Project PU Player of the Week - Dibs The Dreamer (Week 1)

I'm sorry, not all of us speak French, so I took it upon myself to translate it to english for you, miyoka!

"why is the best dpp/old gens player pancake?"



have you ever tried hearthstone? will you try it? for me? ;3
have you ever been to America? how shitty was it?
do you actually like pancakes? what do you have on them?
who's ur fav italian, and what food are they irl? :conopizza:
I used to play Hearthstone in it's early stages, but since I dip in and out of games a lot it's sort of a waste of time trying to play it since it's so hard and expensive to keep up with now.
I've never been to America, hoping to go next year!
Love pancakes, lots and lots of chocolate spread
cryalot is a cute user, and he's ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli
whats your favorite underrated threat to use?

do you have someone u consider as a rival?
Drifblim is 100% my favourite underrated threat. It's just really fun to build around and works well as an anti-offense mon which is handy.
I don't really have a rival, so the closest thing I could think of would be this guy who randomly question marked me 3 times on ladder.
Do you want that by check? Paypal? Is the Italian Mafia's rate cheaper?
As long as it reaches me pocket we're cushty. Idk the mafia's rates consult Galbia about it imo
what is on your ideal burger?

favorite version of PU?

dream job?
No idea. Chicken, bacon, beef, lettuce, onion and tomato sounds nice. NO SAUCE.
Honko meta or Hariyama meta. I miss Lordicanth and the Mom team in it's prime :c
My week of fame is almost over, so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this a fun way to interact with everyone.
Genuinely didn't expect to get player of the week, especially for the first week of the project, so now I guess i've gotta keep doing what i'm doing and hope it keeps going ok I guess.
Love you nerds

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