Tournament Poor Man's Mono Tournament (Won by Prosaic)

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tour idea stolen from the PU subforum

The bourgeoisie of Monotype have ruled over the land for too long. So I, Moosical, the Robin Hood of Monotype, have decided to steal from the rich and give to the poor. I was able to swindle away enough to supply those who enter the tournament with 50 Eien Bucks (no monetary value) per week! However, inflation has raised the value of Pokemon in Monotype, so due to budget restraints, team building is going to be rather limited.

In this tournament, each player is allotted $50 per team to build their teams around. A Pokemon's spot on the viability determines how much it costs (see below). For example, Mega Charizard X is S Rank on Fire on the VR, so it costs $15 to use on your team, while Entei is D Rank so it only costs $1. Within this tournament, each team that you use must cost no more than $50, otherwise the battle will not count. Due to how "top heavy" Monotype VR tends to be, hopefully this will introduce some interesting teams and provide a nice building challenge.

Pokemon Pricing
Mega Charizard Y ($12), Rotom-Heat ($12), Marowak-Alola ($5), Darmanitan ($1), Volcarona ($12), Victini ($8)
Total Cost: $50

Tapu Koko ($15), Raichu-Alola ($12), Stunfisk ($1), Thundurus ($8), Rotom-Mow ($1), Magnezone ($12)
Total Cost: $49

Tournament Rules
  • This tournament is Best of 3, Single Elimination Monotype Tournament
  • Matches must be played on either Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours
  • Replays must be posted so that I can verify the costs of your teams. If a winning team goes above budget, the replay will not count and a new game must be played. Please be sure that your team cost is within budget.
  • The Viability Rankings can be found here.
  • If the VR is changed during the course of the tour, the budget changes will be implemented at the start of the following week.
  • Your team can consist of less than 6 Pokemon if you so wish, as long as the price is no more than $50.
  • The tournament will follow standard Monotype rules and clauses.
  • If you use a Mega Pokemon that costs less than the base form, it will cost the same amount as the base form. For example, if you use Mega Garchomp on Dragon, it still costs as much as Garchomp ($12).
Signups will be open for approximately a week (until 4/17/18), tournament size will depend on popularity. However, please note that signups can close early and an exponential of 2 will be preferred as the tournament size limit (32, 64, 128) but can vary with signup popularity. Signups are also first come first serve.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
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