Proposal: disable most links in the chat

Well First of all, it will avoid the constant spam flow.

Secondly. I believe that IP banning has already been implemented, and proxy connections are automatically disconnected so I don't see how a flame troll can get away from it more than twice.
Multiple accounts won't do good in such a situation either.
First of all, it will not avoid the constant spam flow, it will only delay it.

Second of all, people can still IP evade. We constantly ban people for ban and mute evading, and the restrictions we have implemented only delay the spammers.
Maybe have an option that instead of turning all non-whitelisted links into plain text, have a pop up come up asking if you really want to go to that site? I'd personally prefer that to copying and pasting, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.


Banned deucer.
Further to this thread, external links in the chat now go through an interstitial page. You can view an example here.

Links on the whitelist skip the interstitial page. The whitelist can be viewed here.

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