reserve the analysis for this Pokemon.

In addition, getting your skeleton to the point where you are ready to accept QC checks should not take more than a week. If you spend too long on this stage, you risk your analysis being reassigned.

3. After you think your analysis has all of the important points mentioned, change the thread status to QC (Quality Control) and implement the first two QC checks that the QC team posts in your thread.

Make sure to mention the number of QC checks you have implemented so far in your thread title.

Implement the QC checks carefully and fully, as they are needed to ensure the quality of the analysis. If you do not properly implement a large portion of a QC check without reason, you may be deemed too difficult to work with and barred from writing LC analyses in the future. However, feel free to ask if you are unsure of any of the suggestions that the QC team gives, as it is important that you are clear on why you are making the suggested changes.

At least one of your QC checks must come from a member of the Senior QC team. Please see the list of Senior QC members below.

The QC team reserves the right to reject analyses due to poor quality. If an analysis receives two rejections, the thread is closed and the analysis is added back to the reservation list. The author of the rejected analysis will be barred from writing LC analyses for one month.

Senior QC
Corporal Levi
Merritt (Moderator)

San Tomas
DC (Moderator)

Implementing a QC check should not take more than a few minutes to an hour, depending on how much of the analysis had to be fixed. If you leave a QC check unimplemented for too long, you risk having your analysis reassigned.

4. Once you have received and implemented two QC checks, write the analysis up and implement the third QC check.

Before this point, your analysis should still be in point form. Now it is time to put it in paragraph form. This should be a relatively straight-forward process, as the points you are making should remain the same.

After you have finished writing the analysis up, you can ask for and implement a third QC check.

5. After you have implemented all three QC checks, change the thread status to GP and implement the GP checks that are posted in your thread.

Implementing amateur GP checks is optional, but you should fully implement the actual GP checks. Similarly to the QC checks, make sure to mention the number of GP checks you have implemented so far in your thread title.

Once you have implemented the GP checks, you're finished! That's all there is to writing an analysis.
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Slate #1
Top Priority
Munchlax (reserved by Corporal Levi)
Vullaby (reserved by KSG)

High Priority
Diglett (reserved by Alan)
Onix (reserved by Stoward)

Mid Priority
Pawniard (reserved by Splash)
Farfetch'd-G (reserved by Gummy)
Wingull (reserved by Expulso)
Shellder (reserved by crusty)
Drilbur (reserved by Seo.)
Ponyta-Galar (reserved by Yami)

Low Priority
Krabby (reserved by Dreamcatcher)
Chinchou (reserved by Splash)
Scraggy (reserved by EnzoLapras)

Slate #2
Top Priority

High Priority
Onix (reserved by KSG)
Ponyta (regular) (reserved by Max Carvalho)
Corphish (reserved by Yami)
Timburr (reserved by EnzoLapras)

Mid Priority
Farfetch'd-Galar (reserved by Stoward)
Ferroseed (reserved by Yami)
Frillish (reserved by EnzoLapras)
Oddish (reserved by Alan)
Spritzee (reserved by Splash)

Low Priority
Dwebble (reserved by Kipkluif)
Koffing (reserved by Gravelmouse)
Wynaut (reserved by Dreamcatcher)

Slate #3
Top Priority

High Priority
Mareanie (reserved by Stoward)
Trapinch (reserved by Fiend)
Bulbasaur (reserved by Fiend)

Mid Priority
Mudbray (reserved by ForgottenOnes)
Dewpider (reserved by Dreamcatcher)
Shellos (reserved by KSG)
Spritzee (reserved by ForgottenOnes)

Low Priority
Drilbur (reserved by ImperialGamer517)
Meowth (reserved by Mordecai & Rigby)
Natu (reserved by Roldski32)

Slate #4
Top Priority

High Priority

Mid Priority

Low Priority

Current Slate [#5]
Top Priority

High Priority

Mid Priority

Low Priority
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If you have a pre-analysis that is CURRENTLY in QC and is ALSO ON THE FIRST SLATE you have priority when reserving it here unless it is Top Priority. That means Take Azelfie for Pawn, Joltage for Scraggy, Yami for G-Ponyta, and Mordecai & Rigby for Wingull. You have 72 hours to reserve these if you want them.

Otherwise, your pre-analysis will be moved to the outdated section. Thank you for being willing to write them, and we are sorry that we couldn't get everything through the QC stage in time.

This thread is now open.
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I think i'm going to drop my pre-analysis on Chinchou. Can I reserved Trapinch full analysis?

You can drop chou but I'm denying this because Trapinch is not available in this slate. Please see the second post for your options.--9

Edit: Ah, ok. guess i should wait until its available, then
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May I take Wingull?

Denied. I see no record of you having written an LC analysis, so you arent eligible to reserve a mid priority pokemon. Please feel free to reserve something low priority.
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I have an axew analysis I tried writing before the pre analyseses were done.
(What im saying is: May I have Axew?)

Denied. Please read the above post regarding this. Feel free to reserve something from the list and when axew is eventually reservable, take it. --9
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May I reserve Wingull?

I have written a full LC analysis before (for Magby a few gens ago, I remember -- possibly a few others).

Approved --9
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Can I write Pawniard or Diglett?

edit; nvm saw pawn got reserved a few above, so just diglett then

go for dig - Merritt
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