Pokemon Fire Red Omega In-Game Discussion/Tiering

Well I started up a run earlier tonight and so far I'm at the SS. Anne with a party of three; Magmar, Grovyle and Whiscash.

Rival has been a chump so far, Magby+Barboach rolled him both times we fought. Brock went down pretty easily between Treecko and Barboach, Barboach's Water Gun as taking most everything out though Vulpix's confusion and sleep was a pain. Misty was as tough as advertised though proper item planning left her relatively easy. Barboach took out the weaker Water types on Misty's team before going down to Seadra. Magmar actually did work when Togetic switched in on Barboach, 2HKOing it with Thunderpunch. Grovyle was naturally the champ, taking out Seadra with a sliver of health, avoiding too much hax from Luvdisc and winning the hax war of attrition against Starmie.

I'm presently on a heading for my SS. Anne rival battle and Lt. Surge to follow, hoping the difficulty ramps up as so far its been pretty easy. Surprisingly I'm very high levelled, 30 Whiscash, 29 Grovyle and 27 Magmar, despite having grinded only at the beginning of the game, which likely contributes to the ease of difficulty so far.

Very fun play through atm.
Is Manectric any useful on this hack? I just caught a Modest Electrike and swept Misty (with a bit of hax, though), and I'm honestly thinking of replacing with Pikachu, but idk.
Don't give your Rival Smoochum for the love of god. That thing hits like a truck and is super fast. You have Elekid, but that's little consolation for the amount of pain this thing brings to you.
Don't give your Rival Smoochum for the love of god. That thing hits like a truck and is super fast. You have Elekid, but that's little consolation for the amount of pain this thing brings to you.
Smoochum's not that bad. Houndour is available in Viridian and shits all over Smoochum, and if you missed it you can always catch Lunatone, which works fine too.

EDIT2: Beaten Misty.
She's completely cheesed by Electabuzz who 2HKOs everything. Then again, I think I overgrinded so :/
Tier - Top
Calm Mind Raikou is such a fucking monster-- it's what RB Zapdos wishes it could have been in terms of brokenness. (Then again, on my 3rd Kou I found a Modest one with 15 / 9 / 17 / 31 / 26 / 24 IVs...)
Going into the Elite Four at level 61, Raikou knows Calm Mind / Thunderbolt / Crunch / Extrasensory, which means he has the ability to set up and coverage to sweep practically all the of the Pokemon League members. +1 Kou takes ~20% from Lorelei's Dewgong's STAB attacks, so it's basically helpless to stop Kou w/ leftovers from getting to +3/+3, (at which point it one shots everything). While Kou would have trouble setting up as easily on later members (noteably Bruno), there are still ample opportunities to boost and sweep-- to the point where you're almost trying not to use Raikou in a given battle because it makes things too easy to cheese. Your rival's Meganium, Ampharos and Walrein for instance are helpless to stop Kou from setting up. Raikou basically cheeses the whole end game.
I just think the funniest part of the OMEGA is even with all the changes, they still refuse to give Gyarados FLY.

I used to send out Gyarados on Blue's Magmar to intimidate it, then switch to Swampert prediciting the ThunderPunch. After Intimidate, Swampert can handle his Cross Chops much easier.
- Ralts now begins with Confusion and learns Growl at Level 6.
- Ralts has had +10 added to each of its base stats.
- Kirlia has had +20 added to each of its base stats.
- Kirlia now learns Magical Leaf at Level 24 and Psychic at Level 27.
- Gardevoir now learns Magical Leaf at Level 1 and Ice Punch at Level 30
- Gardevoir no longer learns Future Sight, but now learns Wish at Level 42.

Does this mean that Gardevoir have +20 stats all ?
Psychic / Ice Punch / Magical Leaf / Thunderbolt or Calm Mind or Wish could be a good moveset ... Especially if boosted stats
No, Gardevoir keeps its base stats.

Kirlia gets Magical Leaf from level up now instead of move relearner, and Future Sight was crap anyway, Wish is a much better improvement.

EDIT: At Erika now, with a team of 32 Dodrio / 32 Electabuzz / 30 Houndoom / 30 Starmie. Dodrio is a really good physical attacker, probably as good as DPP Staraptor (just without the ability to nuke rocks with CC). Tri Attack at L21 decimates everything, it's not even funny. Houndoom is pretty much a must as the best Jynx counter in existence. Starmie is alright: Evolve at L28 for Bubblebeam, dump TM29, it's pretty generic for a special attacker, but hey anything works. Electabuzz is the best starter imo: learns all the elemental punches, can boltbeam, and still has room for other things like Karate Chop/Cross Chop, Psychic and Fire Punch. Learns every single one of them by level too.

p.s. treecko is a scrub who is shit against brock, fucking 2hko'd by rock tomb
use sunflora plz

edit2: Beaten Erika

Turn 1: X Attack Dodrio
Turn 2-7: Dodrio OHKOs everything with +1 Fly

dodrio plz
Update: Beaten Koga with a team of 40 Alakazam / 39 Starmie / 38 Electabuzz / 38 Houndoom / 38 Dodrio / 40 Snorlax

His team is actually made into a complete joke by Alakazam, where the only real threat is Crobat: everything else can be 1-2HKO'd by Psychic, it's not even funny. Forretress dies to Fire Punch. Snorlax can tank Shadow Balls all day long, derp with Body Slam or something until Crobat gets paralysed, then kill off Lax and beat him with Alakazam or Starmie.

Pretty much convinced that Zam is near-top, again the only hard part is Abra (wild Kadabras not available until Victory Road, fml), and you can't get Confusion without move relearner, so you need to baby Kadabra until Psybeam as well. Turns into a nuke after that though.
Fuck Koga, man. I have Jynx, Swampert, Blaziken, Victreebel, Dodrio and Ampharos and his fucking Crobat just keeps sweeping me.

Dodrio is definetely top-tier imo, that shit is strong.
I finally get Tyranitar, but I won't recommend it ... Sucks too much XP without the traded one (you can trade Dratini from Celadon Game Corner or from xxxx ... Dont know).

I was stupid, I didn't find the Lucky Egg before Blaine ... Dumb one !
Where is the trade for larvitar/pupitar?

edit: nvm, found it. BTW, Dratini are catchable in Vermillion using the Good Rod. They are FEISTY though-- as Shed Skin heals any status, and they have a very low catch rate. I tried catch one once, and it trained me 20 pokeballs before I got it O.o
Meanwhile, I defeat Sabrina and Blaine.

Honestly, was it even surprising considering I have Houndoom and Starmie

Actually Houndoom struggled a bit, while BG Faint Attack was strong enough to 2HKO everything even when 5 levels lower Houndoom is outsped by everything who basically just calm minded in his face. I think I had to PP stall Gengar out of Ice Punch for this -.-"

Surprisingly enough, Blaziken survived Starmie's Surf and KO'd back with ThunderPunch, so I had to send in Electabuzz as backup. The Houndoom vs. Ninetales stalemate was hilarious though, before Blaine finally got the idea to switch to Solrock.

Got a L56 Camerupt while I was in Mt. Blaze (you have to do Ruby/Sapphire quest now instead of like lostelle? idk), one trade + rare candy later and I now own a L57 Salamence. Dodrio finally takes the bench (because it seriously lagged towards the end :/) but he contributed quite a fair bit to the midgame as a solid physical attacker.

AFAIK, Elekid is the best starter. Best movepool (gets all the punches, Cross Chop, Psychic, Volt Tackle > Overheat/Psycho Boost imo), opponent gets a crappy starter (Smoochum can be checkmated by Houndour as early as the first Route 22 battle), and your only problem is say, Earthquake abusers (you'll need water types or surf abusers for this).
^Dude, do you mean Mt. Ember? And if so, where did you find Camerupt? I haven't seen any lvl 56 Pokemon, and certainly no camerupt :(

I restarted with elekid and now am harvesting staryu/shelder to find a good staryu and hopefully a water stone (I'm giving Staryu another chance now that I know about the TMs).
best so far: 0-19 / x / 0-9 / 20-31 / 0-9 / 10-29 Timid / Natural Cure :D

lots and lots of $$ from pearls/stardust

Plan to go:
Elekid + Houndour (need more pokeballs to catch this, hence the $$) + Staryu + Grass type=>
Electabuzz + Houndour + Starmie + Traded Larvitar (ground type 1) =>
Electabuzz + Houndoom + Starmie + Tyranitar (lose Ground type) + Flygon :D
6th Poke will probably be Salamence or Zapdos-- might even ditch Houndoom for Salamence and add Zapdos.
yeah you can find level 58 numel in Mt Ember after Team Rocket's grunt goes in ... Can help against Salamence ... And god the no third islands in Sevii have VERY HIGH levels ... My team is around 65 and I just beat a level 60 Goldbat ... When I'll restart the game, I will use less pokemon in early game, and just caugth this goddamn good pokemon.

Should I start Victory Road / Elite 4 before attacking the no-third Sevii Islands ?
^Dude, do you mean Mt. Ember? And if so, where did you find Camerupt? I haven't seen any lvl 56 Pokemon, and certainly no camerupt :(
yeah derp Mt. Ember, I played too much PMD >_________>"

The cave where you get Ruby in the original FRLG is opened up in the initial visit to sevii islands and inside is home to a bunch of lv50+ pokemon. Including Camerupt. Catch Numel/Camerupt, evolve if necessary, do trade, rare candy, profit! You can even teach it the TM35 it comes with.
The cave is not there now-- it's only in the initial visit?

Also you can get to the other islands before the E4? I haven't even figured out how to get to them actually (Derp)
Just get the Ruby, give it to Celio, and you will have the pass for all the seven islands

The cave is here, just after you save the daughter from Hypno, right after the battle against two TR grunts I guess
At the end of Outcast Island, you can refight a trainer with 6 Blissey lvl 99 and rare candy attached
And you can find Ho Oh ... Deoxys ... (and I guess Lugia)
Ho oH is level 90, and you probably need your Master Ball for someone else ... So I guess you need to be strong xD

But now that I know that Blissey things (too bad Special Sweeper don't destroy Blissey ...)


Look at my shiny CT!
Chapter 1 of my Fire Red Omega Nuzlocke!
Sorry no pics, this will be a text update.
I will have a (mostly) common theme in the naming of my mons: They will be named after fellow ASBers.

I got my starter from Oak, a Smoochum named Deck, since "Deck Knight" doesn't fit and DeckKnight =/= Deck Knight.

Beat Omega (the rival) and his Magby with some difficulty, but I prevailed in the end. I didn't even use my Potion :D.

Delivered the parcel to Oak and got the Pokedex. Also got Pokeballs, one of which is used to catch Deux the Doduo (sorry breaking from the naming theme pleasedon'thurtme)

In the patch of grass in Viridian City I find A SHINY RALTS! I catch that thing and name it Gem. Caught Matezoide the Sentret at Route 22. I then proceeded to encounter another shiny - a Mankey. Had to kill it, because:


After that I grinded a bit before taking a break and typing this up :P

Current team:

Deck (Knight) Lv. 7 (F)
Docile nature
- Pound
- Growl
- Powder Snow

Deux Lv.7 (M)
Timid nature
Run Away
- Peck
- Growl

Gem (OfTheDay) Lv. 7 (F)
Mild nature
- Confusion
- Growl

Matezoide Lv. 6 (M)
Timid nature
Keen Eye
- Scratch
- Defense Curl

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