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I think that having a league of 4 Gym Leaders and 4 Elite Four members should seriously be considered. Zarel should chose people who
1. are online alot
2.have showed him their team and he thinks it is good enough for a monotype team
3. have shown responsibility in the chat

There should be one Gym Leader and one Elite Four in each tier (OU,UU,RU,NU) and if one of the members starts to not do as good or stop coming on PS they should be replaced right away. I also think that if the league becomes to hard to maintain it should be deleted and people wont be allowed to complain.

Thanks, Shauntal.
We had a league, I have no idea what happened to it.
If I remember correctly, there were 2 leagues. There wasn't enough interest from "challengers" and once someone was promoted to gym leader or elite 4, their presence on Showdown nearly disappeared.


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Sorry, this won't work out well. It has been tried many times before and there's just too much stress put on the Gym Leaders with everyone challenging them. Zarel wouldn't be exactly the right person for choosing Gym Leaders either. Yes, he's the main coder; no, he is not the god of the simulator and knows everything.

The Smogon Frontier is coming up soon, though, which is somewhat like this~
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