PS Art/Writing Contest: First Battle

Hello and welcome to this month's contest. This time around it’s not just an art contest! We’re collaborating with the Writing room to hold a joint contest with two prizes—one for each submission type.

Submission Deadline: NO FURTHER ENTRIES WILL BE SCORED! (unless I've explicitly told you otherwise)

This months theme will be “First Battle”. Now I know that sounds a bit vague, but it is so by design to allow for as much creative freedom as possible; the only other stipulation I’m going to make is that it has to be Pokémon related. If you’re not sure whether or not your idea fits the theme, just ask a room auth in Art or Th!nkPi from Writing and they’ll be happy to help.

Art Submissions

From an art standpoint, this contest is quite different from many of the ones we’ve had in the past. For one, it will be quite challenging to achieve the theme while drawing only one subject, meaning that you’ll almost certainly have to draw two characters and show them interacting. Additionally, the room is generally focused very heavily on drawing Pokémon, but in this contest there is a strong possibility your piece might include trainers, environmental hazards, terrain and backgrounds in general. None of these things are required, but all of them can contribute to showing what you wish in the theme.

While the criteria for past contests has leaned towards a bias on design (i.e. mega evolutions or ability shift), this contest ignores design almost entirely and looks at one’s ability to express emotion in characters. Particularly, the feeling that one gets when they enter their first battle. This theme is centered around your ability to convey emotions through art or writing. Similarly, you might want to show movement of elements/characters within the piece (which can also be difficult). Do not feel forced to deeply convey both aspects of emotion and movement as the scoring rubric might seem to imply; scoring will be done such that if a focus is put on one or the other it will contribute towards points for both.

Now I’m well aware that this contest might initially seem like it requires a much higher ability level to enter than previous contests, and to some extent it does, but the scoring will not heavily bias stylistic choice of expression—meaning a more minimalistic style such as those found in comics are completely acceptable. Even still, it’s quite likely that drawing a piece for this contest will take significantly longer than past contests, and for that reason I recommend working on it sooner rather than later.

Submission Formatting:
  • No limits on number of submissions
  • Each piece must have a title
  • Each post must contain an image (preferably hidden with a [ hide][/hide] tag) depicting the theme.
  • You can use any visual medium (digital, traditional, sculpture, ect.)
  • Words are allowed within the image (like in a comic), but take care not to be dependent on them.
  • If you wish to write notes on what you’re trying to express, you can, but keep in mind the more you can express with just the image itself, the better.
  • This thread is for posting submissions only. You can like posts to show support, but please no written feedback in this thread. Multiple strikes will lead to disciplinary actions @v@

Scoring Criteria: (Out of 100)
  • Creativity (25)
  • Artistic display (35)
  • Expression of emotion/movement (30)*
  • Level of finish (10)
*drawing either or both together will score points for this category. Movement isn’t necessary but I wished to provide incentive for taking the up the challenge of drawing it.

Writing Submissions

Submission Formatting:
  • Maximum limit of 3 written submissions or 3,000 words (whichever is reached first)
  • Each piece must have a title
  • Each post must be spoilered with a ([ hide][/hide] tag)
  • You can use any written medium as long as it matches the theme
  • You are allowed to use images to help set the mood of your piece. However, you can only use one image per submission.*
  • This thread is for posting submissions only. You can like posts to show support, but please no written feedback in this thread. Multiple strikes will lead to disciplinary actions @v@
*If you use an image that was made by someone other than yourself, please credit the artist. If you do not know the artist, attempt to use reverse image search to locate who made the image.

Scoring Criteria: (Out of 100)
  • Characters (40)
  • Setting/Imagery (25)
  • Creativity/Originality (25)
  • Grammar/Spelling (10)

Characters - Our theme is based on a Trainer's and/or Pokémon's first battle; this implies multiple characters being involved. The bulk of your piece will revolve around the emotions and thoughts of these characters, so points are most crucial in this category. Define each character’s personality and emotions clearly to score high in this category and fit the theme.

Setting/Imagery - The setting is important in establishing the tone. Paint a crisp backdrop for the battle by highlighting the environment. Alternatively, you can choose to focus on the imagery of the battle. If you forgo a descriptive environment be sure to provide vivid imagery of the feelings and actions in the trainer’s first battle to help set the tone.

Creativity/Originality - First and foremost, I do not mind if you choose to involve existing characters from the series or existing fanfics. If you choose to do this, your challenge will be to focus on your creativity in presenting these characters. Show us a new side of them, or portray them in a way not expected. If you choose to create your own characters, then your challenge is to define them. How do they differ from your average, run-of-the-mill trainer? What is it about their thoughts and feelings that should capture the reader’s interest? Also, don’t forget to take into account POV. Are you writing from a trainer’s point of view? A Pokémon’s? Third-person? Avoid the cliche and write something fresh to score high in this category. Plagiarism will result in instant disqualification.

Grammar/Spelling - I will not mark down points for a few mistakes. If your work has several mistakes (enough to make it difficult for one to read with ease) then I will mark down some points. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation to the best of your ability. If you feel you that you often misspell words, be sure to use a spell check tool. There are also plenty of members around who may lend a hand. Visit the Writing room on Pokémon Showdown or post in the Writers on Smogon thread. Unfortunately, judges cannot give feedback on works in progress, since they bear the responsibility of judging the finalized submissions. Feel free to message Th!nkPi, but only if you’re having trouble finding help for a grammar and spelling check.

Both winners will be able to choose either an Amazon $10 gift card OR 1-month free of Netflix, Crunchyroll Premium, or Hulu+!

As a final note, if you would like to submit both types of submissions they will be scored separately even if they are on the same piece. However one person can not win both prizes. In the event that somebody [magically] scores first in both categories, the prize for writing will be forfeited and given to the person who scored second place in the writing category.
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"I picked the wrong Pokemon..."

Throwing that theme out there for anyone that is searching.

Also remember this can be a time of enjoyment OR anxiety/toughness.
The image does not have to be the entire battle scene, only a close up for example (thoughts in writing terms).

Goodluck to all who enter! Don't hold back with description; bring out the mindset. Enjoy.

[Edit: That's a very nice Amazonian Gift Card you got there..]
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Argh my laptop is broken so I can't enter a drawing, I had the perfect thin too! I can enter a piece of writing however. My writing will be based on my drawing. I'll explain what my drawing WAS going to be. It was going to be a Mega Charizard Y using Flamethrower on a Mega Venusaur with a faded picture of a charmandee using ember on a bulbasaur. The bak drop is on a clifftop. Would this have fitted the theme though?
Not that vague though...
1st Gen first battle: Gary (Bulb, Squi, Char)
2nd Gen first battle: Any Pokemon that can be found on the wild going towards Mr. Pokemon's house.
3rd Gen first battle: Prof Birch (Zigzagoon/Poochena)
4th Gen firs---- and so on. (Same goes with mystery dungeon.) :3
well, if you just borrowed a pokemon game and played the saved game, then that's when it gets vague. XD
Goodluck on making your Art Guys~! ♥ >w< ♥
Argh my laptop is broken so I can't enter a drawing, I had the perfect thin too! I can enter a piece of writing however. My writing will be based on my drawing. I'll explain what my drawing WAS going to be. It was going to be a Mega Charizard Y using Flamethrower on a Mega Venusaur with a faded picture of a charmandee using ember on a bulbasaur. The bak drop is on a clifftop. Would this have fitted the theme though?
I don't think this would fit the theme. This seems to be capturing a more nostalgic vibe in a later battle rather than the rawness of one's first battle. Try to capture the unpredictability and inexperience of a first battle. Mega Charizard Y and Venusaur with a faded image of Charmander and Bulbasaur implies many battles have taken place. However, Charmander and Bulbasaur with a faded Mega Charizard Y and Venusaur in the background may imply something different, like an ancestral feud or an inevitability for another showdown in the future. I guess it depends on how you approach it. Just center the writing entry around one's first battle (and not any other).

If you're going to submit a writing entry, please do so from scratch, as you would with art submissions. You can create your own art or use an image (with permission/citation) to back up the story, but I'd prefer the image to be based on the story rather than vice versa. The writing submissions have their own rubric they will be scored by, so do your best to stick to it.

Regarding Prize Winners

Due to the significant value of the prizes this time around, we've decided that it isn't very fair for one person to be responsible for scoring all entries and picking the winner of a prize with monetary value. I proposed a solution and SolarisFox has agreed to follow through with it.

For writing submissions, I will employ two other judges along with me. We will score all submissions on our own and average them together. The top three scorers, after having averaged all scores, will be thrown into a randomizer. One of these entries will be chosen at random to receive the prize. In this way, though we've narrowed down choices to the people we think scored highest, the winner is also left to chance. This will deter favoritism and any unfair claims against chosen winners. The other two judges will be updated once they're finalized.

SolarisFox will also employ the three-winner system and randomize them to select an overall prize winner. However, it is up to him how he decides to score and select the top three entries. I will let him cover his part of the prize winner selection method.

Can't wait to see the awesome entries!
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"You Never Forget Your First Battle"
Written by Hyunation

It was early in the morning and the sky was a beautiful sight, full of a bright shade of orange and yellow. My family and I were out at the park in Hearthome City. We have been living in Hearthome since I was born. I was satisfied with the direction my life was going until I turned ten years old. I would just spend all day outside with my friends as any normal boy at the time would do. Now back to this day that I had in the park with my family. We were actually having a party for my 10th birthday. My family and I were very excited because we all knew that when you turn ten years of age, you are legally allowed to own a Pokemon. However, there were some rules about the matter at this time. One specific rule being that you can’t own a Pokemon unless you receive a letter of approval from your local Pokemon expert. Generally, these men and women were known as Professors.

My family and I just laid back at the park for about three hours roughly until my little cousins that my aunt brought over began crying. We all went back home and talked among ourselves until my Father remembered something. He remembered that we should have received a letter in the mail regarding my ability to receive a starting Pokemon. I quickly ran outside the house to check our mailbox for any letter from the Professor. Our local Pokemon expert was known as Professor Evergreen. He recently moved to the Sinnoh region after the former expert, Professor Rowan, made a decision that he wanted to research more in the Kanto region. Professor Evergreen was a fair, but stern analyzing man. All he would need to do to determine his opinion in a person is stare them in the eye for a few quick seconds. That most likely had a factor in the letter he wrote to my family regarding myself and receiving a Pokemon. He was the man who introduced me to Pokemon when I was 3 years old. The only issue was that I was very shy and always seemed to be a sheep. I would always follow, and never have any desire to make decisions for myself.

I brought the letter inside that I did indeed end up finding stuffed into our mailbox. My father quickly opened up the letter and read it to himself silently. He walked up to me and patted my head with a hurt expression on his face. The letter’s message read as followed;

“Dear Parents and/or Guardians of Ryan Hyun

I regret to inform you that your child, Ryan Hyun, was not chosen for instant legibility to receive a Pokemon. Based on my knowledge of his personality, I feel that he is not yet bold enough to take on the responsibilities that come with owning a Pokemon. I do however feel that he has the potential to be a great battler as he has a good mindset as far as caring for others goes. I have made the decision that instead of adding your child to the list of others who will have to wait until they become 13 years of age for a Pokemon, he will be given a chance to battle another child who is in the same situation as he is. The winner of this battle will be allowed to keep the Pokemon that he or she chooses at the lab for this battle. I will be wishing the best of luck for both participants in this battle. I request the presence of your child, Ryan Hyun, at my lab in Eterna City tomorrow. The battle will begin immediately as both of the children arrive. I request for just the child to come, so he or she will not be influenced by anyone not participating in the battle. I hope that you will find this arrangement suitable and fair.

Professor Evergreen”

Everyone in my family spent the rest of the night teaching me the basics of Pokemon battling and what I will need to do tomorrow as I will do battle with this other child who failed to earn an instant approval. I felt a bit overwhelmed in all honesty. The friends that I grew up with were already obtaining Pokemon, so the fact that this was happening was no surprise. The only thing is that I expected to receive instant approval just like all my friends did. I knew that if you didn’t receive a letter, it meant that you would have to wait another three years until you were able to receive your first Pokemon. That meant I was under the assumption that receiving a letter at all means you have been accepted. That was not the case however. My parents sent me to bed earlier than usual that night. Obviously so that I would be wide awake and ready for the biggest challenge of my life so far. I spend the whole night dreaming about how everything would feel. I was imagining how it was going to feel, looking at my opponent in the eye, knowing that the battle we are about to have will decide the next three years of our young lives. I wanted to win this more than anything. I felt like nothing could stop me.

I woke up extra early in the morning to prepare mentally. I went outside and sat on the grass on my front yard. I looked up in the sky, as the clouds were briefly moving in the bright purple and orange sky. The sight was truly beautiful and something I would never forget. I ran over to Professor Evergreen’s lab in Eterna City as fast as I could. To my surprise, who I assumed was the other child about to battle me, was already inside with his chosen Pokemon. Professor Evergreen shook my hand, and explained the stipulations of what was about to happen. This battle was to determine which one of us would be walking away as an approved trainer with a Pokemon. I walked over to this machine that had two Pokeballs sitting inside. Professor Evergreen explained that my opponent already chose the third Pokemon that was in there, named Chimchar. He did not tell me what type this Chimchar was so that my choice would not be biased. I heavily analyzed the remaining two Pokemon, Piplup and Turtwig. I couldn’t see the Chimchar as it was in the Pokeball of my opponent’s possession. I assumed that Turtwig was a Grass type, and Piplup was a Water type all based on appearence. Logically, that led me to believe Chimchar had to be a Fire type. I decided to choose Piplup based on this knowledge as it would give me an advantage on type match up. All my knowledge of Pokemon came from the lectures I heard the prior night from my family members. I was slightly annoyed with them at the time, but I quickly realized how grateful I was of this information.

It was time to begin the battle. I stood on the left side of the small battle room that was in the far back of Professor Evergreen’s lab. Before we walked into this room, the Professor introduced us to each other. I learned that my opponent’s name is Jacob Zimmer and that he is actually 13 years old, compared to my age being of only 10 years old. It hit me then that he must have failed to receive his Pokemon when he was 10 one way or another, so this is his second chance. We stared into each others eyes as we held our respective Pokeball in hand. Finally we both threw them onto the floor and our Pokemon were released. I felt an intensity in my body that I have never felt before. I was so fired up as I wanted this win more than anything in the world. I commanded my Piplup to use Growl against his Chimchar so that Piplup will be able to absorb the incoming hit move with ease. He instructed Chimchar to hit Piplup with a Scratch attack and Piplup fell on his back at the impact, but stood back up quickly. The emotions that were going on in my head right now were insane. I never felt the adrenaline that comes from battling before. I decided to take a more offensive approach here and use Pound attack on Chimchar. My father knew the Pokemon that would be available for this battle, so naturally, the night prior, he taught me all the moves that I would have access to with whichever Pokemon I ended up choosing. Little did I know right then and there, a misunderstanding I had of something my Father said will end up changing the outcome of this battle drastically. My Piplup fought ferociously against the opposing Chimchar for the next hour and so. I don't think either myself or Jacob Zimmer even imagined that a battle could go on for so long.

My opponent and I were going back and forth at each other, screaming out commands to our Pokemon. Both Pokemon were locked into a clinch and were pushing back and forth, wincing in pain. They both nearly took as much damage as they possibly could, just waiting to see who will be able to break this deadlock. Now this is when my misunderstanding truly came into play. My father said that Piplup will learn Bubble shortly after fighting for a while, earning experience. What being able to use Bubble meant was that it would be fire out explosive Bubbles at a rapid pace with boosted damage as the move was the same type as Piplup. Chimchar was a fire type, so this attack would do even more damage naturally. I made a mistake in thinking that what learning shortly after gaining experience meant was that Piplup could adapt to being in battle and learn Bubble at that very moment. It was what I figured would be my secret weapon and key to winning this battle. I waited until what seemed like a perfect moment as Piplup got in a good shove that sent Chimchar’s left foot sliding backwards. With all the energy I had left after the past hour, I screamed out to Piplup to fire off a Bubble attack directly into the face of Chimchar. In response, Piplup stopped fighting and turned around to look at me, with a puzzled face. I was in shock, as quickly, Jacob shouted at his Chimchar to jump and strike Piplup in the back of the head with a Scratch attack. This left Piplup laid out on the floor, unconscious and unable to continuing fighting. I honestly can’t say that I remember what happened exactly after Professor Evergreen raised Jacob Zimmer’s hand and announced him and Chimchar as the winners. Everything blacked out in my eyes.

I woke up in my bedroom the following morning. I thought back to everything that happened yesterday and how I ended up here. I just sat up, looked out into the window and witnessed the early morning sun rise. It reminded me of the morning yesterday as I looked up at the same exact sky. Only difference was that, this time, I sat there as a loser with no hope for the next three years of my life. I quickly bursted into tears and started feeling sorry for myself. I can fortunately say that I did manage to fight through the next hard uneventful three years, and earned my letter of approval on my 13th birthday. Professor Evergreen rewarded me with the same Piplup that I battled with on that day. At this point, he has evolved into a very powerful Empoleon. I can pridefully say that we have trained hard everyday since Evergreen gave him to me. Yet even to this day, I still have nightmares of that battle. I wanted nothing more than to win that battle. It meant literally everything to me. To only be 10 years of age, and feel such an extreme level of agonizing defeat, it was a feeling that I will never forget. I can safely say that the first Pokemon battle that I have ever had will forever scar me.

Post Comments:
Well, I hope you guys can appreciate this short story. I've been into writing stories for a while now, and I noticed in the art room that this was the current contest going on, so I figured why not give it a try. This wasn't the most complex story I've written, but I felt I put a good meaning into it. Really shows the emotional damage that losing competition does to a child at a young age. I kind of just started off with a lighthearted plot, but it quickly changes as the end nears.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. [:
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Here's my entry! Don't count it!



And some writing as well.

Fateful Encounter

Another Petilil was born in the Pinwheel forest, but rather than a light green, she was more of a pale-lish yellow. In the Lilligant tribe, a shiny Petilil signified that this was the next ruler. Ladul was coronated immediately to the Queen of the Lilligants.

“Happy birthday, Torro!”

Torro was just a little Sentret, he was celebrating his 2-month birthday at another remote area of Pinwheel forest. After a few gifts and singing, his parents spoke.

“We’ve decided that you’re old enough to go off in the wild on your own now. We’re so proud of you Torro.” said the mother.

“Just please, don’t get hurt out there. You’re too old for us to be trailing behind you on your own now, and you need to learn to battle. I think it’s time for you to stop practicing with us and go fight a real battle.” chimed the father.

“Okay Mom! Don’t worry! I’m 2 months old now! I think I can handle myself for sure!” Torro said with excitement. He was barely listening, he was eager to explore the rest of the forest.

His parents wished him good luck, and Torro began his journey outside of the Pinwheel forest.

It was a different story for the Lilligants though. Petilils were already born with natural battle instincts, and training began immediately.

“Look, over there! That’s a Sentret. It appears to be alone, I’m sure you can take him, my Queen.”

Ladul was still young, she didn’t understand anything that they had said. All she knew was that one of the Lilligants looked pretty ugly.


Ladul didn’t move.

“What are you waiting for? He’s right there!”

Ladul stayed still.

“Ahem,” another Lilligant stepped up. “She can’t understand you, she’s way too young. She needs an incentive. Bribe her with sitrus berries or something.”

“Darnit, I was saving this berry for last, but anything for the Queen I guess.” the other Lilligant groaned.

The Lilligant cast the a sitrus berry off into the distance, Ladul immediately ran off after the delicious, yummy, mouth-watering berry.

Torro was sniffing the fascinating forest, until he picked up the scent of a sitrus berry.

“Ooh! Yummy!” Torro reached over to grab it.

Unfortunately for Torro, Ladul reached in and snagged the sitrus berry before Torro could take a bite.

“Hey! I found that first! Get back here with MY sitrus berry!” Torro angrily exclaimed, and charged with a Quick Attack!

Sticking her tongue out at Torro, Ladul struck back at the incoming Torro with a poorly aimed Magical Leaf.

Forgetting about the sitrus berry, Torro’s instincts took over, and the battle begun.
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Ruff Ruff amirite?
I would enter the writing portion. Yet my submission would be, as always, random bullshit.... You know what? I have time, I will write it over the course of time, and like all of my school assignments, submit it in last minute.

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“Wait, Fizz! Let’s check out our Pokemon! Come on, I’ll take you on!”

I spun around to see Gary standing just a few feet away, Poke Ball in hand, with a subtle smirk on his face. Instinctually, I turned my snapback around and reached for the Poke Ball hanging on my belt.

“I CHOOSE YOU, PIKACHU!!!” I screamed, as I sent out my newly-acquired Charmander.

Gary stared at me with the classic “da fuq” look and revealed his partner Pokemon, Squirtle. As if by magic, Squirtle pulled a pair of Gucci sunglasses out from behind its shell and both Charmander and I watched as it went full-on Horatio Caine.

“Go Squirtle, use Tackle!” Gary commanded. Frozen in awe of Squirtle’s amazing sunglasses, I didn’t even see the attack coming until Charmander was catapulted into the air. I snapped back to reality, quickly calling out for Charmander to respond with a Tackle attack of its own. The fire lizard swooped down from the sky, drilling its claws into the foe Squirtle. The battle continued as such until both my and Gary’s Pokemon were exhausted and barely capable of standing. I knew I had to end the battle in order to preserve Charmander’s health, and I had run out of PP for Tackle. But I had one last move. Too amped up to read the move description, I commanded Charmander to reveal his final move: Growl. Charmander reared its head back and I watched as every last ounce of energy that it had left was channeled into this final attack. The fire on its tail burned bright with belief as Charmander dug its feet into the ground and unleashed a savage Growl attack, sending shockwaves through the earth. Awaiting the foe Squirtle’s inevitable demise, I was stunned when a text box appeared from thin air, reading Foe Squirtle’s ATTACK fell. Professor Oak chimed in with a simple “You done goofed, Fizz.” Gary laughed in my face as Squirtle proceeded to Tackle my weary Charmander, knocking it out. I cringed seeing the squigglies where my Charmander’s eyes had previously been. Professor Oak walked over, and with disappointment in his eyes, paid his grandson for the victory.

“Smell ya later,” Gary stated as he walked out the door.

Will edit in drawing later when i finish it.
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Hello! ^_^
Here's my entry, entitled Sunset Showdown (I'm sorry I'm terrible at titling stories :c)
It's set in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon universe, if that's allowed. The characters are from an old fanfiction I discarded (I hope that's allowed, too!). Well I'm not the best writer in the universe, but hopefully you find it well!
The sun was setting at Azure Beach, shading the resplendent sky with a breathtaking exhibition of color and light. The moon was a faint sliver, carving a crescent caricature in the variegated empyrean. The shimmering waves gently embraced the sandy shore, emanating a peaceful aura. A cool breeze swept over the beach, rustling the feathers of the ominous bird Pokemon and the leaves of the young grass Pokemon.

"So, my darling Luna, we meet again." Vince, the menacing Honchkrow standing a few feet away from the young Petilil, rasped in his deep voice.

"I don't want to fight you! I want you to stop torturing those innocent Pokemon! What did they do to deserve your punishment?!" Luna retorts, shooting daggers with her determined eyes.

"Less talk," Vince disappears and reappears behind the Petilil, "More play!" He strikes her with his wing, sending her flying forward.

Luna slowly arises from the sand, recovering from the mighty blow, "I... I didn't want to have to fight you... but if we must... I will not lose!"

She concentrated her powers, and unleashed a weak Sleep Powder that Vince easily dodged.

"You're going to have to do better than that, my darling!" he cackles while releasing a flurry of Gusts at Luna with his powerful wings, sending her flying once again.

I... I need to do something... Luna thought to herself as she struggled to rise from the sand that had swallowed her.

"Hahaha! Pathetic Pokemon, to think you had the audacity to approach a Pokemon like me, when you have not even battled once! Completely pathetic! Hahaha!" the Honchkrow burst out in laughter at Luna's struggle.


"Luna? Luna? Luna, where are you? Luna!" a frantic Minccino searched for her companion back at the Guild.

"Cherry! What the heck are you doing?" a fiery Tepig by the name of Rocco, along with a calm Oshawott named Lance, raced towards the hysterical Pokemon.

"Guys, guys! Luna is missing! She went out to look for berries this morning and it's already evening and she's not here so-" Cherry's chatter was cut off by the Oshawott.

"Calm down, Cherry! Let's ask the Guildmaster if we can go out and search." he soothingly states, and beckons for the others to follow him.


"Rule #1," Vince, who was flying high above the Petilil on the beach, shouted over the howling winds while using Wing Attack on Luna, "My business operated and will continue to operate no matter who says what about it."

"Rule #2," Luna sends a loose barrage of Magical Leaves towards Vince, who shields himself with his wings, "Pokemon will continue to be tortured no matter who says what about it."

The Honchkrow then dives towards the wide-eyed Petilil and grabs her, bringing her up into the air as she attempts to squirm free.

"Rule #3," Vince brings Luna's head closer to his, "You will not speak of what happened, no matter who says what about it!" With that, he launches Luna towards the ground.

She lands on the ground, screaming as she feels the aftershock of the fall. She attempts to get up, but staggers heavily.

"I hope you understand now what it means to mess with a Pokemon like me, my darling." the Honchkrow, who was back on the ground, prepares to leave.

"Stop right there! Luna!" Cherry's shrill voice fills the air.

"Hm?" Vince grunts, spinning around to see a Minccino running towards the Petilil, flanked by a Tepig and Oshawott.

"What have you done to my friend?!" Cherry sees the damage done as she gets closer and closer.

"I simply showed her the repercussions of getting in my way." Vince smugly states.

"Who the heck are you?! What do you want?!" Rocco fiercely retorts, preparing an Ember attack.

"Rocco, wait." Lance placed a reassuring hand on Rocco, "We will make sure that you are arrested for this!"

"Try me, kid." Vince's smile contorts heavily, and he takes off towards the skies.

"Come back here, you coward!" Cherry yells at the top of her lungs, and then turns her attention back to Luna.

"Oh my gosh, Luna! You're hurt everywhere! Why did he attack you?! Who is he?!" the Minccino, eyes blurred with tears, gently shook the Petilil for answers.

"Cherry," Lance gently pulled her away from Luna, "I'll go call Nurse Audino. You two wait here."

"Damn it! If only we had made it in time, I could've burned the feathers off that smug little-" the Tepig stamps the sand with his feet, staring at the horizon as the Sun's last rays escaped into the sky.

"Luna... we'll find this guy and get him arrested, don't you worry one bit!" Cherry attempts to lighten things up, but frowns at the realization that the situation was too grave.

All the while, Luna's mind was repeating only one phrase:

I just lost my first battle, and that to evil.

Thanks for checking out my story! I hope you enjoyed =)
I feel kind of mehh about it xD but hopefully you will all enjoy my tale =D
I'd just like to clarify if my idea for the writing is fine.
It is basically the Gen 1 fight between Red and Mewtwo, written from Mewtwo's perspective.
For Mewtwo it will be his first fight, but not so much for red.
Is this fine? Or should i think up something else?
I'd just like to clarify if my idea for the writing is fine.
It is basically the Gen 1 fight between Red and Mewtwo, written from Mewtwo's perspective.
For Mewtwo it will be his first fight, but not so much for red.
Is this fine? Or should i think up something else?
Answer: In my opinion, the idea seems to be leaning more towards the opposite of the theme. I would try to draw inspiration from the excitement and unpredictability of one's first battle, rather than a fated encounter between an escaped creation and a veteran trainer (I imagine, at this point, Red is very experienced). My suggestion is to stick to Pokémon whose powers are sprouting, yet potent. More Little Cup-esque, and less "high-level legendary Pokémon engaging in its first battle". The overall focus of your submission should be centered around a trainer's or Pokémon's growth. But, if you have an idea in mind that captures the essence of one's first battle well, then I don't discourage writing it. You can always submit more than one entry (provided they don't exceed the maximum limit of words).

tl;dr: I wouldn't recommend it. However, I don't think it's a bad idea. It depends on how you execute it. It's ultimately your call.
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im just gonna post a clipping from my main fanfic, where it's Ty and Peter's first battle.
The Title is Peter the Oshawott ;I
Chapter 1

The night before Bianca came I was so nervous I barely slept at all. I remember Professor Juniper telling us how we had been selected through a very special program to help kids begin their Pokémon Adventures by allowing them to pick certain ones for free. My parents, both partnered with a Battle Girl from Opelucid city, said they were both in the program and dreamed of having their children journey with humans too. I was happy I could be a part of the program, but there was a nagging fear in the back of my mind of what would happen if I were not chosen. What if They pick a Snivy or a Tepig instead of you? What if you never get chosen? Would Mom and Dad stop loving you if you weren’t picked? I tried to push those thoughts out and tried to get some sleep for tomorrow.

“Come on everyone!” I heard a bubbly voice call “Time to go meet your trainers!” Bianca, why must you wake us up so early? I thought. We climbed into the carrier and headed out to Aspertia City. “Why must we be degraded so?” Leif, the Snivy, grumbled “In Kalos, I would never ave been put in a cage like zis.”

“Don’t complain Leif, we’re gonna go on an adventure!” Hugo, the Tepig says in a cheery voice to match Bianca’s.

“Shush guys, I’m trying to sleep” I grumbled tiredly. Just then, the car hit a pothole and Hugo fell over onto me. “Ideeots” Leif snorted in his Kalosian accent. “” I choked out. Hugo rolled off and on to the floor of the carrier. I inhaled deep breaths to try and pop my ribs back into place.

I woke up again to Bianca telling someone to pick between Hugo, Leif, or Me, Peter the Oshawott. “Hi guys, my name is Tyler!” I opened my eyes and looked up at an average teenager, about five feet tall, with short brown hair, light eyes, a grey sweatshirt and denim jeans. He had a cheery smile on his face and he was looking at me curiously. “Can I choose you little guy?” Tyler said. I nodded and smiled as all my fears of not being chosen dissipated.

“What’s your name buddy?”

“I’m Peter, thanks for choosing me!” I cheerily replied

Then, a bizarre boy with spiky navy hair ran up and asked: “Can I have one too? I want to be Ty’s rival.” Bianca replied “Why of course! Would you like Hugo or Leif?” He looked down at Leif and smirked, “I’ll go with the Snivy” Leif nodded and smirked back. “Let me guess Hugh, you want to battle?” Ty asked “You bet, ready Leif?” The boy, who I now knew was named Hugh replied. And so, my first battle began with my new trainer.

Chapter 2

The battle started out like most battles did, each trainer stood on opposite ends of the balcony while Bianca acted as referee. “Go get ‘em Peter!” Tyler said as I ran out into the field to meet Leif. He scoffed and said “ Just give up, jou can’t beat a Grass type” Just then, Leif jumped forward in an unexpected Tackle. I was shocked by his ferocity and barely managed to dodge. “Use Leer Peter!” Tyler shouted. I gave Leif a deathly stare that made him stop in his tracks as he was running forward for another Tackle. Seeing my opportunity I dashed forward, slashing at his belly with my shell. Leif grunted in pain, and I felt a stab of remorse for hurting my friend. That quickly vanished when two vines rose from Leif’s collar and lashed out at me. “ It’s Super Effective!” I heard Bianca say to herself. I was injured pretty badly, as one vine hit me on the soft spot on the back of my head. Then my vision started to turn light blue, and I felt a deep cold radiating from inside me. Ty gasped seeming to know what was going on. “Peter!” Ty yelled excitedly, “Use Ice Beam!” Something inside me seemed to click and I took a deep breath before blowing a thin stream of ice from my mouth. Leif panicked and tried to dodge, but he was too slow and the attack hit him right in the chest. Leif fell back, fainted from the devastating move. I walked over to him and helped him up. “Good match” I told him, but he just scoffed and said “It vas a lucky shot…” he limped back to his trainer and I turned towards Ty to see him grinning with excitement. Before I could say anything he scooped me up and put me on his shoulder. “You did awesome out there, Peter!” Ty said with joy in his voice. “You and Leif did well too, Hugh”

As we headed back to the Pokémon Centre, a very strange man with a bandana over his face sprinted by as if being chased by a horde of Tauros. We turned to look at him and saw a strange insignia on the back of his jacket. It was a black and white shield with a blue P on it. A zigzag line ran behind the letter in the same rich blue. Then a man in a long brown trenchcoat with a suit underneath ran up and said, “My name is Looker, I’m with the International Police, that man is part of a horrible group of people called Team Plasma. If you see one of them again, please contact us on the Xtransceiver as soon as possible.” Then he headed off to an unassuming building down the street. We headed inside the Centre and Bianca told us all about how we can use the facilities like the PokéMart or the PC Boxes any time. We decided to go back to Ty’s house, and Hugh headed to the park to pick up his little sister.

As we got to Ty’s house his mother had just finished making some rice balls and bean sprouts. I blushed when Ty showed me to his mom and she said I was “Absolutely adorable!” After dinner we went to bed so we would be ready to begin our journey to Castelia City to start our journey.
I can't do pictures, I can't make them, but here it goes. This is my entry. Title: A Battle Trapped In My Memories

I gripped my mother's hand, soothed by the warmth. We slowly walked through Pallet town, admiring mother nature's beauty. "Son, your life is about to change, is this what you want?" My mother said, in a quiet and soft tone. I frowned as I saw the tears from her eyes descend to her cheeks. "Mother, don't cry, I'll make you proud." I said, trying to calm her down. We stopped at the dreaded door. Tears began flowing down my mother's face. I hugged her. I smiled. "I will make you proud mother, you will hear the people of Kanto chant my name. I will be Champion" I whispered. Tears soaked my coat. "Son, here. This what you'll have left of me". She handed me a picture of me and her, outside the house we built ourselves. "Mother, don't be so sad, I'll come back, promise!" I smiled. "On you go son, don't keep the professor waiting!" She smiled, teary-eyed. I entered the lab, and the professor spoke to me. "Welcome to my lab, let me introduce you to me, my name is professor Oak, what's yours?". I replied slowly, stuttering. "I-I'm Ethan, E-Ethan Monpoke". "Don't be so shy! I'm your friend, not your teacher or something! Haha!" the words he said blasted out of his mouth. Spit landed on my left cheek, and I quickly wiped it. "So, you were late, and I only have one pokemon, let me introduce you to it". He slowly pulled out a pokeball from his pocket, and released the pokemon. My eyes sparkled. the sparkles danced in joy. "Grow-grow!". It's striped body gave it a radiant look, and the fur on its hair and under its chin made it regal. "This is Growlithe, Growlithe will be your first pokemon. Now, off you go, Oh, and if you find Gary, tell him not to cause trouble!" he said, as I slowly walked by, accompanied by Growlithe. Before leaving I put him back in his pokeball. My mother has been patiently waiting outside. "So, who's your first pokemon?" She said, looking much happier. The fact that I got my first pokemon drenched all the sorrow from her soul. I released Growlithe from his pokeball. My mother looked astonished, the beauty has shocked her. "Such beauty.." she gasped. "Mother, give me a hug. I'll be going now!" I said. She warmly hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek. "Goodbye, dear Ethan" she whispered. I waved her goodbye as I left the town's gates. The forest looked beautiful. I was free, I can do what I want, and that gave me a good feeling. After endless walking, I found a boy. A boy with a loud, rude manner, he reminded my of Gary.. wait, he is Gary! I quickly ran after him, screaming his name, "Gary! Gary! I got my first Pokemon!" I chanted. He heard me. "Ethan? So you're on an adventure now! Since you're a trainer, and we have met eyes, let's battle!". He threw a pokeball. A blue creature with a shell proudly repeated it's name. "Squir-squir-tle!" it screamed. I let out my Growlithe, and it copied Squirtle's actions. It chanted it's name. "Alright, Squirtle, use Tackle!" shouted Gary. I wasn't paying attention, and that caused my Growlithe to be hardly tackled by a shell. It got up, and waited for my orders, like the loyal pokemon it is. "Alright, Growlithe, use Scratch!". My Growlithe dashed at the Squirtle, and it spread its paws to attack. "Squirtle, use withdraw!". Gary's Squirtle hid in its shell, and Growlithe's attack left only but a scratch mark. "Now, Squirtle, use aqua jet!". The Squirtle dashed at my Growlithe. I screamed my orders. "Growlithe, use Counter!". My Growlithe retaliated back with a hard punch from its paws, and that caused Squirtle to be lying on the ground, losing its will to fight. "Guess I won, Gary" I said with a smirk. "Oh well, guess we'll have to train more" sighed Gary. "Hey, just because I beat you one time doesn't mean everything is over! Try hard and when you lose again try harder!" I said, trying to boost his motivation to win. "I'll always remember this battle, thanks Ethan, I'm off!" Said Gary. "Professor Oak says keep out of trouble!". And that was my first battle, which I'll never forget.
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A True Reason

It was certainly hard to enter into the forest all on my own. I’d done it before, with others, people older than me with their own strong pokémon, and I’d dreamed of being one day strong enough to fight on my own, to defend myself from the wild creatures around me, and journey through Johto as a trainer. Now that I looked at it though, the red and white ball didn’t seem like much, especially considering what was inside of it. I turned my head, taking one last glance at my small home in New Bark Town.

It was simply me (and the gift from my father) against anything the Johto region could throw at me. I took a step into the route, looking carefully around for anything rustling behind blades of grass, or crawling along the thin branches of each tree. Light shone down, but it did nothing to relieve the tension at all. I’ve walked the route before and I knew that wild Pokémon could appear seemingly out of thin air.

In the past I always had my dad to protect me, but he had already wished me luck and I was on my own, something I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Even now, scared out of my mind, I was ecstatic, it was truly difficult to tell if I actually wanted to encounter something out here or not.

Trying to make as little sound as possible, I continued walking, vigilantly scanning my surroundings. Not too long after entering the forest, I saw it, a sentret, a kind of Pokémon I’d seen defeated countless times when walking this path. There was something else there too as well, a pokémon I didn’t recognize, and a trainer accompanying it.

The creature was blue, and reptilian, in its fight it seemed happy to be crushing its opponent. It seemed familiar, and I thought I’d seen it at the professor’s lab when I went to visit it a few days ago, but I couldn’t remember its name.

Its trainer was also enjoying her fight thoroughly, smiling just as widely as her partner. She had short blonde hair and was athletically built despite a pretty short stature, it was a sharp contrast to my tall, dark-haired, and lanky body. Like me, she seemed to be dressed for a long journey, we both had bulky backpacks, well-worn sneakers, and pokéballs on our person.

I looked at both of them individually, and then gazed back at the fight going on. It seemed the trainer had won easily and was recalling her partner, and her eyes found me standing just a couple of yards away.

She grinned again, the same smile she had on when she was steamrolling the wild sentret that was now lying on the grass. “Hey!” she excitedly called out, the girl had her arms akimbo and was looking at me dead in the eye. “You’re a trainer, right?” I could easily tell what she meant from that.

I tried to sound confident, as if I’d done this before, “Yeah,” I replied, struggling to keep my voice steady, “I just started today.” I pointed back, gesturing towards my hometown. I only added the last detail in an effort to elicit some mercy from her. I didn’t want my first battle to end in the same way her encounter with the sentret had.

“A newbie huh?” I could practically feel her confidence double as she said that, “Well then, I’ll use a Pokémon I’ve been wanting to try out some more,” she reached for a different pokéball and pulled it from her backpack.

I let go a sigh of relief and pulled out my only pokéball. I tried breathing deeply, gathering my thoughts and attempting to remember what my father had told me about battles. I just had to stay focused, and be thinking ahead, “Predict and react,” was how he put it. I steadied myself, I knew I was ready, every fiber of my body was terrified and euphoric at the same time, the outcome of this battle, whatever it was, would stick with me for the rest of my life as a trainer.

We both readied to throw out our Pokémon when the girl suddenly paused. “By the way,” she said, “the name’s Sonia Larson, what’s yours?”

All my nerves came screeching to a halt, “Corin Rush,” I said, “does that really matter right now?” I asked, somewhat irritated that she had to break the tension for something so seemingly trivial.f

Sonia grinned, as if amused by some joke I wasn’t in on. “I guess not. Now go, Phanpy!” I recognized this blue Pokémon, it was rare to find one on these routes. It seemed different from her other party member, instead of ferocious, it seemed more jovial, its smile was more lighthearted, but it still looked as ready for a battle as its trainer was.

I threw out my own partner now, “Come on out, Bulwark!” Sonia started laughing then, I couldn’t tell if it was because of my Pokémon, or the dumb name I had decided on.

“A pineco, seriously?” she laughed, it seemed it was the Pokémon species after all. I looked down on it, the thick-shelled bug that hatched from my father’s own forretress. I didn’t care much what she had thought, I liked the guy, despite the short amount of time I’d had him and his somewhat feeble battling ability. I certainly wasn’t going to let myself lose to anyone who laughed at my Pokémon, no matter how useless some might see him as.

I pointed at the opponent now, recalling what few moves he had. “Tackle her pokémon, don’t hold back!” Bulwark hesitated a moment, and I was reminded it was his first battle as well. We knew his moves (or, one move), and we knew each other (somewhat, it had only been a week), and we even now shared the experience of our first battle together. His pause quickly passed and he launched from the ground towards Phanpy, connecting with the Pokémon head on.

Phanpy reeled back from the collision, stunning both Sonia and myself. Neither of us expected an explosive first strike like that from the start of the fight. I tried to refocus my head on the fight, but I couldn’t help but notice a grin from my opponent, probably happy that she would have a battle on her hands instead of a bug squashing.

“All right, Phanpy,” she excitedly called out, “tackle him as well, let’s go girl!” The Pokémon recovered from the strike and came back to her feet. Phanpy then prepared to charge straight forward, pointing its trunk towards Bulwark.

I knew to get my partner out of the way of the attack so I called for Bulwark to dodge the tackle when it came. I heard a cry of understanding from the Pokémon and waited to see how my opponent would react to the command I gave.

Phanpy charged forward at a much quicker pace than Bulwark had. He attempted to move to his left out of the way but wasn’t nearly fast enough, and he was struck anyways. The two combatants collided and bounced off each other, Phanpy landing upright while my partner was knocked on his back.

“Uh-oh,” Sonia taunted, “looks like your buddy there isn’t too quick on his feet, or shell, or whatever he’s got!” I tried to ignore the jibe but soon found panic flooding through me, without any ability to dodge attacks I was at a huge disadvantage in this match. Phanpy was going to easily outmaneuver Bulwark, my only Pokémon was going to be knocked out, and I’d have to return home to my family to rest, completely defeated less than an hour into my journey.

There was no way I could let that happen, if Bulwark couldn’t dodge then there had to be another solution, I just needed to think rationally. “Well if you’re not going to attack,” Sonia spoke, “then Phanpy, go again, just like before!”

If he was unable to dodge then there was no point in trying it again, “Bulwark just stand your ground against her!” I called out. He obeyed quickly, and suddenly a bright green shield appeared around him. Phanpy didn’t stop her motion though and collided with the technique at full speed, she bounced off the barrier and landed on her back with no harm to Bulwark. “Yes!” I exclaimed, overjoyed at my stroke of luck, “way to go buddy!”

The panic had left my body as quickly as it had come, replaced by a confidence that was growing at an alarming rate. “Follow it up with a tackle, Bulwark!” The shield vanished around my Pokémon and as Phanpy was still struggling to get to her feet, she was aggressively interrupted with the same attack that began the fight.

I guessed she'd try and counterattack, so I prepared my partner for it, “Bulwark, back off from her now!” I yelled out, anticipating a tackle coming towards him. As he moved backwards Phanpy got to her feet, awaiting an order from her trainer.

“C’mon Phanpy, tackle it this time, full speed ahead!” Sonia shouted, pointing towards Bulwark. Phanpy responded quickly and sped forward to attack.

Surprised that she would try the same strategy after it had failed already, I called for my Pokémon to protect himself like he had already done before. He raised the same green shield in anticipation. Once it appeared however, Sonia quickly issued another command, “Phanpy, stop!” the small blue Pokémon halted and slid on her feet, coming up just a few feet shy of the barrier she had crashed into last time. I looked up at her, confused, and Sonia said with a grin, “Fool me twice newbie.”

I returned my gaze to the fight to see the shield slowly disappearing despite Bulwark’s effort to keep it present. Once it had fully disappeared Sonia called out to her Pokémon, “Now resume your attack!” Phanpy, at nearly a point blank range, built up some speed in the short distance and collided with my partner, giving no time for reaction at all.

From how weak our Pokémon looked, I knew there couldn’t be too much more to the fight and the conclusion would be coming soon, so I decided to take the initiative. “Bulwark, return the favor, attack now!” I called out, he hopped up and charged towards Phanpy for the third time.

“Get out of the way, Phanpy!” Sonia called out. The difference in speed was disheartening, putting her Pokémon’s agility next to mine, Bulwark didn’t even compare and his attack was easily dodged.

Now with both Pokémon a couple of yards away from each other, completely still in patches of tall grass, they stared each other down, awaiting commands from their respective trainers.

Sonia called out first, breaking the silence that had lingered for a few moments, “Phanpy, let’s end this thing, go for a hard tackle, but watch for his shield if he stays still!” I knew I couldn’t just let my partner stand there, but dodging wasn’t option, and trying to protect himself wasn’t an option, I breathed slowly. I was left with one viable solution.

“Bulwark, charge forward, meet her attack head on!” I called out, a challenge to both Sonia and her Pokémon. In the second I glanced up to see her reaction, I saw her smiling wider than she had been at the beginning of the fight, and I knew I was grinning like an idiot too. As trainers we were exhilarated, passionate, anxious, proud, and completely exploding with a range of emotions I’d never experienced at the same time before. The sensation I felt when seeing those two rush towards one another was the fabric of enjoyment, if every fight was as dynamic and explosive as this, it was no wonder that battling was so popular. Even better was the excitement I felt, knowing I’d outsmarted my opponent.

“Use protect Bulwark, stop your charge!” the Pokémon slid to a halt and swiftly materialized his bright green barrier around him. Sonia made every effort to call for her Pokémon to stop as well, but it was simply too late, the combatants were far too close and Phanpy had been going far too fast to lose that momentum and she ended up crashing into the shield at a painful looking speed.

It was within reach, my first victory, Sonia and I were both aware, she let go of a resigning sigh once she saw her Pokémon laying on her side, not completely defeated. I almost called for the finishing blow, but decided against it. I had won, there was no need to gloat about it and kick the enemy while they were down. She recalled Phanpy and I would’ve done the same with Bulwark, but I was far too mentally exhausted to think about it, the battle was draining not just for my partner but for me as well.

“Pretty good newbie,” Sonia said to me, “I was just on my way over to Cherrygrove, you want to tag along?” she asked while gesturing towards the direction of the city that stood at the end of the route.

I thought about it, I’d never really had a rival before, and didn’t have too much of a plan for my journey. I guessed if I went with her, I might be able to find both. Coming to my decision, I nodded, “Yeah, let’s go.”

I started my journey because of my father, he always had a smile on his face when he fought with his Pokémon, and I wanted to know what he experienced when he battled. Since that day however, since my first battle, I didn’t press on in my journey because of what I saw from my father. I kept battling because of what I felt and went through in my own first battle. There have been close calls before, depressing losses, and even fights that might have seemed more significant since then, but even now I know there’s nothing that could quite compare to that singular event, that momentous victory which threw me down the path I walk even today.

P.S. Didn't really know what grammar rules were accepted here in terms of Pokémon, because I've come across pretty much all of them, so I just guessed with one of them, Hope it's all good and enjoy! ~
Title: Failure




Burns, bruises

Companions battered

Vines charred, leaves reduced to ashes



a loss.

Red faced and running

Laughter still ringing

First foray a failure, hopes quashed

Laughter still ringing



how do i return

a loss.

a surrender.

First foray in a battle against my own

a surrender to my father.

Companions battered, a surrender to my father.

Red faced and running

Laughter still ringing

how do i return?

EDIT: I hope a special system of grading is used for grading grammar in poetry, where something like a missed capitalization may be intentional.


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The newly given Turtwig hobbled along the path ahead of me, trying to act bold and brave, despite it's constant tripping. The light snow fall was starting to fall faster, and I knew that eventually it would become too much to bear. I pulled my white woolen hat down further over my tender ears and quickened my pace. Turtwig, jolly as could be, broke into a brisk trot beside my moving feet. I had to make it to Snowpoint City before the snow would allegedly block the route. However, both my partner and I knew the reason we must hurry; wild Pokemon. We had never battled before, and we needed teaching before even thinking about initiating combat.
The light whistling of the wind started to creep up behind us, like a murderer in a horror film; you knew it was there, but you just had to wait for it to pop up. The snowflakes landed like daggers upon my neck, causing my entire body to shake. The snowfall started to clump together as it dove through the air, creating a opaque barrier of sight around us.The wind picked up into a howling gale. Minutes passed until the noises changed. A new howling partook. Turtwig, only just realized the emanating danger, slowed his pace, and cautiously looked around, then up at me. Then I stopped in my tracks. I heard the wail rising from the snowbanks. The echoing cries, those not unlike a banshee, seemed to be only a couple feet away. In the darkness, something gleamed silver. Peering through the murk, I watched as the sickle-like hand approached me. As the rest of the Weavile emerged, I could only stand in horror, transfixed on the delirium in the predator's eyes. My faithful partner jumped in front of me, willing to give it his all. The enemy, not even taking its eyes off of mine, fired a clean spear of ice at my beloved friend. It was over in less than a second. I didn't have time to form the tears, as I opened my eyes from a blink, it pounced.

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This is my first ever post. So i'm sorry if i screw it up and don't successfully attach it to the thread>.<'

i chose to do a wild battle encounter, where my OC mysti encounters a hoard of wild Garchomps off route 210 in Sinnoh.
Her and her Mothers Heliolisk were pretty screwed, but lucky for Mysti she has spent her whole life around Gyarados's...

its... so lame. I'm sorry >.<'


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