Pet Mod Poketypos (Sinistcha Slate)


Original Pokemon: Gumshoos
New Pokemon: Gemspook
Type: Rock/Ghost
Abilities: Unnerve/Cursed Body/Purifying Salt
Stats: 50/100/94/50/70/54 (BST 418)
Weight: Sableye's weight
Movepool Changes:

+Poltergeist, Stone Edge, Salt Cure, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide, Power Gem


Height: same as base.
Flavor / Explanation: Tricky rock gremlin.
Competitive Role: Salt Cure user


Original Pokemon: Oranguru
New Pokemon: Orangarou
Type: Grass/Fighting
Abilities: Strong Jaw/Immunity/Tough Claws
Stats: 60/108/80/80/52/110 (BST 490)
Weight: Same as Lycanroc
Movepool Changes:

+Fangs of Gaia, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Trop Kick, High Jump Kick, Mach Punch, Grassy Terrain, Leaf Blade, Vacuum Wave, Land's Wrath (let me know if this needs to be removed because of Movexit/it being a legendary signature. It's mostly for flavor since this mon has Earthquake anyway so it's no problem for me to snip), U-Turn

-All Psychic moves (Except Calm Mind, Zen Headbutt, and Trick), Thunder, Thunderbolt

Fangs of Gaia- 70 BP, Grass, Physical, Contact/Strong Jaw Boosted, Super Effective on Poison Types (Physical Type-Changed Freeze-Dry)

Height: Same as Lycanroc-Midnight
Flavor / Explanation: These plant-like wolves are often seen helping clean up areas ravaged by ecological turmoil. Some legends claim they are acolytes of Zygarde.

Competitive Role: Physical-leaning Mixed Attacker.

Edit: Nerfed SpA, boosted speed, added U-Turn. Unfortunately the only edit I can do this slate as I most likely won’t have the time to rework the others before voting begins. Thems the breaks I suppose.


Original Pokemon: Dhelmise
New Pokemon: Helmice
Type: Steel/Ice
Abilities: Steelworker/Slush Rush/Mirror Armor
Stats: 85/105/100/80/62/85 (BST 517)
Weight: 25 kg
Movepool Changes:

+Chilly Reception, Ice Beam, Ice Hammer, Triple Axel, Ice Shard, Icicle Spear, Ice Spinner, Freeze-Dry, Bullet Punch

-all Grass type Moves, all Ghost type moves

Height: 1.8 m
Flavor / Explanation: a suit of armor imbued with ice powers.
Competitive Role: Snow Setter, Fweezing Friend
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:wishiwashi-school: Melemele :raticate-alola:

Original Pokemon:
New Pokemon: Vikavyrn
Type: Dragon/Rock
Abilities: Levitate, Marvel Scale, Intimidate(HA)
Stats: 95/45/95/114/95/56 (BST 500)
Weight: 170 kg
Movepool Changes: -All previously existing Bug moves, Volt Switch
+U-Turn, Flamethrower, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Power Gem, Paleo Wave, Hurricane, Earth Power, Stealth Rock, Calm Mind, Parting Shot, Spikes, Dark Pulse, Knock Off

Height: 2.1 m
Flavor / Explanation: wyvern
Competitive Role: cool mixed wall. Checks condorus, iron avian, taranitar, roseroast, and more, sets rocks n spikes and pivots out to a scary teammate or uses those turns to threaten things itself, since its coverage is really good and 114 spatk is good enough to fire off some nice dracos, being the strongest in the tier atm.

:marowak-alola: Akala :salazzle:
Original Pokemon: Salazzle
New Pokemon: Sadazzle
Type: Fairy/Fighting
Abilities: Regenerator/Dragon's Maw/Dazzling(HA)
Stats: 74/111/60/59/66/110 (BST 480)
Weight: same as salazzle
Movepool Changes: -All Pre-Existing Fire Moves, All Poison Moves
+ Volt Tackle, Play Rough, Magical Torque, U-Turn, Zing Zap, Blazing Torque, Superpower, Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Light Screen, Reflect, Scale Shot, Dragon Hammer, Psychic Fangs, Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Liquidation, Earthquake, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Mach Punch

Height: same as salazzle
Flavor / Explanation: salazzle but bright.
Competitive Role: fast phys fight/fairy and regen pivot with excellent coverage. Also can go with dragon dance to sweep late game, but it’s quite frail.
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big shoutout to master oden and Fragmented for helping out with the slate!

:cosmog: :incineroar: Alolan Party :primarina: :decidueye:

:toucannon: Melemele :gumshoos:
Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina, Toucannon, Gumshoos, Vikavolt, Crabominable, Oricorio, Ribombee, Lycanroc, Wishiwashi, Toxapex, Tapu Koko, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Magearna, Raichu, Raticate, Persian, Dugtrio, Zeraora

:araquanid: Akala :mudsdale:
Mudsdale, Araquanid, Lurantis, Shiinotic, Salazzle, Bewear, Tsareena, Comfey, Oranguru, Passimian, Golisopod, Palossand, Pyukumuku, Tapu Lele, Nihilego, Xurkitree, Marowak, Naganadel, Marshadow

:komala: Ula-ula and Poni :minior:
Minior, Komala, Turtonator, Togedemaru, Mimikyu, Bruxish, Drampa, Tapu Bulu, Necrozma, Kartana, Celesteela, Solgaleo, Lunala, Sandslash, Ninetales, Golem, Dhelmise, Kommo-o, Tapu Fini, Guzzlord, Blacephalon, Stakataka, Exeggutor​

smaller slate than usual, but since we're low on alola mons anyway we might as well get more! this also won't compare to what we have next slate so, heehoo. one week for subs as usual!
Are the different Oricorio forms allowed?

Original Pokemon: Guzzlord
New Pokemon: Buzzlord
Type: Bug/Dragon
Abilities: Shield Dust
Stats: 223 / 97 / 53 / 101 / 53 /43
Movepool Changes
: +Bug Buzz, Heal Order, Sticky Web, Signal Beam, Leech Life
Flavor / Explanation:
Competitive Role:
.:Ula-Ula and Poni:.
Untitled 04-06-2023 09-14-42.png

Untitled 07-10-2023 02-07-14.png
Tapu Woolu
Untitled 07-10-2023 02-07-14.png

Type: Normal / Fairy
Abilities: Fluffy, H: Telepathy
Stats: 85 Hp / 125 Atk / 95 Def / 90 SpA / 90 SpD / 95 Spe
Movepool Adjustments:
Body Press, Cotton Guard, Body Slam, Double-Edge, U-Turn, Bullet Punch, Iron Head, Steel Roller, Meteor Mash,
-All Grass moves except Horn Leech
Flavor: Tapu Woolu are revered as a deity-like figure in the Isle of Armor. People praised this Pokémon as it is said to bring with it great health to herds and Pokémon. Offerings of golden equipment and jewelry are made to this Pokémon in the hope that it would continue to bring its fortune to their herds. If one was to encounter this Pokémon in the wild, it is said that their herds would recieve good luck and fortune for time to come, and those who have seen it for themselves have caught it tending to other Pokémon and caring for their needs while donning the gold that others had so generously gifted it.
Role: Physical Wall with pivoting, no recovery but the ability gives it a unique distinction from fetagross, being fighting neutral and Fire weak while packing an additional immunity to ghost. It also doesn’t have any fairy stab so its different offensively but overall serves the role of your fatass physical wall.
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Original Pokémon: Toucannon
New Pokémon: Glascannon

Abilities: Ice Body
Stats: 40 / 125 / 35 / 125 / 35 / 125 (485 BST)
Weight: unchanged
Movepool Changes:
+ Blizzard, Frost Breath, Haze, Ice Ball, Ice Beam, Ice Punch, Ice Spinner, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Mist, Powder Snow, Sheer Cold, Snowscape
- Boomburst, Knock Off, U-turn, all Flying and Fire moves
Flavor/Explanation: A literal glass cannon.

Original Pokémon: Golisopod
New Pokémon: Boilisopod

Abilities: Steam Engine
Stats: 75 / 60 / 90 / 125 / 140 / 40 (530 BST)
Weight: unchanged
Movepool Changes:
+ Flip Turn, Hydro Steam, Steam Eruption, Water Spout, Ember, Eruption, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Overheat, Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp
- all Bug moves
Flavor/Explanation: Golisopod but boiling.

Original Pokémon: Solgaleo
New Pokémon: Slogaleo

Abilities: Slow Start
Stats: 137 / 137 / 107 / 113 / 89 / 97 (680 BST)
Weight: unchanged
Movepool Changes:
+ none
- Flame Charge, Light Screen, Reflect, Roar, Thunder Wave, Trick Room, Cosmic Power
Flavor/Explanation: Slow Solgaleo.
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Original Pokémon: Incineroar
New Pokémon: Sinthrileroar

Stats: 95 / 115 / 90 / 80 / 90 / 60 | 570
Abilities: Intimidate | HA: Flash Fire
Move Changes:
+Mach Punch, Sucker Punch, Alolan Whip*
-all Fire type moves sans Will O Wisp, Fire Punch and Flame Charge
Alolan Whip - Fighting | Physical | 90% | 120 BP | 10 PP | -6 Priority | Phases out target after hitting it.
Flavor: Sinthrileroar
Competitive Description: Fite
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been a while


Original Pokémon: Toxapex
New Pokémon: Roxelex
Stats: 50 HP / 53 Atk / 152 Def / 63 SpA / 142 SpD / 35 Spe / 495 BST

Abilities: Clear Body / Limber | Levitate
Weight: 14.5 kg
Movepool Changes:
+ Bulldoze, Charge, Charge Beam, Dig, Discharge, Earth Power, Earthquake, Eerie Impulse, Electric Terrain, Magnet Rise, Magnetic Flux, Power Gem, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Salt Cure, Sandstorm, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Stomping Tantrum, Stone Edge, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Wild Charge
- Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Ice Spinner, Liquidation, Scald, Surf, Venom Drench, Venoshock
Role: Bird check. Defensive pivot that Volts while laying on the chip with Salt Cure and if you can fit it Spikes. Levitate improves its defensive profile immensely and lets it come in on Condorus packing Ground coverage. It doesn't perfectly answer each Flying in every scenario but that's not possible anyway, I'd just like to see more general switch-ins to them and more defensive stuff overall.
Height: 0.7 m
Flavor: floating rock


Original Pokémon: Tsareena
New Pokémon: Seareena
Stats: 72 HP / 120 Atk / 88 Def / 40 SpA / 88 SpD / 102 Spe / 510 BST

Abilities: Regenerator / Queenly Majesty | Water Veil
Weight: 21.4 kg
Movepool Changes:
+ Body Press, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Chilling Water, Close Combat, Counter, Detect, Drain Punch, Flip Turn, Focus Blast, Hydro Pump, Ice Punch, Ice Spinner, Liquidation, Razor Shell, Reversal, Rock Smash, Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool
- Aromatic Mist, All Grass-type moves barring Trailblaze
Role: More spinners pls.
Height: 1.2 m
Flavor: mermaid. Cirrina is one of the two divisions of octopus so maybe it's an octomaid

Ula-ula and Poni

Original Pokémon: Kommo-o
New Pokémon: Kimmo-no
Stats: 65 HP / 100 Atk / 110 Def / 110 SpA / 130 SpD / 85 Spe / 600 BST

Abilities: Purifying Salt / Cursed Body | Overcoat
Weight: 39.1 kg
Movepool Changes:
+ Astonish, Confuse Ray, Curse, Fire Blast, Grudge, Hex, Ice Beam, Longing Wails, Night Shade, Pain Split, Phantom Force, Shadow Ball, Spite, Will-O-Wisp


Base Power: 90
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10
Effect: Prevents the target from selecting the same move for use two turns in a row. This effect ends when the target is no longer active. (Torment effect)
Priority: 0
Flags: Sound, Protect, Mirror
- Belly Drum, Clanging Scales, Clangorous Soul, All Fighting-type moves barring Revenge
Role: Useful defensive typing, answering stuff like Wuggy, Kabluxie and Tar. Status immunity and Ghost neutrality is cool. Does some WispHex stuff, maybe DD.
Height: 1.6 m
Flavor: kommo-o in a kimono. in Japan, the deceased are traditionally dressed in plain white kimono before burial so that's where ghost type comes from
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Original Pokemon: Palossand
New Pokemon: Palosshard

Abilities: Clear Body / Rough Skin(HA) / Sheer Force(HA)
Stats: 40 / 85 / 75 / 90 / 75 / 115 [BST:480]
Weight: 31kg
Movepool Changes:
+Ice Beam, Power Gem, Ice Shard, Rock Slide

Original Pokemon: Necrozma
New Pokemon: Necrozmaw

Abilities: Strong Jaw / Trace / Dragon's Maw(HA)
Stats: 97 / 114 / 96 / 127 / 97 / 69 [BST:600]
Weight: Same as Necrozma
Movepool Changes:
+ Crunch, Bite, Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor
- N/A
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Original Pokemon: Zeraora
New Pokemon: Faeraora
Type: Fairy / Fighting
Abilities: Justified / Magician (Trace)
Stats: 80 / 110 / 80 / 110 / 80 / 140 (600)
Weight: Same as Zeraora
Movepool Changes: +Moonblast, Moonlight, Draining Kiss, Misty Explosion, Nature's Madness, U-Turn
-All Electric moves
Role: It's Zeraora 2. Serves as a fast offensive pivot, with either Trace to take abilities or Justified to take Knocks Off. Zeraora already has a really solid Fighting movepool, even though it's not Fighting type, so all it needed was the Fairy type additions.
Flavor: fairy zeraora
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Sorry for somewhat late post. Here's a sub review which also has our vetoes.

:incineroar: Looks pretty good, though I'd maybe beef up attack a bit more (120 or so) to make it a bit more threatening offensively.
:comfey: Looks very mediocre. Doesn't hit hard enough even with Triage and has no coverage for Grass types. Would buff spA up to 102 or so and give it coverage for Grass-types.
:kartana: This looks like a very strong Meteor Beamer overall, although I would give it some way to hit Steels (most likely Aura Sphere) to make it not completely deadweight vs. them. Overall a fan.
:tapu koko: Looks solid. Should fit nicely into the meta while not being too difficult to beat even with no recoil Brave Birds, seems like a great HO lead too. Not much to say here, just a good sub overall.
:tapu lele: Seems extremely good at making progress, I could see this possibly being borderline broken especially with reliable recovery alongside its current bulk. I'd lower the HP by 10/15 points and put the points into Attack (harder hitting U-Turns are a nice consolation for losing some bulk imo) just to make it a bit easier to remove. With said changes, I think I will really enjoy this sub.
:tapu bulu: This one is solid as well. Fits well into the meta and should be a good addition. Similarly to Pohaku, not much to add here, just a solid sub overall.

:zeraora: Vetoed. 138/135 offenses are crazy and would make this far too strong especially with its great STABs and coverage. You're likely gonna need to lower attack by around 30 points or so to make it balanced, although I'd recommend giving it a different typing than Electric / Fighting since we already have Zapoark, I'd recommend one of Dark / Fighting, Ice / Fighting, or Rock / Fighting personally.
:gumshoos: Looks extremely bad. Salt Cure will not be enough to carry this Pokemon to being good with how mediocre its bulk is alongside the fact that it has no reliable recovery. I don't think Gumshoos simply has a high enough BST to make this concept work without giving it a great ability. I'd recommend trying to make this concept work on a Pokemon with a higher BST, or you could rework it entirely.
:oranguru: Sig actually seems pretty mediocre with this mon's access to Earthquake (Tough Claws is generally better than SJaw on this mon as it boosts both STABs. I'd give this slightly more speed (10 points) and give it U-Turn and coverage to hit Flying types to allow it to be a solid pivot.
:dhelmise: Seems very mediocre. Not only does it seem very outclassed by our current Slush Rusher in Fweezing, but it's low speed and mediocre Attack make this not a threat at all. Would recommend changing this mons secondary typing from Ice to something better (unfortunately this would mean changing the name but snow is in a fine spot currently) and boosting its Attack to be more threatening, or you can rework it entirely.
:vikavolt: Seems alright. Even though defensive rocks are generally bad, this one seems like it could maybe get away with it due to its unique resistances.
:salazzle: I think we have enough Electric pivots in this meta already, would probably preferred if this was a different typing (Fairy / Fighting or Fairy / Dark most likely), but it's certainly not bad and would fit well into the meta.
:guzzlord: Seems okay. Even though it's got crazy bulk for a Pokemon with reliable recovery, its mediocre typing really lets it down, although it's got some ways to make progress with Knock Off, it's likely gonna struggle to work super well without some major support.
:tapu bulu: Crazy good blanket physical wall due to Fluffy. I think this suffers the same problem as this mon when it originally had Fluffy (and it was Steel / Fairy which yea it is better but still), seems very annoying to deal with, although it’s likely not broken this time around. Not a fan.
:toucannon: Vetoed. Deoxys is banned for a reason, and this seems to be nearly just as good as that. You're gonna need to rework the stats on this entirely to make it a lot weaker (at least a reduction to 125 for both attack stats which gives it a similar role to weavile - special is much worse as you've got no way to hit Steels)
:golisopod: Seems pretty good, Steam Engine allows you to play some mindgames with the opponent if they want to click Fire moves, although this mon is walled by Dragons and Waters to make sure it isn't overbearing, which is pretty cool. Otherwise, it seems pretty similar to Volcanion in how it operates, as a strong defensive pivot or wallbreaker - which I enjoy.
:solgaleo: Quite bad. Losing CM makes this mon significantly less threatening specially and no Morning Sun also means that its extremely difficult to deactivate Slow Start. Honestly I would just scrap this and try something different for this slot - trying to balance this around Slow Start is likely not going to work out well.
:incineroar:Not really feeling this one, we've already got a solid enough amount of defensive fightings with Furant and Kabluxie in the meta and our current intimidate mon is also Dark type, not to mention this is essentially Incineroar but Dark / Fighting (aside from the sig, which is pretty cool).
:toxapex: Never really liked Salt Cure, but this is a decent sub overall imo. Seems like it could be a very unique defensive pivot with its utility and access to Salt Cure alongside its solid resistances and immunity to Ground moves.
:tsareena: We've got a good amount of defensive Fighting types in this meta already (Kabluxie and Furant), so I would likely prefer if this was more offensively oriented (remove some bulk and give it 102 speed) and then this is an excellent sub imo. However, even in its current state it's a pretty great sub too, big fan of it even now.
:kommo-o: I think this is pretty neat, although I would prefer if it was slightly more SpDef oriented to separate it from Mirroar a bit as a defensive Ghost. Even so, it looks very solid and should fit nicely into the meta, good sub overall (also change BST here to 600 and not 510 - stats reflect this but sub says its BST is 510)
:palossand: Very similar thoughts on this as Arctana considering they're both meant to be Meteor Beamers, although I believe I prefer Arctana due to its much better speed stat, which makes it a better Beamer than this mon. Not a bad sub though.
:necrozma: Vetoed on the grounds that this Pokemon's BST is incorrect, it is 597 instead of 600 - I'd just mirror Necrozma's stat spread here. Even so, I can see this mon being a huge threat though and possibly ending up being too strong as well due its sheer versatility alongside its now solid typing. Specs or Scarf Dragon Energy sets, SJaw or Solid Rock setup sets are possible and could end up making this mon too difficult to answer imo. I'd get rid of Dragon's Maw and Dragon Energy here to make it more reliant on setup to break through teams, and I'd also consider replacing Solid Rock here, as it seems much more valuable with this mon's improved typing for setting up (possibly with something like Competitive, Sturdy or Trace?)
:zeraora: This is a really great sub imo, bar one thing which I will get to. Seems like a very versatile mon, with the ability to run pivot, or setup sets on both sides of the spectrum, while not being too difficult to answer to its crippling weakness to Poison-types. However, I do think I'd MUCH prefer U-Turn or Volt Switch as this mon's pivoting move over Parting Shot, however, as Parting Shot seems far too easy to click in bringing in other Pokemon with this mon's blazing speed stat and could end up being an issue.

You’ve got 24 hours or so to edit your subs based on feedback.
Vetoes are over and now it's voting time! All subs are legal to vote, no list this time because we've been busy ^^; 72 hours as usual!


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Melemele: Faeraora, Vikavyrn, Inswimeroar (sv), Pohaku Koko
Akala: Nalu Lele, Seareena, Boilisopod, Sadazzle
Ulaula/Poni: Kimmo-no, Arctana (sv), Tapu Woolu
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Melemele: Kenatora, Inswimeroar, Faeraora (SV), Pohaku Koko
Akala: Boilisopod, Seareena, Orangarou, Nalu Lele
Ula'ula/Poni: Arctana, Mau Bulu, Necrozmaw, Kimmo-no
Melemele: Inswimeroar, Faeraora, Glascannon (SV)
Akala: Sadazzle, Boilisopod (SV), Wiifey
Ula'ula/Poni: Buzzlord, Tapu Woolu, Kimmo-no


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i forgor

Melemele: Faeraora, Inswimeroar, Sinthrileroar
Akala: Nalu Lele, Orangarou, Seareena (SV)
Ula-ula/Poni: Mau Bulu, Kimmo-no (SV), Necrozmaw


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melemele: inswimeroar, vikavyrm, pohaku koko
akala: sadazzle, nalu lele, seareena
poni: kimmo-no, arctana, mau bulu


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melemele: Inswimeroar, Sinthrileroar, Pohaku Koko
akala: Wiifey, Sadazzle, Nalu Lele
poni: Tapu Woolo, Kimmo-no, Necrozmaw
Melemele: Faerarora, Pohaku Koko, Inswimeroar
Akala: Wiifey, Sadazzle, Palosshard(sv)
Ula-ula/Poni: Tapu Woolo, Necrozmaw(sv), Arctana

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