Pokemon VGC16 Premier Challenge (Blaziken Series) - Starkville Mississippi


MS State Pokemon!!!
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The first of these Premier Challenges will be held on January 23rd. More will be sanctioned soon, likely alongside our Smash Bros. tournaments.

Butler Hall

665 George Perry St

Mississippi State University, MS 39762

Pokemon.com Event Page

VGC16 Official Rules - IMPORTANT!

Team List Generator - You will need a team list! I will have extras, but filling this out beforehand will save us all some time!

Our Facebook Group

Other things to note:

  • You can only use Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire to compete. 2DS and 3DS systems are allowed.
  • Please make sure your batteries are charged! Butler has no shortage of power outlets, so make sure you bring your charger. If your 3DS or 2DS dies in the middle of a round, you will be issued a loss.
  • Random hack checks will occur.
  • Admission is $5
  • First place will win a cool/cute Mewtwo plush!
Feel free to email us at vgcmsu@gmail.com about any questions you may have.

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