PSPL VI Playoffs: Semifinals

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I’m gonna have to dispute this, I thought I made it clear enough that I probably couldn’t make it at the time teddeh wanted to play because I had to get ready to go to work and would be late if I play after 9 his time (why I originally suggested 8). I can play same time tomorrow and Thursday-Saturday completely free afaik, half a week from deadline when we scheduled on Sunday two days ago is a little early for an activity call, right?
I was posting here to try and get you to appear broski - not to call activity - as i said i would reschedule but i thought we agreed for 8pm my time, perhaps i'd arrive slightly later and you didn't respond or show. I posted activity since I thought this was a scheduled time and you would have in fact missed said scheduled time, but as I said i'm more than happy to reschedule for another time during this week
lost to ToadNorton in a very gg[ I lost to a roll sadly ]. I would like to take this chance to thank lots of people/
First off the roa group for giving me this chance.
Huge shoutouts to dom who constantly informed me about opponents mU's and whatnot besides lending amazing teams.
Equally big shoutouts to Chaitanya and Decemm who also provided constant support be it teams or tips.
Had loads of fun as this was my first time and wishing luck to the finalists!!
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