Pokemon-Amie Thread

What is your opinion on Pokemon-Amie?


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  • Very cute and helps with the Pokemon name. I like it a lot!

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  • I guess it is cute. I'm a bit indifferent, though.

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  • Meh...HeartGold and SoulSilver did better.

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  • I don't have a definitive opinion yet.

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It's nice to know I am not alone then. I have hit the big yarn ball in the past and I am trying to figure out how the hell that is possible. Sure, it's more beneficial to just work on unlimited (love how I can do the streaks without worrying about that giant ball), but it still gets under my skin with a curiosity I have that is going unanswered.
hmm I think my problem was i was clicking to early. If you wait until the big giant yarn covers your pokemon and then click, it works better, but if you click right as the yarn touches the pokemons head, then youre likely to miss
I was able to get the title "Unbelievable Header Master" w/ Five stars on Hard mode because I finally learned to wait on the big yarn :P
I don't know I found more useful and easy done +800 points on unlimited, the trick is start "the fever" before the pokemon cicle ( 1 ->2->3-> 1) My record right now are 950.
Yeee!!! Skitty is so freaking adorable on Pokemon amie!!! But have you ever tried petting a Chesnaught? Those things have no spot that makes them really happy. But I swear, Yvetal is such a happy birdy.
Been playing with my competitive team of Gastrodon(M)/Pinsir(F)/Noivern(M)/Excadrill(M)/Tyranitar(F)/Tyrantrum(M).

Gastrodon: Already said in a previous post.

Pinsir: Likes being petted at the base of her pincers but not on the tip of them. Weird. Also, does a little dance when happy that's kinda cute, for a giant monstrous stag beetle. The mouth still unnerves me, spiky orifice...

Noivern: Kinda cool to see it standing on the ground instead of flying. Favorite spot to be petted is the inside of its ears, which now that I think of it is a bit icky.

Excadrill: Likes being petted on its nose, which is hilarious. Does a weird headbob when happy.

Tyranitar: Huge. Likes being petted at the very tip of its head spike, which is hard to touch actually. Up close, when it closes its eyes it really looks like it has eyelashes lol.

Tyrantrum: SHINY TYRANTRUM. He's my bro. Likes being petted on its "crown," and looks almost puppy-ish when petted there. I wish I could pet this guy IRL lol.
I play with my mons in amie all the time. Might try a terrible video later.

Mawile: Adorable as all hell. It's good spot is somewhat on its nose. She does a little swaying motion when happy. If her hunger and enjoyment are full, she'll fall asleep and the app quits.

Gardevoir/Gallade: I forget where their hotspots are, but they act extremely classy. They both bow when they're happy

Umbreon: Looks pissed off ALL THE TIME. If you pet the rings on his ears, he gives you a look that's like "If you don't stop that, I'll freaking murder you". His good spot is the ring on his head.

Jolteon: Her good spot is the very top of her collar. Does a happy little barking thing that makes two sounds. Also sits like a a dog when idle. I think she's the only one of the eevees to do this.

Milotic: Doesn't like being petted on the eyebrows but loves being petted on the head. She's also kinda big. She does a kind of swooning thing when she's happy.

Meloetta: Doesn't like it when you touch her "headphones". In fact, she looks really angry when you do that. However, she loves when you touch the gem on her forehead. She floats and makes a ^_^ face when she's happy


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Tried playing with my Empoleon (good Arceus, breeding that thing was a pain in the ass) this morning. Like Mewtwo, Lucario, and several others, he kept composure and didn't show any more than mild satisfaction. I honestly want Pokebank to not be delayed for too long since I want to see how adorable my Latias, Cinccino, Honchkrow, and Mismagius can be.


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Is it me, or is Scizor incredibly awkward to pet in Aime? I suppose it also counts as one of those Pokes that don't show much emotion but...damn, it like, barely even moves. @_@
I love how Mawile sways around when she's happy, it's just freakin' adorable

Also, I like how Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja is all chill, like as if he doesn't mind being petted and fed n' all that~~
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Porygon/Porygon2 are really weird to play with. At least Porygon is. When it looks happy it looks like it's glaring at you. And neither of them like being touched at the feet area, they do a little back pedal and shake their heads like "whoa man, bad touch."

I should try and see what PorygonZ is like...


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Is it me, or is Scizor incredibly awkward to pet in Aime? I suppose it also counts as one of those Pokes that don't show much emotion but...damn, it like, barely even moves. @_@
It does make a really adorable face when it asks you to make a huge smile in the face-matching game. But yeah, other than that, it just kinda shrugs nonchalantly in response to everything else.
For more casual discussion stuff, has anyone noticed that the Pokémon will play with your cursor? Hold the stylus on screen, but not on the Pokémon. It should change to a finger icon. Certain Pokémon (not all of them) will swipe at it as it goes around the screen. And if they hit it, it increases their enjoyment by a small amount.
That is so cyooot
If I had the capability, I'd show you all the amazingly cuteness that is PorygonZ.

The way it spazzes out when happy, or when eating, or when sleeping... It's basically Seizure: The Pokemon.

If I didn't have Serperior, X/Y would have easily made PorygonZ my favorite mon.

Oh and its battle/faint animations are fantastic, but that's another story.
I got my Lunatone to 5 hearts affection. The noise it made when it was happy was kinda cute. I can't wait to get a Mew and play with it.


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Played with the whole Cyndaquil line in Amie. Cyndaquil was cute, but petting it looked weird, Quilava was a bit tricky to pet, but Typhlosion was just plain adorable. He likes being pet in the upper chest area and the weasel enjoys every single Poke Puff and scratch.
Here, I can add some more:

Lucario: Keeps his composure regardless of eating or petting. Likes having his head touched, but not the chest spike(duh). Will attempt to slap, or should I say, backhand(ouch) your hand.

T-tar: Yawns when eating/petting. Does not like having his tummy rubbed, but his head spikes are a different story.

Mawile: Loves being rubbed right between the eyes, but not those little strips on the side of her head. Will attempt to slap your hand. Mine does a little happy dance if left alone sometimes.

Giratina: Now, I don't actually have one in this, but I've seen some gifs of it happy and eating. Gira-A attempts to do some sort of happy dance using the top half of its body. I forgot what Gira-O does when happy, but what I can say is that Gira-O eats pokepuffs in 1 bite.(NOM)
I'll post what I found out about a few Pokemon:
Piplup: It likes being pet anywhere except for it's scarf thing around its neck. It's favorite petting spot is the very top of its head, I think.
Torchic: It loves to be pet on the feathery spot on its chest. It doesn't like it if you pet the feather on its head.
Porygon: It likes to be pet on its head and chest. I haven't really tried it, but I'm pretty sure it dislikes being pet on the feet.


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Well, it looks like having high hearts is backfiring on me in regards to one of my mons. My Gliscor, Shaula, keeps expelling the poison to make her ability work rather frequent in the middle of battle while training my mons up. Sure, she gets re-poisoned, but it ends up meaning she doesn't heal that turn.

Glad Amie's effects doesn't take effect in Player battles or else I'd immediately rebreed my Gliscor. Is it possible to lower the heart scale?
After another humiliating loss in the Maison, I decided to see what Froslass looks like in Amie.
-Her happy animation is so cute! She just closes her eyes and smiles and sort of floats around.
-Attempting to pet the crystals on her head will freeze your hand. Doesn't like being petted on the hands; favourite spot is the diamond on her head, I think.
-When she eats a Pokepuff she brings her hands up to it and slowly chews it- her mouth is really tiny and it's so cute!

Also, apparently Liz does not like it when I pet Amy. (Context: I use MKangaskhan in the Maison, nicknamed Liz and Amy.)

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