PS! NU Room Tournaments (2017)

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NU official room tournaments are now back! If you have been around in ORAS, you may have seen them, we used to have tours everyday for months. How does it work? Everytime someone wins, they will get a point. At the end of the month, the player who gets the most points has the opportunity to start tournaments whenever they want in the NU chat thanks to the bot's whitelist for a month!

We're hoping you all take advantage of this event as an opportunity to test, chat, and make friends with other NUers. Players who consistently participate, place well, or just enhance the tournament experience in some way will not go unnoticed as good users. Staff members will post the name of whoever won the tour that they hosted, and I'll keep track of all the wins in this thread.

We understand everyone isn't going to place, however. We'd love to see everyone improve, so if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to PM any of the NU staff.

They've volunteered to give advice and help with teams. Don't be afraid to message them, they're all very friendly! A big part of our drive to do this is to bring more new users into the folds of our community. We'd love to get to know and help as many of you as we can!

The schedule is the following:
In EST (GMT-4):
Sunday: 1 pm + 10 pm
Saturday: 1 pm + 10 pm
Monday: 5 pm
Tuesday: 11 am
Wednesday: 5 pm
Thursday: 11 am
Friday: 5 pm

To make it easier for Europeans, here are the times in GMT+2:
Sunday: 7 pm + 4 am
Saturday: 7 pm + 4 am
Monday: 11 pm
Tuesday: 5 pm
Wednesday: 11 pm
Thursday: 5 pm
Friday: 11 pm

Sign-Ups will stay open until 10 minutes past the assigned time. Drivers and mods, please do not start a tournament before then as it's unfair to any players who may show up a couple minutes late.

Also, our room auth are highly encouraged to participate as well! Having seasoned players in the mix adds to the tournament experience and creates a more competitive environment.

If you guys have any question, please do not hesitate, feel free to PM me (Earth).

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We will officially give them a start in the month of August! :toast:
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Amazing idea! I love how the tournaments are spaced out (somewhat) evenly so that everyone from various timezones get a chance to participate! I will surely make an effort to come online to participate in these tournaments! Although some people may be advantaged due to their availability schedule, it's no matter as this is all in the name of fun!

Looking forward to this!
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