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PS! Room Activities
The purpose of this thread is to establish a community outreach platform that's main responsibility is encouraging growth in the Pokemon Showdown UU room and greater interaction between the PS room and forum. We're gonna be doing this through the a few methods to start off with. We're gonna be talking about some UU project every day in the PS! room! That's not all! We will be having official room tours 4 times in a month and there are prizes to be won so I hope we can get some good cross-participation going n_n.

**There are two users that are gonna be responsible for managing this endeavour for now. One of them is myself and the other is Amane Misa. If you have any questions please approach us!**

Project PS! Outreach
With the popularity of Discord rising, the UU room’s quality has long been suffering. While there is some cross-over, many of the tier’s top contributors prefer to remain active on Discord, which has a number of advantages over the PS UU room, such as curated chats and mobile accessibility. On the flipside, many of the more active PS room regulars show little to no interest in the forums themselves. This state of events has stifled the production of quality contributors on both sides of the fence. Room promotions and quality forum contributors are both significantly lower than they have been in previous years, despite the number of users on both forums and PS increasing. Hopefully some of the projects we have planned will change that.

Project Discussion Timetable
Sunday - Viability Rankings
Monday - The Next Best Thing
Tuesday - Research Week
Wednesday - Teambuilding Competition
Thursday - Creative and Underrated Sets
Friday - Underused Colosseum
Saturday - Break This Team

Note: These projects are subject to being cycled, for now we will be going with these projects, however.

Underused Colosseum
This is our official room tour project. We are going to have four of these tours in a month and the top 8 finishes in each of these tours will be receiving points. It will happen every Friday. The format of these tours will be two current generation tournaments and two old generation tournaments. Hopefully the two random old gen UU tournaments sparks some passion for all the cool past gens and I hope to see some discussion regarding them!

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