Tournament PU First Blood Tournament (won by Taskr)

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Concept stolen from ForgottenOnes OU First Blood

First Blood Tournament Rules
  • All general rules apply.
  • All battles should be ORAS PU; the tier list will be frozen at the beginning of each round.
  • Battles will be Best of 3.
  • Games are decided when one Pokemon from either team faints.
  • You are allowed to switch Pokemon during a game to prevent them from fainting.
  • In case of a double knock-out, the player whose Pokemon fainted last wins (moves like Explosion and Destiny Bond make your Pokemon faint first).

Game 1

Player 1 sends out Floatzel.
Player 2 sends out Zebstrika.

Zebstrika uses Thunderbolt.
Floatzel faints.

Player 2 wins Game 1.

Game 2

Player 1 sends out Monferno.
Player 2 sends out Dodrio.

Dodrio uses Brave Bird.
Monferno faints.

Player 2 wins Game 2 and the set.

Post "in" to join! First round will be up Saturday 27/8!

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