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Hello, I’m Mr. Perry and I’m here to present to you an idea I had today while reading Vacate’s guide of how to help the webzine. It’s a beta idea so it obviously needs some things to get better or even happen at all, but I believe it may be of use to you >:]

> > Pokémon Showdown! travels the world!

The idea is pretty simple, I’d say: “The Player” would make an interview with one Room Owner from each one of the 5 language rooms of the simulator, talk about their views of their own playerbase, what do they intend to do (or are doing) to entertain their players, their opinion of the actual state of the simulator, and why not (!), their story through PS! or even through Smogon’s last servers (Netbattle, Shoody Battle and maybe PO). The interview should be small (like 5 questions?) and would have two versions: an English one, for the magazine itself, and a special one in the mother language of the RO.

I’d suggest (and would be highly appreciated if I were given the honor) that the Portuguese room should be the first, and I’d even suggest the RO: cbt venusaur; while being new to the job (or both jobs? He's been promoted to global voice due to his RO), Ford Focus (his Smogon’s name), through new to Smogon’s forum, is a experienced player of old gens (mainly ADV) and has been playing Pokémon since NetBattle’s time (and if he's to be believed, since 2005), mainly on Portuguese servers, but also Smogon! So, he would be able to tell us how Smogon undoubtedly raised to completely domain over Pokemon's competitive scenario in the last 7~10 years and tell us what he felt about the earlier times of the forums being himself just a common player, and of course, he’s also my friend!

Plus, the interviews could also be used for others rooms’ ROs or even the server players that are ‘famous’ enough (the webzine could make a "casual" version for that, I would say) but probably would have to change the primary concept.

I hope you guys like the idea!
We already have RO interviews and other articles similar to this focusing on rooms and the servers, and I'm not sure how this one will really stand out sadly. Plus, an interview with the language ROs might not turn out that great because English isn't their first language.
Hey there, Mr. Perry!

Spydreigon essentially summed up whatever concerns I had, but even if we didn't have so much content focused on interviewing users, the "tried and true" (or really, the general cookie-cutter method) way of doing interviews is starting to get a bit old now, and I kind of imagine that, if this idea were to be approved, that it would turn out as such.

Thanks for the suggestion, though! It's always nice to see people having the initiative to interview others, but this has become such a popular thing as that it'd just overwhelm our readers at this point. D:
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