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PSPL VII Group Stages: Week 1

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We are done here!

Activity wins

vs Hootie : though none of them sent a VM to the other, SANJAY contacted Hootie on Discord and got no reply, as stated in his activity post yesterday. He certainly put in more effort to contact and schedule than his opponent, which is why he gets the Activity Win. Please use VMs as your main way of contacting your opponent. It's easier for use to find and perhaps harder to forget than a quick Discord DM.

Dead games

talah vs Gota Love Yuri : the match was properly scheduled but apparently did not happen.
Hoopa's Underling vs Mana : no contact trace from both.

If I have made any mistake here, don't hesitate to hit me up! Week 2 will be posted soon, so good luck for the rest everyone!
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