pokemon emerald in-game team

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so i am playing through emerald and my friend is to, once we finish we are gonna battle.since i don't want to lose i want you guys' opinions.
first off i chose torchic as my starter since i am not a treekco fan and i have another water type in mind.second is ralts, i personaly like this one but if you guys think i should change it to something else i will listen.third i am thinking slaking since it has high power and i think my friend won't know how to counter it.fourth is skarmory since it is pretty durable and good attack.fifth is magneton since it is one of my all time favorites and it is very powerful.finally is feebas since it is a good water type and i am okay with the effort involved in getting one.
thats it thank you for any constuctive critism you may have.
also neither of us are to use legendaries if that helps at all.


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the team you post is must be a complete team of six; in-game or online. please read the rmt rules before posting.
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