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It's all coming back to me now
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Giving my thoughts.

O.k so I got an inspector ish role which was ok, so I decided to sorta appear to be inactive or something whiler spamming my ability. This didn't really work when fucking IPL randomly PMed me on irc telling my alias which really pissed me off. I didn't claim fully to DLE or Rare because I didn't trust them. I just gave them assorted information about my role, and DLE jumped to the conclusion I was neutral or something and seeing as I didn't trust him at that stage, I just didn't disagree. I think other people thought I was neutral as I think billy bothered me a bit but whatever. I claimed to LN (because at that stage I was out of the loop and we had just been moled with no one stepping up) then realised my mistake when I chatted to Crux. I told LN I was sane tho so maybe thats why I didn't die, idk. After that I picked up targets from Crux, and stopped joining the main irc channel to give the impression that I was idling, (which was fine cos I could contact Crux in #ocn) and in order to give the village as much info as I could. I got disinterested later in the game when apparently crux said he had all the information he needed, so I felt pretty redundant. And then I died a few nights after that.

I felt out of the loop pretty much for the entire game so thanks for the postgame, allows me to understand what went on lol.

IDK why I lived so long, I guess there were bigger targets or something.

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