Programming Pokémon iOS App with Showdown Team Builder & Damage Calculator

Hello friends :) I've been developing a passion project of mine for the past couple of weeks and it's finally in a form I'm ready to share.

It's simply a(nother) pokédex application for iOS that has a built in team builder that supports importing and exporting full team backups, individual teams, and individual pokemon, as well as a damage calculator (that I'm not sure currently is 100% accurate, hence the beta testing needed) for simulating potential damage of attacks given specific conditions...

Anyways, I was hoping to get some interested parties to try it out and give some feedback on the features :)

I've included some screenshots to give a feel for the app.



edit: I hope to continue adding a few more things, in particular a team analyzer, team configuration suggestions (i.e. which pokemon to use to fill out a team), and more detailed team stats.


I also want to add that I'll be open sourcing this project soon, and will be absolutely welcoming input and such :) The app works entirely offline (including sprites) except for pokemon cries, and is based originally off of pokeAPI's resources (although they have been heavily modified) and am therefore currently missing some information about Gen8 stuff, mostly which moves go to which pokemon, but all of the crucial data is present (I think). I'm using a RealmIO internal database to store all info.

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