Quality Control Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 In-Game Tiers


Where the "intelligence" of TRAINERS is put to the test!
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Just some thoughts I had:

  • The typing section says that there aren't any Electric-type trainers to worry about, but surely Elesa is a thing? Elesa could probably be mentioned in Major Battles too I guess.
  • Minor nitpick: in Additional Comments, I would change "the other abilities" to "Thick Fat" just because it's the only alternative in this context.
  • I wonder if its poor Speed needs to be emphasized a little more? It's briefly mentioned in Stats but I would think it might be a problem late game when it has to take hits frequently and requires healing. The game does provide numerous heals though so it seems to be a minor problem.
  • Apparently there's a hidden Thunder Stone near the Pokemon Centre in Nimbasa City. Not sure what the normal strategy is for Jolteon in B2W2 but that might warrant a mention.
  • Needs to mention Volt Switch by Elesa's TM in movepool - it seems to be its only special STAB for quite a while. Thunder Wave TM can also be purchased in Nimbasa City Mart, allowing it much earlier access to the move.

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