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There are issues in terms of design right now, but enough people have used it to assure me that this is at least functional, so no point in not releasing it. Please report all bugs in this thread, or PM me on here or on Discord (eOut#1657) about any issues you may have.

1. Main Page
Enter replays and get stats.

From thread: Parses a Smogon thread for every link to a Pokemon Showdown replay. So think SPL/WCOP replay threads, or threads where people include replay links in their victory posts.

From range: Every replay has a number N appended to the end of its URL, where N designates it as the Nth match played on the server. Designating a range parses all the replays of a given tier from that range. Useful for live tour stats, but there's a designated page for that. Currently, this only works on replays played on the Smogtours server.

From links: Takes a newline separated list of replays as input. Can be used in conjunction with the aforementioned methods.

Note: You don't actually have to click on "From Links" to use this; you can just leave the form empty. Good design y/n.

2. Live Tours
Enter a tournament thread and a range and match replays from that range to the pairings. Then, generate stats.

First, the script will attempt to match pairings with names based on a fuzzy matching algorithm, and you will be taken to a second page with three tables corresponding to pairings, replay matches, and unmatched replays, as shown here:

There are three types of matches: exact matches (pairings correspond exactly to names), fuzzy matches (the name(s) in both pairings correspond roughly to each name), and partial matches (one player in the pairing matches one player in the replay), designated by green, yellow, and red, respectively.

From there, you can double-check the script output and match the remaining pairings and replays. To do this, click on a replay and either drag/drop or click on another replay/empty cell to swap/drop. When hitting submit, everything in the second table will be accepted as a replay and parsed. Right now, it makes no difference what pairing they're matched to; that leftmost table is just a visual aid.

Note that this script will once again only work on Smogtours, and it will detect hidden replays.

Common issues:
- Corrupted replays will sometimes not show up in the list (as of now), so if you're missing replays, that's probably what happened.
- There are usually duplicate replays as a result of both players accepting a challenge at the same time, so make sure you select the correct replay.
- The matches are NOT saved if you navigate away from the page, which is a problem if you accidentally click on a replay link without opening it in a new tab. Hope to fix this eventually.

3. Scouter
Enter a list of replay URLs or a name and a tier, and parse teams/movesets.

From links: Parses both players' teams and movesets.

From player: Enter player and tier. Returns only that player's teams/movesets, as well as their usage stats.

Note: All this does is query the replay site. It does NOT reveal hidden replays, and it only shows the last 10 pages' worth of replays saved to PS's site. It is nothing but a timesaver; on its own, it does not provide any non-public information. AKA you can continue to put snowflakes and chess pieces in your name to avoid being scout.

Known Issues:
- Please excuse our look during redesign
- Win rates are broken on the scouter.
- Magic Bounced, Copycat-selected moves, etc. are all displayed in the moveset stats and will mess up the tables on the scouter.
- Certain sprites are messed up.

Code available on my Github here.

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