NOC Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Mafia - Explorers - Game Thread (Game Over!)

The homesite that charlie and I played at really didn't really have anything like this so it was harder for me to get used to a setting like that, we're usually used to stable lynches without deadline panic.
Gonna elaborate on this bit before getting out a larger role-based postgame at some point.

On SF we required hammer to lynch in basically every game, and the 2 NLs = universal loss rule was a holdover from that - if players don't care enough to hammer the game should probably just end, etc.

I kept it because of a specific interaction with JALMONT and Clouds/Shane being able to no lynch and gain Cop/Track/Watch results and vig shots maybe more reliably than I'd like without really "giving anything up". I probably would rework it to "the mafia gets an extra nightkill after the second no lynch" instead if I ran it again because potentially holding the game hostage in Universal Loss as mafia was not something I really thought about because in games with hammer required, you're not really thinking about that.

That being said I'd say the D3 no lynch was a bit of a misplay that the mafia didn't punish. I understand the logic of JALMONT being able to make up for the idled lynch with his vig, but if the mafia killed JALMONT that night, they only needed to lynch 2 more townies to win the game. This would've forced a Celever vs Shane 1v1, but Celever had the vengekill and people were getting suspicious of Shane anyway, so I think if they'd gone for that punish they could have vengekilled M2H or Shane and then nightkilled the other the next night (and could've used Laurel's Empower item to make sure M2H couldn't make a hero play on the nightkill), or just put them in permajail until joey died. This would've made town have to pull off 3 maflynches with functional vanillas only, and left Alice alive to actually Rolecop Tommy and find out he's Bulletproof so they wouldn't end up killing into him and accidentally giving the lynch back to town.

Obviously this plan is risky, and leaving JALMONT alive when you know the non-town dayvig announcement is coming is definitely appealing (and almost worked!), but worst case scenario there Celever gets Shane lynched (not impossible, considering everyone suspected Strongman) and then town has to lynch correctly 3 times in a row after the free Celever flip.

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