PSPL II: Group Stages Week 3

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contacted Se7en Lions last minute today. he still hasn't responded so hopefully we can get this match done before the deadline.


Banned deucer.
  • PLEASE POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S WALL: it's the easiest way to see if you're active and attempting to schedule your match
  • if a manager disagrees with any of these calls (it's very possible I've missed something, it's a big tournament), pm me with evidence of activity (vm, post in this thread) and I'll certainly consider it
round of 16 will be up later today so look out for that

activity wins
viperfang4 v aim
silvertail v lelaura
axal v bluri
lordblah v dingbat
xenoblade911 v jason588
forwardrewind v -tsunami-
v versace python cased
2lou4u v kebabe
v hydromaster1
data_overload v drookez

dead games
zxut v jukain
axamin v capnslinky
sinclair v mix
am v crestfall
neptis v resolut!
kim il saturn v panoma555
jrp v king uu
tentacruel<3 v kitten milk
jellicent v sage of the 6
paquito98 v stolen identity
dylan1244 v the schnitzel
modeling clay v dice
epicnikolai v tesung
caterpieflow v cxinlee
kanapesh v wepwn
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